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Bacon!! Goo, Butts? Cliche! School Suxage! No Sense! Jackass Maher!

Was the bacon injured??

Man injured after half-ton of bacon falls on him

The man sustained minor back injuries; his cholesterol levels are unknown


Goo? Beaver butts? Vanilla flavored?

No more vanilla flavored anything!!

For the EMS folks out there!

The stupid EMS cliche usage guide

All true and all overused..


Public Schools…Beginning to suck as much as Government!!

PUBLIC SCHOOLS SUCK: Students Suspended For Decorating School With American Flags


There is no sense in what Obama is doing.


Don’t kid yourselves..He is destroying America..At least doing his damndest!!

Where’s sense of crisis in a 17% government shutdown?


Excuse me Maher?

What exactly have you done with your generation other the screw America up with your LIEberal policies and your all about ME bullshit?

These Vets..

Maher: WWII Vets Not ‘The Brightest Generation’

Won a war. Sacrificed. You, Maher are a charlatan!!

In most everything you do!


Texas! Working on the Bacon Shortage!!

Texas Counties Place a Bounty on Feral Hogs and the Competition is On.

But there will be those squealing about this…

But most of these people have no clue as most seem to be urbanites living in big cities watching the stupid TeeVee for all their news and info.

Be like the wolf hunt here. Those protesting have no clue. Since they do not live where people dealing with livestock loss etc are.

Bacon in WHAT??

Okay I love bacon and is good, in many ways, particularly in BLT‘s!!
But this morning as I cooking my usual breakfast, peppers, sausage, eggs and a 1/4 of oatmeal w/starwberries a little granola to appease the healthy eater’s guild, I did something I am still laughing about..
Now understand yesterday was a long, long day outside in a nice bright sunny beautiful day..
I started with mowing and then spent the rest working on this.

But back to the bacon, being a bit tired and knowing I let myself get a bit dehydrated and did NOT eat well yesterday I made a small slip up..while preparing breakfast..I always cook up a strip or two of bacon to toss in with my peppers, sausage and eggs.
This morning I stood crumbling the bacon…

Oatmeal, berries and granola…all of it before I realized what I was doing…

I am going to eat..
And go back to bed..

I may report on how bacon and oatmeal tastes, geesshh.