Ban Planned Parenthood ..

The Left is filled with hypocrites..

And murderers! The clamor for gun control scramming it’s for the children!!

Yet… This is acceptable..

Planned Parenthood killed at least 354,871 babies: 2019-2020 report

Remember this the next time Nancy Pelosi or one of her henchmen blather that ‘it’s for the children!’

Yeah, that be bullshit!!


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …


Yale epidemiologist: What ‘the science’ says about hydroxychloroquine

De Blasio and Shea target
“Gun Violence” as NYC Crime Skyrockets

Expand murder will he?

NARAL Endorses Biden, Says He’ll ‘Expand Access to Abortion,’ Allow Taxpayer Funding of it

Shocking…A Demo rat??

FBI busts Tennessee Democrat on 48 counts of theft, embezzlement of taxpayer money

Buck Ofama, race baiter…

Alveda King slams Obama’s political speech at Lewis funeral as ‘wordplay’ that takes nation back to segregated 60s

Nobody plays stupid as well as AOC…

AOC blasts missionary who sacrificed life to help lepers in Hawaii

Oh this will turn out well!!

Insane: Seattle Moves to Abolish Entire Police Force

They do not care about Rights…They only care about control. Total control..

Democrat Campaign Platform Turns 2A Rights Into A Privilege

The DNC Platform Goal is to End the Firearm Industry


Florida Alert! No Police, No Second Amendment, No guns, No Protection, No Freedom

Fail. It’s about control people!! Wake up!!

Florida couple ARRESTED for walking dog, apparently “violating COVID-19 quarantine order”

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Tells Retailers To Call the Cops on Customers Who Don’t Wear Masks

H/T: Disturbed.

Sssshhh! It’s A Secret

The ‘Rona has a 99.7% or better survival rate.  Better than the yearly flu that we face without masks or lockdowns.  But the ‘Rona fearmongering allows the Marxists in our government and medical profession to make an unprecedented power grab.  With lies and illegitimate  usurpation of power, the people of the Republic are being systematically brought under subjugation and brainwashed to think those in power are looking out for their interests.  Hardly!  Those in power are looking after no ones’ interest but their own.  Forcing Marxism on the true masters of the Republic; the people. 

Not if we stand up and fight. Will we though?

Pass the ammo please…

Violent Antifa Protester On Camera: It’s Time to ‘End the American Experiment’

Oh look! Another stupid little punk!! Another fine example of failed parenting!!

BREAKING: Antifa Terrorist Who Threw Bomb at Federal Agents in Portland Arrested


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Well, it’s about being a dumbass.

How are gun rights activists able to avoid accidentally being shot by police while openly carrying firearms in public places?

Because gun rights ‘activists’ are generally law abiding, tax paying citizens…They don’t going around looking for or causing trouble..


Milwaukee Man Receives Probation After Shooting 5-Year Old Girl

As we should…

Armed Citizens Defend Communities Amidst Growing Chaos


Magazine Ban Upheld By CO Supreme Court

FLASHBACK: Remember What Planned Parenthood’s Founder Said About the Black Population

When your woke and want to alienate those that pay cash to see you run up and down a hardwood floor dribbling a round ball…You do stupid shit…

‘Black Lives Matter’ to Be Painted On All NBA Courts When League Resumes Next Month

Never been a NBA fan….Never will..

End result of America’s Government run schools…Fail..

Police battle with Antifa and BLM trying to take down the statute of Lincoln in Laffeyete Park

Proof…This is not taught anywhere!!

Systemic racism inherent in Democrats’ DNA

Well imagine that!!!

Confirmed: 17 of the 20 Most Violent Cities In America Are Run By Democrats.

Woke and stupid ..

1 Week After Mayor Promises To Close CHAZ, Councilwoman Blames CHAZ Shootings On ‘Capitalism’s Brutality’

Online for your enjoyment..

GunNews Magazine: July 2020 Issue

Non-essential? Politicians are non-essential.

The NRA Fights Back As Gun Controllers Dismiss The Second Amendment As “Nonessential”


Why Mask Mandates Are A Socialist Attempt To Make Us All Say What We Don’t All Believe

But of course our Leftist, Progressive Gov Walz is considering it..



Quick Bits ….

Because it’s the truth..

Abortion group sues pro-life advocate for calling abortion murder

John Roberts not a conservative…Left leaning bastard..

‘He’s a disgrace’: Conservatives turn on Chief Justice Roberts

Daily dose of stupidity ..

Why aren’t the arms referred to in the Second Amendment limited to arms that could reasonably been envisioned by the authors of that amendment?

For the same reason that the press in the First Amendment isn’t limited to hand-cranked movable-type presses and woodcuts.

A good thing…

Far-Left ‘Defund Police’ Efforts Fueling Gun Sales, Perhaps Creating 2A Activists

A Lefty Mob Trespassed on Their Property, But a St. Louis Couple Knew What to Use to Deter Them

Wonder if they have a backhoe??


You Can’t Single Out Houses of Worship for Lockdown

I’m not seeing a problem here….lived for 30 plus years and survived without a freaking cellphone…

Imagine life if we didn’t have cell phones

Pretty much a worthless, self centered group…

CoronaUSA 2.0: Blame the Protesting Millennials Tearing America Down


You Are So Confused…

And misinformed.

Unless the average Joe jumps through hoops, he cannot own an ‘assault’ rifle.

If giving up your assault rifle would save just one life, would you do it?

What you claim are ‘assault’ rifles, driven by media(Fakenews) and the anti-gun crowd, are semi-auto rifles. Which have been around and used for hunting, target shooting, etc for years…

If stopping abortion would save one life…..

Would you do it???