Another Fine Example..

Of obnoxious behavior by an overpaid spoiled brat….

An America’s Team Dallas Cowboy nonetheless…


Front Range International…

Visit this site occasionally.
Not enough it appears..
Need to make it a daily read..
Here is a tidbit on Libya, Hillary and Obambi.


Having finished the important task of taping his March Madness picks and getting in yet another game of golf the President slipped out of the country to Brazil, leaving the Libyan crisis for Hillary to deal with. Now under the leadership of French President Nicolas Sarkozy we have become part of ”a broad coalition” and attacked Libya with 112 cruise missiles. I am always up for attacking rouge states who threaten the functioning core of nation states with massive disruption to the world economic system. But here is the thing; it is not important how wars start, what is critical is how they finish. Once you cross the Rubicon it is imperative that the enemy you are fighting be defeated decisively or disaster is what is waiting around the corner. Muammar Gaddafi and all his forces need to be destroyed; that means killing – lots of killing. If he surrounds himself with “human shields” that is his call, we cannot waiver and must accept the hand we are dealt. Which in plain talk means we kill them too, all of them. We have to continue the killing until every survivor of the forces opposing the collective will of the “broad coalition” know and acknowledge that they were beaten, or the war is not over.

Go…read it all…


Such a tease in this lurvly state.

Yesterday the snow had retreated and much brown was seen.

It also rained with good old thunder and lightening.

But we were warned and it is the State Boys HS Basketball Tournament..and my alma mater Owatonna Indians Huskies are in it again.

And we did wake up to this…..


I am not going to get as upset as Weer’d Beard did, cause I have seen to many snowstorms in March and April for that matter…

Disappointing? Yes!

And I refuse to shovel the driveway !!

Cause it will melt by tomorrow…

I hope…please….


Clearly Compensating

For something she was.
By using her .38 Special pink snubbie handgun to stop the burly ex-convict whom broke in and attacked her and her fiance when he rushed to protect her.

She gets to her gun and blows the scum away.

I see nothing wrong with this.

But bet the Brady Bunch antis will!!

Cause like she had a gun to compensate for something!!!

Like being a woman and much smaller then the "burly" ex convict?


Are we in Libya?
Why is our pResident such a damn asshole? He has a plan or those (Soros) he is in bed with have a plan…Don’t doubt it.

Our government seems to have become irrelevant with Obama in office .
and he is a damned lying piece of shit.

"The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation." – Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, 2007

We have unions and the left playing the taxpayers for fools and suckers. PT Barnum would have been proud. Thye, the Unions and Left, do not give a ratzass what the taxpayer thinks or feels as long as we keep the funds flowing into the pocket. Via the government tit.
And our piece of shit pResident backs them and supports them.

My faith in government and politicians is no more. My faith in the system has been long gone and I now hold it in deep distrust.

The only faith that is constant is faith in God. Not people. Nope.
Family yes, my immediate family always.

The rest? Can all go to hell in a hand basket as far as I am concerned…

With Obama leading the way…although the spineless lying bastard will get someone else to do it…

Another Undeclared War

Quote of the Day: ‎"The President does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack in a situation that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation." – Presidential Candidate Barack Obama, 2007

I sent the following letter to Congress this morning.

The President has gone to war with Libya, WITHOUT a decleration from Congress. He has violated the Constitution and his oath of office.

He has not only broken the law, he is also creating new enemies for me. Here we are again, attacking another Muslim state. This will inflame fanatical minds throughout the region, recruit new terrorists, and make me less safe.

And here we are again spending more money we don’t have on a military adventure with no clear goal. We could even end up leaving Qaddafi in power, or opposing those who replace him. This is insane.

I withdraw my consent to be governed in this way. I demand that you restrain President Obama. Please introduce legislation requiring him to withdraw our forces from combat in Libya. Only Congress can start wars. I demand that you finish this one, NOW.


You can send your own letter, borrowing from or copying mine, using’s Educate the Powerful System.

Please share this Dispatch with anyone you know who is of like mind.

Perry Willis
Vice President, Inc.

Rules?? What Are rules? I don't need no stinking rules!!!

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