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Friday Facebook..


And we have a wee bit of snow out there and I DO NOT have to travel in it unless I want to!!

And I do, Ahlman’s for sure as I need some supplies, reloading type.

And to wander around their gun racks and see what they have, which is usually lots but will be interesting after all the OMG buying recently…

Me? I have a few I would desire…But only in calibers I already own. SO another carbine in 7.62×39, maybe something in a long gun for both .38/.357 and 9 mm.

We’ll see what we see I guess…


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Range Day!!

Got to the range today, finally..

And no did not go anything like this clip that Weer’d has up!!

Kid wanted to practice driving so I tossed in driving to the range and that sounded good.

So off we went..

Had a good time, only pistols today.

FEG PA63 9×18 mak

Ruger MkII

Kahr CW9  both Wolf 9mm and Rem.


Ruger GP100 .38 reloads

Kid got a bit frustrated with his FEG trying to hit the gong so he grabbed the GP100 and promptly drilled it..

All in all we shot fairly well..Spent most of my time ringing the gong and did quite well considering how long it has been!!

Managed to hit with the Kahr about half the time, GP100 3/4s and MKII pretty much every time..

The FEG is a nice shooting little gun, but do not spend much time with it. Shoots well though..

Our victims…

Got home and was unloading and noticed some strange marks on paper targets we had along.

Took me a minute to realize it was splatter from shooting the gong…Heh..

Was fun…