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Bush. Statists. 14th Amendment. Judges, Cop Killer..Stuff..

Get over it people..

There is no longer a Bush as President..

We now have pResident Buck Ofama..He is in charge, he is responsible…You want to hack something? hack into Buck’s damn emails!!


Government…Sticking it’s damn nose where it shouldn’t.

People should be allowed to educate their children as they see fit.

They are our children and the Government run schools do one shitty half assed job of educating them.


Activists judges…

Another reason why they should NEVER be appointed fo rlife and why the first time they deviate or piss on the Constitution they should be booted to the curb…As should any politician…


Meddling Government..How to get rid of it..

Short of running them all out of town on a rail or burning at the stake….


Figures, when they would usually be screaming about the gawdawful guns!! They give the guy a break. Cause he is like BLACK, like their wondrous pResident Buck Ofama the half white, Arab, little bit of black man.

Liberals Come Out in Support of Black Cop Killer

And also in Kalifornistan…They be confiscating the guns…But according to article, may not be going as well as they want..

California Attempts Gun Confiscation


Texas? Texas is teaching the kids what??

Parents gain access to secret school curriculum

Keeps getting better and better for Buck Ofama..well it would if the lame stream media controlled by Buck Ofama’s minions would report news instead of cover it up or just not report it..