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Okay gun grabbing, anti freedom, big government, statist, leeches…Whom think you need to be involved in every facet of my being..

If you quit worrying about me..
How I live..
And what I do..
If you leave my beliefs alone..
My desires.
My will to succeed and have a decent life.
TO help others as I see fit..
My belief in do onto others as I would have them do onto me..Not as you would have them do onto me..
My firm belief that I and I alone am responsible for myself and my family..
My belief in fair laws and fair government.

We could get along just fine..
But you won’t.

So therefore we have a problem..

Is why I have a gun.
Why I know how to use and shoot them..

To protect myself from oppressive ogres such as you..

Myself, my family, my Faith, my friends…My Freedom

And remain free from you..

And free from an oppressive government lead by those whom think they know what is best for me..

When you realize what that means and how important it is to me..

We’ll be fine..
But you won’t..
You seem to refuse to stay out of my life.

I don’t like that and refuse to cooperate with you..

So when you come a’ threatening and try dictating your will on me..

Be ready to return fire..

Cause that seems to be what you want..

Come get some..fire…
I’ll have it hot and ready for you..