D-Day And Where Was #FJB??

No where to be found for second year in a row!

But then he has never served! (I don’t consider being a politician as ‘serving’ anyone but themselves!!)

Jacqui Heinrich Hits Biden For Snubbing D-Day Two Years in a Row: ‘They Gave a Proclamation on National Ocean Month’ 

Oh wait!!

Apparently he did, through Twitter, after the fact !!


#FJB’s Gas Prices!!

Biden on record gas prices: It’s an “incredible transition” to my vision for a green future
And you have the infrastructure to support your EV’s?

Going to get them to a reasonable price and give us trade in value on our reliable gas powered vehicles?

If your really sure solar and wind will provide enough energy, you are as dumb as the dirt your standing on!

This Administration is the biggest Charlie Foxtrot ever!!



#FJB. You Will Buy An Electric Car!!

Because #FJB and his puppet masters will make gas to damn expensive to buy!!

What a screw job Americans are getting from their corrupt politicians and those that own them!

I am including those worthless Repuplikans as they are doing not one damn thing to fix this!!

Biden Administration Stops Oil And Gas Lease Sales


Really Biden??

Your an effing idiot…

You have done what since your party stole the damn election?

Not. One. Damn. Thing.

That has helped Americans and you have to gall to say that?

You have divided Americans worse then that POS Obama!!

Judas! Open your eyes asshole and quit listening to all those damn America haters and communists!

Yeah..That ain’t gonna happen!

Your to fricking bought and paid for..

Besides being a frigging demented old asshole!!

YIIKES!! Look at my blood pressure!!


Biden. Demented Old Fool ..

Opens mouth.

Shit falls out!

Watch: Biden Is So Incompetent He Spits In The Face Of Americans & He Doesn’t Even Realize It

The last thing President Joe Biden should be doing is laughing about the economic situation in America because it’s not funny. A new ABC News poll shows that Americans are ready for the Republicans to take power. The poll found that Americans trust the Republican party on domestic issues. From ABC News: Americans trust the […]

Biden Admits It!!

All your kids belong to us!!


Biden Just Declared War On Parents: ‘Your Kids BELONG TO US When They Are In Our Schools’

When children enter school, according to President Joe Biden, they no longer belong to their parents. “When they’re in the classroom,” Biden says, children belong to the government. “They’re all our children. And the reason you’re the teachers of the year is because you recognize that. They’re not somebody else’s children. They’re like yours when […]