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LESS LIBERTY MORE TYRANNY: Oregon Private Sales Background Check Bill Passes

LESS LIBERTY MORE TYRANNY: Oregon Private Sales Background Check Bill Passes……


That Is A Lot Of Guns….

200,226,838 FIREARMS CHECKS!

Since Background checks were instituted in 1998…

Think about that for a minute…

And then consider how many guns were sold prior to ‘background’ checks…

And whom is going to give them up?


And whom is going to take them?

Yeah…good luck with that crap..



Protect and Defend

Your Help Needed to Stop Further Infringements!

“Universal background checks would help Obama establish a universal gun registry.” — GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt, July 2014

There have been a lot of gun-related stories in the news recently.  For example, a Clinton appointee yesterday upheld Maryland’s draconian gun law, ruling that AR-15s and AK-47 style firearms are not constitutionally protected because they are “dangerous and unusual.”

Ironically, this judge’s ruling comes at a time when residents in Ferguson, Missouri, are using AR-15s to keep looters from burning down their stores.  (See the picture above.

Brady Background Checks a dismal failure 

Another big story that the liberal media pounced on was the death of James Brady last week.

Brady was critically injured during the failed assassination attempt on President Reagan’s life in 1981.  Brady survived the attack and pressed for a background check law that now bears his name.

While the anti-gun Left claims these Brady background checks have been a success, recent Justice Department reports show otherwise.

As this graphic shows, only 13 bad guys were actually taken off the streets for illegally trying to buy guns in one year.

Nevertheless, Majority Leader Harry Reid and Senate Democrats want to expand background checks to include all gun buyers — a scheme that would help this administration to establish an illegal gun registry.

Before departing for their August recess, Senator Reid promised he would schedule an upcoming vote on universal background checks — perhaps in the early fall.

Help GOA defeat universal registration

GOA recently alerted gun owners to this “universal registration” threat.  By now, GOA members should have already received this legislative update in their mailboxes.

GOA will be watching the Senate closely and will alert you to any movement on this front.  Click here to sign up for GOA’s email alerts.


Call volume shuts down FBI’s firearm background

 checks, stops Maine sales on Black Friday

Overheard the salesmen at Dick’s Sporting Goods talking about the problems they were having getting through on Friday..And the customers grumbling about it.

So even more guns out there.

Legitimately bought mind you.

And they intend to do what?

Ban what?

Enforce it how?

Good luck with that!!