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Quite A List of ‘Nobodies’

Whom really want to take your guns…

Lengthy read.

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What the heck are Republicans thinking?

Omnibus Spending Bill is Quickly Becoming an Anti-Gun Leftists’ Dream

The government-funding Omnibus Appropriations Bill, which is currently being negotiated in the House, has all the marks of a “Democrat’s Dream.”

And cowardly Republicans are surrendering on many levels — including on gun rights. 

The biggest threat to gun owners in the omnibus is the potential that the anti-gun Fix NICS may be added may be added into the bill before it comes to the floor.

If Fix NICS (or Take the Guns First) language is added, it will kill concealed carry reciprocity for the rest of the year.

But this is not the only problem with the omnibus.

Said a column in The Washington Times on Monday: “Congressional Republicans who repeatedly pledged to repeal and replace Obamacare instead are racing today to rescue the law with truckloads of federal cash.”

GOA has published many alerts in the past on the danger that ObamaCare poses to our gun rights. But for some reason, the House GOP is trying to rescue that failing law.

Regardless, our message to House Republicans is this: If the omnibus spending bill is turning into such a Democratic bill — pursuing a Democratic anti-gun agenda — then let the Democrats provide the votes to pass it.

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Lots of 2A Issues could be Added to the Omnibus 

Here are just some of the anti-gun problems which could end up in the omnibus spending bill:

1) Obama-like “Fix NICS” gun control (resulting in the disarmament of millions of veterans, older seniors and more)

2) ObamaCare bailout (which helps preserve the anti-gun data collection in ObamaCare that will negatively affect gun owners)

3) Amnesty for anti-gun voters (leading to more anti-gun elected legislators)

4) Internet taxes (including for gun sales).

To see a longer explanation for each of these points above, please see the web-version of this alert here.

There are many additional problems from a constitutional perspective, but what I’ve listed above cover the 2A-related concerns.

A Vote for Anti-gun Fix NICS is a Vote to Kill Reciprocity 

Our response here at Gun Owners of America is to “kill the bill” if it contains gun control.

And if there’s one issue that we should keep bringing up to each congressman, it’s this:  Do not accept any Fix NICS (or Take the Guns First) language in the omnibus.

To take up Fix NICS now would mean that concealed carry reciprocity will get left behind.


Trojan Horse Gun Control….

Feinstein Gun Ban is Gun Control on Steroids

Anti-gun Democrats in Congress have introduced a repeat of the old Clinton-Feinstein ban.

But this legislation represents a gun ban on steroids.

The bills are S. 2095 and H.R. 5087, introduced by Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) and Rep. David Cicilline (D-RI).

Make no mistake, these bills are far nastier than the Clinton-Feinstein gun ban ever was.

Rather than requiring two irrelevant cosmetic features in order to ban a gun (as Clinton-Feinstein did), the Feinstein-Cicilline bills would require only one, thereby affecting tens of millions of semi-automatic rifles and handguns.

Their legislation would also outlaw standard capacity magazines.

Sure, you can keep the guns and magazines you already have them — for now, at least.  But you have to keep them locked up, and private transfers would be outlawed by the legislation — unless you transfer them using a background registration check.

In fact, the bill makes no provisions for what happens to your guns if you die.  And it’s far from clear whether you can pass them on to your kids — particularly if, for instance, your executor is one of the 257,000 military veterans who were unconstitutionally put into the NICS system.

Up the pressure on Congressmen and POTUS!
Great pre-written postcards that are sent to all GOA members:

An Even Greater Threat to Gun Owners 

While the ban on commonly-owned firearms described above is bad, GOA does not believe this legislation has the votes to pass this year.

But there is a much greater, back-door threat, that would come close to accomplishing the same goal.

The threat is this:  if President Trump can ban bump stocks without statutory authority, then a future president can ban anything without statutory authority.

At the meeting with congressmen last week, President Trump said:

We can [ban bump stocks] with an executive order.  I’m going to write the bump stock; essentially, write it out.  So you won’t have to worry about bump stock.  Shortly, that will be gone.  We can focus on other things.

So let me repeat:  If Trump can ban anything which “accelerates the rate of fire of a semiautomatic” — all in the name of banning bump stocks — then he is ultimately imposing a far-reaching gun ban.

If you doubt this, please watch this video here.

Banning something which helps a shooter “accelerate” a gun’s rate of fire can then be used by a future anti-gun Democrat President to ban polished bolts, match triggers, magazines, tripods, and perhaps even AR-15’s themselves — if they have pistol grips which allow them to be fired faster and more accurately.

So I need you to contact the President and register your strong opposition to this Trojan Horse gun ban.

Everyone knows that President Trump is on his Twitter account every day.

So there’s probably no better way to reach him than by clicking here to contact him directly via Twitter.

If you don’t have a Twitter account, you can send an email to President Trump using the traditional route here.


Gun News …

Why ‘Sin Taxes’ on Ammo Will Backfire external site
Sin taxes of all types have unintended consequences. A new proposal to impose a 50 percent tax on ammunition is no exception. Selective sales taxes imposed on certain politically disfavored goods are rife with misuse, rarely achieve their intended outcome, and disproportionately hurt the poor.
What Is The ‘Fix NICS’ Bill Congress Keeps Talking About? external site
Currently, there is a bill making its way through Congress known as the Fix NICS Act of 2017, commonly referred to as “Fix NICS,” that is designed to close a major hole in current federal firearms legislation.

Second Class Citizens….

Let me be perfectly clear, any compromise on our Second Amendment freedoms is an infringement we cannot support.

“House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was optimistic Thursday that the Republican-controlled Congress can pass comprehensive gun legislation…” –L.A. Times 3/1/18

“Chuck Schumer calls for improved background checks and other reforms to seize guns…” –New York Daily News 3/4/18

“If you can’t buy a beer, you shouldn’t be able to buy an AR-15. It seems to me that this really is a no-brainer.” –Dianne Feinstein 3/2/18

Gun-grabbing politicians in Washington, D.C. are looking for any reason to strip us of our rights and pat themselves on the back.

As law-abiding gun owners, we must stand united and hold these weak-kneed politicians accountable.

That’s why I’m asking you to rush an urgent contribution of $25, $35, $50, or even $100 to Gun Owners of America Headquarters.

Not a single DFL member of the committee voted to protect your Second Amendment rights.

The push for major gun control in Minnesota is in full steam – the anti-gun faction of the DFL are pulling out all the stops to try and cram through their radical agenda in Saint Paul.

There’s no better evidence of this approach than what we’ve seen in Saint Paul over the first two weeks of the legislative session:

  • Rep. Dave Pinto using obscure rule manipulations to FORCE THROUGH A HEARING on his two gun control bills – universal background checks aka universal registration – and gun violence restraining orders.
  • Senator Matt Klein introducing a bill to allow research into lawful gun ownership – data that is currently not allowed to be collected in order to protect the privacy of gun owners.

And then there’s Rep. Linda Slocum’s comprehensive GUN BAN BILL that would turn most hunting pistols, shotguns, and hunting rifles into a new class of “Assault Weapons”, require you to register your firearms annually, and lets the local police “inspect” your home without a warrant.


But we’re fighting back.

In Thursday’s hearings before the Minnesota House Public Safety Committee, our political director, Rob Doar, pushed back HARD against the gun control push from anti-gunners – using simple facts and logic known to all gun owners.

Along with our other testifiers, we stopped the initial gun control push dead in the water – sending both bills to the table in 10-6 and 9-7 votes. Unfortunately, not a single DFL member of the committee voted to protect your Second Amendment rights.

You can watch the hearing at this link — the two gun control bills start at around 57 minutes into the hearing video.

But the fight isn’t over.

We’re working non-stop here at the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus to represent your interests in Saint Paul, reaching out to gun owners that haven’t previously been in this fight, and using all of the tools at our disposal to fight back — email blasts (like this one), phone calls, petitions, and digital advertising.