Miscellany …………………..

How low can a DemocRAT go?

Really low..

Lower then a snake it appears…


Christians stand against…

An atheist…

Someone please tell me how come atheists hate what they do not believe in?


So how much are the American Taxpayers paying for Obama…

To fund raise?


This is getting to be to much…

The city of Houston…Demands to see Pastor’s Sermons!!


Way to much!!


Morning Miscellany ………………..

Could it happen again?


As I would tell any doctor..

Whom asked me about guns..

None of your damn business..


Remember the 1st Amendment?

Apparently the IRS and Atheists do not..


One can hope..

Reid charged in bribery case..


Apparently you right wing extremists..

Whom believe in Liberty, smaller government and individual Rights..

Are a growing threat..

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center..

And need to be dealt with..


Bloomberg and his front group, Mothers Demand Action..

Making Targets of innocent victims through disarmament..


Doctor whom ‘violated’ gun free hospital zone and saved lives by shooting assailant..

Is in trouble of course.

Because it was a gun free zone!!

And that always stop s an attacker..


 Anti Hunting groups and ‘rewilding’…

This is damn stupid..


 Unarmed and defenseless in San Diego..

Because you know, the Sheriff will protect you!

At least your dead or maimed body..


A would be tyrant…


Hey plastic face!!

Take your crap elsewhere…

Your old and ugly..Irrelevant..

No one cares..


This Home Owners Association needs to be drug into the street and horse whipped..



Paper, Gun! Food Riots? Atheists!

Paper, gun…

Which wins?

Isn’t rock, paper, scissors…Not a game…

Gun wins…Paper loses…Paper is for targets. Practice..

Warning: Extreme stupid people in video!!

Self defense lessons? Restraining order? Lots of people? Call the police?


Riot warnings over food-stamp cuts

DemoncRATS and LIEberals will be the ones at fault..The economy suck, job market pathetic and they have done nothing but give more hands outs. and Fear monger..

Pointless rhetoric that has so far done nothing to help..The is the Left and their politicians…

So if riots are to break out..It is their fault..

And remember this..80 million gun owners are not going to let themselves be threatened or their property, livelihood or most of all their families…Be threatened..

So food riots break out….Obama owns it!

And what are the Atheists doing about it?

Suing those whom are doing something!

What are they doing about the problem other then trying to stop those that are trying?

Effing asswipes!

Tell me what Atheists do for charity? Chirp, chirp, chirp…

 Aetheists Sue City For Creating Christian-Influenced Program to Fight Crime