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Drones! MRAP! Media BiASS!!

Don’t drone me in the woods PETA..

And if you do…

New Product Lets Sportsmen Know When Drones Are Near

Yeah..And then your drone is fair game!!

And just in case…

One would need to worry about this and why not? Why does local and State LEOs need such devices?

How to disable MRAP Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected Light Armored Vehicles


Media BiASS!

How can one separate themselves from what is obviously under their responsibility..Oh..wait..She works for Obama, a master at deflecting blame and responsibility..

NBC Host: Has Sebelius ‘Separated Herself’ from ObamaCare Failure? ‘Is Her Job Safer?’

On Sunday’s NBC Today, co-host Lester Holt wondered if Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius had “successfully separated herself now from this trouble” with the ObamaCare website failure. He further asked: “Is her job safer than it was maybe a week ago?” A somewhat puzzled David Gregory, moderator of Meet the Press, replied: “Well, I think her job may be okay for the moment. But I don’t think she’s separated herself from it….all of these problems really do undercut the potential effectiveness of ObamaCare, whether it can be affordable to insure more and more people. If they don’t achieve that, there are enormous problems….enormous problems for how it works for years to come.”


And you idiot Mostly Shit, Nothing But Crap talking head, what is ObamaScare doing to people? Tea Party has nothing to do with that monstrosity!

MSNBC’s Harris-Perry: Tea Partiers ‘Don’t Care If It Hurts People’


Appearing as a guest on Friday’s PoliticsNation, MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry asserted that Tea Party Republicans “don’t care if it hurts people” when they oppose government programs like ObamaCare. As she discussed with host Al Sharpton whether Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz could be considered a “populist,” Harris-Perry brought up opposition to Medicaid expansion by some Republicans: “So what we do see is not so much populism, but a kind of ideological rigidity that says we don’t care if it hurts people. We are just going to have a very strong and consistent stance that we want government to be so ineffective, so incapable of doing anything that it can’t even help people who need the most help.”

A light? For the truth to finally come out? From the Carrying Barack’s Shit network?

CBS’s Logan Lets Benghazi Witness, Stevens’ Advisers Cut Through Obama ‘Misinformation’


On Sunday’s 60 Minutes, CBS’s Lara Logan bluntly pointed out how the September 11, 2012 Islamist attack on the U.S. facilities in Benghazi, Libya “have been overshadowed by misinformation, confusion, and intense partisanship,” Logan turned to an actual eyewitness of the attack, along with two former advisers to deceased Ambassador Chris Stevens – Greg Hicks and a Green Beret officer – to refreshingly outline what actually happened that infamous night. However, the correspondent failed to explicitly mention President Barack Obama or former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during her report. She only vaguely noted that “contrary to the White House’s public statements, which were still being made a full week later, it’s now well established that the Americans were attacked by al Qaeda in a well-planned assault.”


Damn, if this Mostly Shit, Nothing But Crap talking worm had a tingle up his leg over Obama, I don’t want to know what he will do in his pants over Hillary ‘Benghazi’ Clinton…

Ready for 2016? Chris Matthews Admits to ‘Giggling’ With ‘Playful’ ‘Girlish’ Hillary Clinton


Liberal MSNBC host Chris Matthews, who famously admitted to a “thrill” that Barack Obama sent up his leg, on Friday praised the “girlish” and “playful” Hillary Clinton. The Hardball anchor appeared on Alec Baldwin’s new Friday night show and conceded that he and the potential 2016 candidate “giggle” and “laugh” together. Matthews was talking to Baldwin about gay rights and made one of his customary thought digressions. Even though the host allowed for a “tussle or two” over the years with Clinton, he lauded, “Although when I am with her. I just think she is great as a person. And we giggle, everything, laugh…I hope this doesn’t offend anybody. There is a part of her that is very girlish. She’s still very youthful.”



5. NBC Frets: Nobel-Prize-Winning ‘Rock Star’ Obama Now ‘Subject of Europe’s Scorn’


Showing more concern for President Obama’s popularity than the national security implications of the latest leaks in the NSA spying scandal, on Monday’s NBC Today, chief foreign affairs correspondent Andrea Mitchell lamented: “When he was a candidate, Barack Obama was a rock star in Europe. That was then, this is now. As Europe reacts angrily to news that the U.S. spied on 35 leaders…” Moments later, Mitchell continued to worry: “How did the man who won the Nobel Peace Prize just months into his presidency become the subject of Europe’s scorn?” She denounced the leaks, but not the spying itself: “The White House can thank NSA leaker Edward Snowden, who’s latest revelations have forced President Obama to apologize to France’s President Hollande, Germany’s Chancellor Merkel, as well as current and former leaders in Mexico, and Brazil’s President Rousseff, who even cancelled a state visit to Washington she was so angry.”