Gun Bits …

Hank Johnson, he of “Guam will tip over‘ fame…

Has brought this atrocity forward..

HR 5717 would:

  • Create a nationwide gun registry
  • Ban almost all semiautomatic rifles
  • Institute a federal Magazine Ban
  • Implement national “Red Flag” gun confiscation
  • Tax guns at 30% and ammo at 50%
  • Ban patriots under 21 from exercising their Second Amendment rights
  • Ration guns by making it illegal to purchase more than one firearm in a 30-day period
  • Force “Safe Storage” requirements on gun owners
  • Ban home builds
  • Ban suppressors
  • Force FFLs to spend massive amounts of money to comply with new “security” requirements
  • Expand “Gun Free Zones”
  • And more than we can possibly list here in this space

HR 5717 is so sweeping and all-encompassing that it is literally an ENCYCLOPEDIA of gun control!


Politicians do not care if your defenseless because ..GUNS!!! BAD!!!

One Woman’s Message To Politicians: Don’t Leave Me Defenseless Right Now


A shred of commonsense here?

IL Gov Gives Green Light To Gun Stores To Remain Open During Emergency


No commonsense here….Bloomberg is a wannabe tyrant..

What is Mike Bloomberg’s idea of “common sense” gun control?


It’s not, if you have a functioning brain..

Why is the second amendment so difficult to interpret?


Source: The Great Panic Of 2020


My pellet guns are getting a workout..

Stuck at Home? Ten Ways to Train and Thrive

Concerned Defensive Handgun class I am taking in April is going to be cancelled….



Unwanted house visitor???


Home invaders and self defense is a Right, in-spite of the left claiming otherwise!!


In Episode #58 of the Minnesota Gun Report Podcast:

Then MN Gun Owners Caucus Chairman Bryan Strawser on the news from the legislature in what is turning into a COVID-19 dominated session.


You Just Bought a Firearm for the First Time, Now What? – Down Range with Chris Wagoner


Gun Bits …

Healthcare is not a ‘Right’ as is the ‘Right’ to defend oneself.

If something has to be provided by others how is it a ‘Right’? Healthcare is a service provided by those whom choose to enter that field. If those same people decided not to do so.

Then what?

What would life in the US now be like if the Second Amendment had guaranteed the right to healthcare instead of the right to bear arms and its supporters were equally powerful?


But they still have as much ‘violent’ crime as we do.

Guns give us the option to defend ourselves.

Why do gun rights advocates ignore the precedent found in the successful integration of gun control policy in the majority of industrialized nations?


Apply the technology to the other Rights, then take it away as you would the 2nd.

But I doubt people that ask this question understand that…

When the Second Amendment was written, people used muskets. Is a law written for such a relatively less deadly arm appropriate when the arms are AK-47s?


Why is it during emergencies Government wants to take away our Rights?

They sure as hell will not defend us!!

Bay Area Closures Point to National Vulnerability on Guns and Ammo


Tyranny in Kalifornistan…

So your releasing criminals and you want us to ignore them and expect them to behave?

Los Angeles County Sheriff Releases Inmates While Warning Against Gun Buying

Politicians are nonessential. Lets shut them down also..

San Jose Authorities Shut Down Gun Shop, It’s ‘Non-Essential’ Per Mayor



News/Gun Bits ..

I think it is all bad…

Bernie Sanders defends Fidel Castro’s socialist Cuba: ‘Unfair to simply say everything is bad’


No it does not.

Why do people think the Second Amendment gives individuals the right to bear arms?

It protects that Right of the People to defend themselves.

Basic Human Rights are for all People. Not given by some wanna be despot.

Why don’t people understand this??


Because their data is skewed and misused. Massaged to fit their agenda.

Anti gun people do not use facts.

What do the pro-gun people say to the anti-gun people when the anti-gun people bring up the statistics?


How well did /does it work for Alcohol and Drugs…

Is there a way to implement gun control in America? If so, what’s the first step?



News/Gun Bits ….

Know Your Rights: If You Disclose You Are Carrying Do You Consent to be Searched?


Poll Shows Americans Fear Losing Liberties, So Poll Creator Whitewashes the Results


Secure the Schools, Save the Second Amendment


Liberals are the worst Racists we have in America today…

Social Media Racists Try to Make ‘White Settlement’ Victims Into Bigots


What a dipshit…

But the usual leftist response.

Blame others for your problems…

Bill de Blasio has the gall to blame the President for the Monsey stabbings


More proof public education is pointless today.

Abolish the Department of Education at Federal and State levels would be a hell of a start..

WATCH: College Students Are Asked Which Book Is More Dangerous — The Bible Or The Communist Manifesto


New York….


Cuomo & de Blasio Lecture on Hate While Their Policies Give “Haters” Access to Targets


36% of U.S. millennials now approve of communism, up from 28% last year: poll

Could it be because Mommy and Daddy spoiled the little shits? And the thought of moving out of their parents basement into the big scary world and having to earn a living scares the crap out of them?

They obviously have no clue what Communism really is, on paper as taught by the Progressive teachers and professors, sounds really good! Utopia!!

In reality? How many millions were killed by communists??


Protecting the Innocent: Gun-Free Zones vs. Armed Citizens

Gun Free Zones….Turn you into prey..

Avoid them, or stay armed all the time, as some of us do.










Are cracks beginning to form in the push for national gun control?

Gun Owners of America

Cracks Seemingly Forming in the Push for Gun Control!

Dear Kevin,

As you read this, a battle is raging between two camps of White House staffers:

  • Some are pushing Donald Trump to stay true to his commitment to protect the Second Amendment.
  • Other advisers, like his daughter Ivanka, are encouraging the President and others to push Gun Registration and Gun Confiscation in a misguided effort to pick up Democrat voters?

For example, Ivanka Trump is reportedly working furiously behind the scenes, urging Senators to pass Universal Background Checks and Red Flag gun confiscation orders.

Even so, there are conflicting reports in the media, with some indicating that the President is backing off his earlier push for gun control.

“Trump retreats on gun control proposals,” said the L.A. Times yesterday.

Another media outlet explained: “GOA members sent a whopping two million letters to the White House and to the Senate in past weeks, urging Republicans to support the 2nd Amendment.” 

Press reports also show that pro-gun leaders are busy communicating with the White House — some directly with the President, but others in meetings with the staff, given that many in the Oval Office are pushing gun control.

Politico reported yesterday that “John Velleco, the executive vice president for Gun Owners of America, [is] on the books for a meeting” with the White House.

These are encouraging articles. But then there are also reports indicating that the President is keeping private conversations alive with anti-gun congressional leaders.

According to The Hill, Trump was on the phone with anti-gun Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT), talking about how to enact these two major objectives of the Bloomberg & Giffords gun control movement.

The Hill also reports that Trump was negotiating with anti-gun Senators Pat Toomey (R-PA) and Joe Manchin (D-WV) about paving the way to passing their gun registration bill.

What does all of this mean?  It means that we can’t go silent!  We have to make sure that the President CONTINUES TO HEAR from gun owners around the nation.

Please add your name to our NEW pre-written letter — and let’s continue to flood every Republican inbox at the White House and in the Senate, warning them that if they vote for gun control, they will face traumatic consequences at the polls. 


The anti-gun Left is mourning the fact that Trump already seems to be getting the message.

Consider that the New York Times reported today that, “Mr. Trump has heard from a wide range of conservative allies who have warned him that he will imperil his re-election chances if he makes a deal with Democrats on guns.”

That’s a message that Rush Limbaugh has delivered on his show … that GOA’s Erich Pratt delivered on Fox News … and which gun owners by the THOUSANDS have been delivering to the White House.

There is no doubt that anti-gunners are still working through the month of August, plotting to restrict your Second Amendment rights. And that means that we can’t let up either!

We need to remind Republicans that they already have legislation that they can pass which will make a difference. It’s called Constitutional Carry Reciprocity (H.R. 38 and S. 69).

We also must let Republicans know that they do not need additional laws to deal with killers like the Dayton, Ohio shooter. As I mentioned in my recent Townhall article, the Dayton killer could have easily had his guns removed (using due process) if anyone had bothered to use pre-existing law.

The killer had a long record of threatening people, and as it turns out, one can be charged in Ohio with “menacing,” which the state treats as a felony.

But here’s the problem, if the authorities weren’t willing to charge the shooter under current law, they certainly would not have “red flagged” him.

The good news is that Senate Republicans have already received more than 2,000,000 letters from GOA members demanding that they block all gun control legislation in the Senate.

So let’s step up the pressure.

Again, please add your name to our NEW pre-written letter to continue to flood every Republican inbox at the White House and in the Senate, warning them that if they vote to slice up the Second Amendment, American voters will NEVER FORGET IT. 


Guns Are Not The Problem …..

Number Of Americans Who Think Gun Control Is A ‘Top Problem’ Falls To Pre-Parkland Levels…

Americans’ views have changed significantly on the hotly debated issue, from a record 13 percent of respondents saying that guns and gun control were the number one issue facing the country in April, to just two percent. In January 2018, only one percent of those surveyed viewed gun control and gun reform as a top problem.

Schumer Warns Of ‘Ghost Guns,’ Calls For Legislation To Block 3D Printer Files…

 Schumer is an idiot if he thinks these files aren’t already floating around. They’re around and guess what? They’re not really being used by the bad guys.

Gun Control Activists Touting Past Victories To Pretend They Still Have Momentum…

But things have settled down a bit, just like they always do.

That doesn’t stop gun control activists from pretending that they still have all the momentum.

Toronto mayor asks why ‘anyone’ needs to have gun following shooting (VIDEO)

Toronto Mayor John Tory led a call for more gun control soon after a shooting that left two dead and 13 injured this week in Canada’s largest city. Toronto Police are investigating the shooting which happened late Sunday night on Danforth Avenue in the crowded Greektown enclave where a man with a…

Surprise: Ninth Circuit Court Upholds 2A Rights

Everytown: “Emergency! We need to make ***it up!”

I have to say I laughed at this: And what guns can the terrorists and people with background checks will have at their disposition? I was unaware that 3D printers were so advances they were actually printing in aluminum, steel and wood! It is a Brave New World. They are not even trying to appear truthful anymore. Hat Tip Bill Baldwin ‏ @ WildBillBaldwin
A criminal justice researcher from New Jersey recently wrote an article that encouraged people who were reflexively for more restriction on gun ownership to explore the online gun culture. She had done so. Her view of gun ownership…


Watch This….

Found here..(and will be on the blog roll)

And tell me again…

Why I cannot defend myself?

Why my wife cannot?

Why can I not protect my kids?

Why should we be victims?

How can any self respecting law abiding person not watch this and realize..

You are responsible for yourself and yours!

Again how can any self respecting person, allow themselves to be a victim?

Anyone whom is responsible and accountable for their actions has that right..

You who do not want us to have those rights?

You are NOT self respecting, nor accountable for your actions..

You are a victim…and probably a liberal…just saying..

I am not..

Or how about this..

I don’t like stupid people either Ma’am…and they are plentiful around here when it comes to taking care of themselves..

And this one.

And where were the police on this? Who? I ask who was going to stop this and do you think this was an ‘effing social call?

And finally the Police so not even know the laws at times!!

And their there to protect us?

B U L L S H I T !!!
You whom cry out and lament about guns?

Stop, think and realize…only you can protect yourself and yours when it comes down to it.

So quit being a damn victim…

Or go light your damn candle and leave those of us whom care enough to take care of ourselves and do so, alone!!