This Dude Is Bad News…

For Gun Owners and the 2nd Amendment ..

Remarks on First-Time Gun Owners From Biden’s Gun Czar Nominee Is a Window into the Fight Ahead


Why did Biden’s new 2nd Amendment hating ATF nominee @davidchipman delete all his tweets and go private?

Biden’s Nominee for ATF Director is a Major Gun Control Activist Who Was Involved in Waco





Quick Bits …

Works for me!!

Gun grab sparks ‘Defund ATF’ movement


Formerly skeptical Kamala Harris says pic of Joe Biden getting Covid vaccine is ‘what leadership looks like’

Waste…But happens everytime  politicians try to ‘Help’…

‘Pork is heavy’! Covid stimulus bill wheeled around Congress (because it ‘cannot actually be physically carried’)


What?? Is this ‘stimulating’

‘They hate you’: Coronavirus stimulus bill includes no less than $10 million for ‘gender programs’ in Pakistan

And then there’s the pork we’ve been looking for, and it’s just as ridiculous as we’d suspected.

How the COVID relief bill turned into a climate change bill

Even AOC disagrees…


Didn’t Shillary try this??

California Girl Kamala Harris Adopts Bizarre Southern Accent While Stumping For Georgia Dems

Pandering bitch..

Chuckie…Term Limits Now!!

Gutless Chuck Schumer Supports Anti-Semites And Israel Haters

This started long ago…

The Birth of Cancel Culture and the Death of Education


2020 exposed the teachers unions for the frauds they are

What an ass wipe…

I’m Smart and I Want Respect! Cuomo’s Most ‘Fredo’ Moments of 2020

You earn respect!! You have not!!

About time..

Angry anti-lockdown protesters storm Portland’s capitol

Of course it was an ‘Unlawful Assembly’

No pillaging and looting, unlike other groups that have tearing Portland apart..

I think the answer is Yes!!!

The Morning Briefing: Will Gestapo Joe Make a Hard Run at Gun Owners Right Away?

Everytown Wants to Use Executive Actions to Gut the Second Amendment

More stimulus …. Are you stimulated??

Here’s A Breakdown Of Everything Inside The $900BN Stimulus Bill, And What It Means For The US Economy

Or oppressed? Depressed??


More Quick Bits …

Thank you Demo Rat Tyrants!!

48% Of U.S. Small Businesses Fear That They May Be Forced To “Shut Down Permanently” Soon

What did we expect???

Millions in federal relief goes to Minnesota companies with ties to lawmakers

You pad my pockets and I’ll take care of you!!

ATF probably all excited of the prospect of a Biden/Harris regime…

ATF Agents Raid Gun Maker For Selling Build-It-Yourself Firearms

In a real world these shitheads would been done and gone…

Portland BLM Protesters Hoarding Serious Firepower, Asking For These Insane Demands

When they come out and admit it….We’re screwed..

Iowa Democrat Confirms: Our Attempted Election Steal Is On

Looks like the cartridge box is all we have left..

Swamp creature…

TRAITOR: Barr Kept Biden Crime Family Investigation Secret Until Biden Stole Election

Kapering Dick and ice cream…

Ben & Jerry’s teams up with Colin Kaepernick to create new vegan flavor to support defunding the police



Stop the ATF Improvement and Modernization Act of 2020…

Bill/Issue: S 4841The ATF Improvement and Modernization Act of 2020

Summary: Gives the ATF more power/money, removes limits on the sharing of firearms trace data

Sen. Van Hollen has just introduced a Senate bill that would dramatically beef up the ATF’s power. But that’s not all because this draconian legislation would also allow for the indefinite retention of NICS data. Check out our analysis below for the disturbing impacts of this bill.

Gun Bits and Ridiculous ….

The Next To Last Man Standing

His plan sounds good…

The Two Americas

Another good read…

They don’t know when to quit…Losers..

Mere Days After Confirmation, Leftists Have Already Found an Excuse To Impeach ACB

Defund and eliminate the ATF!!

ATF Admits They Would Be Sued for Revoking Ability to use CHPs for Gun Sales

Murky New ATF Standards Worrying Gun Companies, Importers and More

Reloading, it’s how to do it!

Anti-Gunners Hail Gun Control Legislation Targeting Online Ammo Sales

Free speech anyone? Not so much..

NYC Cop Suspended for Pro-Trump Message, While Other Cop Allowed to Kneel with BLM without Punishment

Whatever dick head..

Dave Bautista Defends Biden’s Record on Guns, Calls People ‘Idiots’ For Using AR-15 for Self-Defense

Hopefully a good thing…

Gun Industry, Gun-Control Advocates React to Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation

It is Twitter, expect anything else??

Attacking the Truth

Protecting cheating is he? But appointed by Buck Ofama, knows how to cheat!!

Obama Judge Rules Absentee Ballot Signatures Don’t Have To Match

There is such a beast???

Addressing the Status of Less Crazy Leftists

They’ve been a parody for years…

When the Mainstream Media Descends into Self-Parody


ATF’s ‘October Surprise’ to Undermine POTUS:

Gun Owners of America

Rogue, Secret ATF Interpretations of Pistols Seek to Undermine President Trump and Criminalize Gun Owners

“By disregarding orders to stand down, rogue ATF agents seem prepared to help usher in a Joe Biden Administration, especially because their actions appear to be purposefully timed to anger President Trump’s base immediately before an election.” — GOA’s Erich Pratt

Gun Bits and Ridiculous Pieces…..

Bureaucrats and political appointees…What the hell are they really good for?

FPC Statement on Possible ATF Action to Ban More Legal Products

SCOTUS: Constitution? What’s that???

SCOTUS Rejection of 2A Cases Moves Up Likelihood of a Forced Choice for Gun Owners

Morons..Guns are not causing violence, Thugs (Antifa, BLM, etc,) and such are..

Former Ambassador Rice ‘forgets’ History on Everytown Veepstakes Tryout

SJW’s…What upsets them today???

White People Go on Strike #WhiteStrike Causes EPIC Meltdown on Twitter

Well hell…What inanimate object can I sue today???

Brady Sues Smith & Wesson for Murder Committed with an M&P Sport

Everytown…How about EveryDemocratTown..

Everytown Decries ‘Open Carry Loophole,’ Calls for Nationwide Ban

Gun rights extremists are able to mount these intimidation campaigns because in most states it is legal to open carry loaded firearms at or around state capitol buildings or demonstrations. This is largely due to the absence of state laws prohibiting the open carry of firearms in public, commonly known as the “open carry loophole.” Few state legislatures have addressed the legality of the “open carry loophole” because responsible gun owners have not traditionally openly carried firearms in public.

Anti-you owning a gun..

Dana Loesch: Anti-Gunners Aren’t Really Anti-gun…

How about rioting control? Nope, your using that to destroy America..So leave my guns alone. May need them soon..

Biden, Pelosi Renew Call for Gun Control

Is okay to protest and riot!!

But a Trump Rally?? Orange man BAD!!

Judge denies emergency request to stop Trump’s Tulsa campaign rally due to coronavirus fears

We’ll see..

Trump Just Made SCOTUS’s Avoidance Of 2A Cases A Campaign Issue

As they should..

Truckers Push For National Reciprocity Amid Riots, Pandemic