Gun Stuff…Sunday Statements….

Loons, anti governments loons, why not call them what the really are? Incompetent assOs!! Why insult Loons…

Molon Labe~Come and get them…

Ralphie you might shoot your eye out!!! BB guns? Control BB Guns??

Gun grabbers lead by Dimwit LoonStein D-Ca want it all..All power to the State..None to the People…

Support Morgan!! Buy MORE guns!!!!  Says he will leave, deport himself, if we don’t change and I am not changing for some pontificating loud mouth from formerly Great Britain!!!

Laws for little people, no important politicians and their Public relations firms formerly called ‘journalists!’…..

The armed snowball fighter…Needs this!!

Hmmmm this looks like fun….Powered Snowboard!!!

Piers Morgan: “Bible Flawed, Needs to be Revised”  Flawed? This Morgan dude is ‘flawed’!!

Hobby Lobby First Business to Openly Defy Obamacare Mandate  Defiance. Is the next step.

Sen. Feinstein Wants Every Gun and Gun Owner Registered
I think she and everyone else in D.C. needs to registered. And then a wall built around the whole damn city…

Armed School Guards!!! HA!! Not for you peons!!
Only for us Elite Folks!!

Obama sinking the economy. On purpose..

First the came for the guns….

Who are the Sons God?