But, but, In New York!!??

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They have the gun controls!!!
They have the Mayor who wants us all disarmed!!

So how can it be that people were shot when they have the gun controls??

Must be lies, vicious lies!!

You know you cannot have the guns in the gun free zones!!




Well …

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A Gun shop I usually find the ammo I need whan all others fail, mainly 9×18 mak for the youngest son’s P-63.
Has a website.
About time…

As winter approaches,

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..keep Human Events‘s "Ten Most Dangerous Books of the 19th and 20th Century" in a pile by your fire or stove: The Communist Manifesto; Mein Kampf; Quotations from Chairman Mao; The Kinsey Report; Das Kapital; Betty Friedan’s The Feminine Mystique; Comte’s The Course of Positive Philosophy; Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil; Keynes’s General Theory of Employment, Interest and Money. When a liberal asks what they’re doing there, reply: "Kindling."

The Jak..

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..and Smokey.
Best buds you would think!!!


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Summer went where?
Well is fine with me as it was dang HOT!! Well in comparison, this is Minnesota so above 75 is hot for some of us!!
And this weekend was down right fantastic weather wise!!
Back and shoulder still bugging me, but spent time with family sitting around fire pit and last night my eldest and I had an enjoyable evening, smoking cigars and talking, wife and youngest were working, well youngest was until he called and told me he had gotten sick I needed to pick him up. Well 4 days in a row for him.

School starts today?!?!

Only one left to get through these last two years and then!?!?
We can move on and move closer to my office and no more 100 mile a day commute!!

One hopes…

My schedule gets busy also as we have our the 1st of 3 EMR classes starting tomorrow night!
Mine starts Thursday night
and the Third starts next Tuesday!

My continued weekly trips to Camp Ripley to do the MSP EMR Refreshers continues with trip 2 of 9 tomorrow.
But only an afternoon session this week due to Labor Day.
Will be interesting to see what mood they are in after the shooting this weekend.

Going to try a couple of different approaches, this Fall doing all lecture, after last Spring doing all skill based scenarios which went over very well. Disappointing that we are not this fall.

Plus we have an EMT class starting next week and our usual ACLS and the advanced classes.

I’ll see daylight come November/December before we start all over in January.

Teaching LEOs/Fire Fighters can be a blast or frustrating as all hell.
Depends on which group and which city!!

Oh and I have a session down in Iowa this month for unnamed college I am teaching PT for…

USPS broke. Do we really want another bailout?

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But of course!! We need to burden the taxpayer with even more failed debt.


Is the Democratic way!!

Of course when I have no more to give I may really be upset!

But none seem to care on the Right or Left..

Vote them all out and start over in 2012!!!

The People whom should have the Taxpayer funded Golden Parachute pension plans seen so often amongst Public Unions….Should be the People.

I should contribute to my future, not yours!!



This is Freedom? The Police State at Work on Film

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