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Taxes! Stupid. Boom! Camps. Land. Tools. Texas?

They, meaning politicians and elected goons never ‘think’ about what they are doing. The end result of their willingness to pass anything that

1.) Looks good or

2.) Increases taxes

3.) Further oppresses and controls the masses.

Obama Ups Sin Taxes

President Obama’s budget doesn’t just go after wealthy Americans. It’s also got new taxes on vodka, cigarettes and other unexpected items, ABC News reported.

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How? By voting corrupt Politicians into office, like LBJ and then not holding them accountable..Accepting what they do and not realizing how bad we are getting effed over!

How did we get so stupid?

Since the infamous “temporary” Section 4 and 5 in Lyndon Johnson’s Voting Right Act of 1965, the social progressive left has been crafting laws that would legally allow them to steal both Houses of Congress and the White House—and keep them.

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And with further review  we find another tolerant liberal behind this attempt…

Bomb sent to sheriff investigating Obama neutralized by bomb squad

An unknown bomb maker on Thursday allegedly targeted a controversial law enforcement commander who is vocal in his opposition to President Barack Obama’s immigration policies and whose department investigated claims that Obama’s birth record and social security number are forgeries.

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Think is won’t happen again? Are you armed? If not better get some….

1st Anniversary: Roosevelt’s Concentration Camps

On April 1, 1942, California announced the order for the arrest and deportation of Japanese citizens in California. They were sent into internment camps — read: concentration camps in Idaho. Here are photos and an accompanying account. Here are other photos.

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All about ‘Land’? Yeah.sure it is…

Israeli Occupation of Arab Land? Lets take a Look…

Seems like just teeney little piece of real estate. And the Mooslims are using that as their ‘excuse’? Nope, not buying that crap!!


And we know how well this works!!

Stop the Violence: Ban Knives and Guns Now

Just look at how well it turned out for the Jews in Germany…oh wait…Okay the Russians…umm…nevermind!

But dammit they banned guns in Chicago and…Oh…Never mind..


And this is Texas?

Police, ‘anti-gun’ prosecutor clash with soldiers in area around Fort Hood 

And is Texas the next Colorado?



Are we seeing the falling Dominoes?



BUS!! Pop-Tarts!! Last Pope? Schumer’s Junk. Benghazi. Gone Stupid.

Under the bus…Of course he blamed someone else!! It is Buck Ofama!!

Buck Ofama blames Secret Service for tour cancellation, met with skepticism by GOP reps


What Would Rahm say???

Church Celebrates 2nd Amendment, Kids Make Pop-Tart Guns During Sunday School

This past Sunday, a Chicago area church sponsored a Second Amendment Sunday filled with “assault” pop-tarts, “combat” cupcakes and a sheet-cake that featured a chocolate semi-automatic Glock handgun with a quote from JesusREAD MORE


Just because…

Pope Francis history’s ‘final’ pontiff?


Pisshead Morgan needs to go away…Like to N. Korea…They have a despot and he can go with Dennis Rodman….Two assOs gone!!

Piers Morgan: People Need Dictators and Slave Masters “Occasionally”


Check Out the Hidden Gun Transfer Junk in Schumer’s Gun Bill



What We Still Don’t Know About Benghazi

Colorado…Gone really stupid…

Farts. Betrayed. Ted.

Healthcare Paid for With Unicorn Farts

There will be many words from many people about much of the President’s State of the Union speech from last night.

I will only focus on one line, which distinctly highlights again just how out to lunch the man is when it comes to real healthcare reforms in this country.

During his speech the President said this:

“We’ll bring down costs by changing the way our government pays for Medicare, because our medical bills shouldn’t be based on the number of tests ordered or days spent in the hospital – they should be based on the quality of care that our seniors receive.”

In other words, we should stop paying for tests based on the number performed and we should stop paying for hospitals based on the number of days in which a patient stays in the hospital. Instead, we should pay based on the quality of care given, which I guess means if suddenly your stool sample turns to gold, we’ll charge more.

His approach makes no sense. Healthcare cannot be paid for based on quality of care without introducing subjective standards that will themselves drive up the costs of healthcare. He might as well claim he does not want to pay for healthcare at all or, at best, will cover the costs with unicorn farts.

The President’s speech was a defense of big government.

He started his speech referencing John F. Kennedy.

John F. Kennedy said, “ask not what your country can do for youask what you can do for your country.”

Barack Obama now only wants to tell us what Uncle Sam will do for us so that we need do nothing for ourselves. If he is successful we will each be too dependent on the federal government to set our own course in life. . . . please click here for the rest of the post →


Well this goes along with his history…Only if your some pointless Celebrity will he notice you. Remember 4 dead in Benghazi!!

Fort Hood hero: President Obama ‘betrayed’ shooting victims

ABC News reports that Sergeant Kimberly Munley, one of the two then police Sergeants who stopped the deadly shooting at Fort Hood on November 5, 2009, says President Obama broke the promise he made to her that the victims would be well taken care of . . . please click here for the rest of the post →


Ted Nugent Responds to ‘Nonsense’ Gun Control Proposals in Obama’s Speech


Islam in Britain: Huge scale of honor attacks in Britain, BBC covers up motive

And this makes a lot of sense…not..

Honor killing victim Fatima Abdallah, whose murder was classified a suicide by Florida law enforcement authorities for “fear of Muslim  reprisal.” They said she committed suicide by banging her head on a coffee table


In State of the Union, Obama fills out his progressive agenda

The State of the Union sucks, thank you very little Buck Ofama


Obama on gun control: ‘This time is different’

No it is not..You lying MoFo!! You want to disarm us, total control then, eff you assO!!


Procession escorts ex-Navy SEAL Kyle to burial

How a real hero should be treated…


Walter E. Williams:
Cultural Deviancy, Not Guns


Theme song…Buck Ofama..