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Tourniquets! Formenting. Dem Media! Gunfight! Holder. Stupid Government!

Tourniquets work!! I know first hand how well they work!! And the National Registry of EMT’s has it number 2 in controlling bleeding..Direct pressure fails..Tourniquet..Never have been to impressed by the Red Cross and nor the providers they train…

The service I teach for instituted tourniquets in it’s protocols years ago.

The American Red Cross continues to advise that direct pressure be applied to a wound except in extreme cases.


Pretty much. Is the way it is for those standing against Buck Ofama and the big government loving statists idiots have elected..

Is the ‘mainstream media’ fomenting violence against conservatives?

From CNN’s Piers Morgan to practically the entire lineup at MSNBC – the official network of insane liberal hate – media outlets have demonized gun owners, supporters of the Constitution, members of the Tea Party, Christians, and pretty much anyone to the right of Josef Stalin


Yes they are!!!

Democrat-media complex blames Boston bombings on conservatives

CNN’s Peter Bergen, for example, attempted to blame it on “right-wing extremists,” according to Newsbusters.  His proof?  Nothing.  Zero, zilch, nada.

New York Times’ Nick Kristof issued a tweet saying the “explosion is a reminder that ATF needs a director. Shame on Senate Republicans for blocking apptment.”

He deleted his tweet, but it was too late.  Twitchy had already captured it.

Al Sharpton’s radio producer tried to blame “anti-government” groups (read, conservatives) for the bombing since it happened on Tax Day.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews did the same thing, claiming that domestic terrorists “tend to be on the far right.”

It’s enough to make you think they really do want a second civil war in America.

Really? And who has the guns for this? Especially since those on the left so hate the guns!



Video Captures Good Audio Of Massive Police Shootout With Boston Bombing Suspects


And Holder is ‘shameless’ over the deaths casued by his illegal gun running operations into Mexico? What an ass!

Eric Holder: Gun Owners Should “Cower” In Shame Like Smokers…

No Holder I will not ‘cower’ in shame because of my guns, I will cower for nothing, but am ashamed of what you and your boss Buck Ofama have done and are doing to our Country..


And now this…Regulate, regulate, regulate…

That’ll fix the problem!

Senator to propose bill regulating black powder in wake of Boston Massacre

Stupid Government strikes again!!



Choking…1 Child Every 5 days..

One child chokes to death every 5 days in the US. Basic emergency medical training should be taught in schools.

Was sent to me by a contact on Linked. Not sure where the data comes from but with the ability to learn a simple and effective maneuver, the Heimlich, very easy to teach and to learn, these could be prevented.

I have taught hundreds, if not thousands, BLS/CPR which includes dealing with choking victims..

Now where is the outrage over this?

So ends my public service announcement for the week..