Like To Keep Your Guns?

Get Out and Vote. It’s That Simple.

Gun owners have to get out and vote to save their guns. What most believe are God given rights guaranteed by the Constitution, are under the biggest multi layered attack by the most cohesive anti-gun coalition of far-left liberals and a complicit media ever seen in America.

URGENT: Biden’s Imminent Pistol Ban

The Biden-Harris Administration and the ATF are cracking down on your right to own a pistol.
The upcoming “Amnesty Registration” rule for pistol braces will facilitate the banning and registration of millions of pistol braced weapons.
Biden and Kamala are forcing you to choose between two options:
A) Give the ATF your name, Social Security number, address, phone number, email, payment information, FINGERPRINTS, as well as the make, model, and serial number of your firearm – and provide photographic evidence of your compliance


B) Face jail time and pay a $250,000 fine

And now that the ATF has created a complete federal gun registry of every commercial firearm transaction in the last 20 years, the ATF is in its strongest position in history to begin confiscating your firearms.
The tyranny MUST END NOW. We are ordering the House of Representatives to DEFUND the ATF so that it doesn’t have a single penny at its disposal to infringe upon gun owners’ rights.
Please add your name to our pre-written letter to tell YOUR Representative not to fund the ATF’s pistol brace crackdown – AND to introduce a bill in Congress to DEFUND the entire ATF.




Per the Biden-Harris Administration’s new rule, the updated form that pistol owners will now have to complete to register their pistol brace firearm is the ATF Form 1.
According to the ATF itself, completing a Form 1 takes approximately four hours.
That means, the owners of up to 40,000,000 braced weapons will spend up to a collective 160,000,000 hours registering their lawfully acquired firearms to comply with the Biden-Harris Administration’s new regulation.
Moreover, gun owners may be required to pay a $200 tax per firearm just for complying with this new regulation – totaling up to $8,000,000,000 for the federal government.
The ATF reportedly processed 512,315 National Firearms Act forms in 2020.
At that rate – assuming no further backlog and assuming all affected gun owners comply with gun registration – it would take the ATF over 78 years to process all the pistol registration forms.
I can assure you that Biden’s White House won’t want to wait 78 years. They won’t want to wait 78 days.
They want to start cracking down on your guns RIGHT NOW.
That’s why Biden will be forced to turn to the House of Representatives to fund the ATF’s latest assault on the Second Amendment.
But gun owners like YOU can call upon Congress to refuse to subsidize this mass infringement upon our God-given rights.
We also cannot be timid in our fight. It’s not enough to tell the House not to fund this egregious assault on our rights…
…We need to go further and demand that Congress DEFUND the entire ATF.
A federal agency that is on the brink of collecting your fingerprints in order for you to exercise a constitutionally protected right should be stripped of every dollar and abolished.
Even worse, the ATF will be collecting your fingerprints so you can own firearms that are already in your home.
By ATF’s own word, which isn’t worth much, it was previously legal to own those firearms without these extra unconstitutional hoops that you will now need to jump through.
So please, add your name to our pre-written letter to tell YOUR Representative not to fund the ATF’s pistol brace crackdown – AND to introduce a bill in Congress to DEFUND the entire ATF.

D-Day And Where Was #FJB??

No where to be found for second year in a row!

But then he has never served! (I don’t consider being a politician as ‘serving’ anyone but themselves!!)

Jacqui Heinrich Hits Biden For Snubbing D-Day Two Years in a Row: ‘They Gave a Proclamation on National Ocean Month’ 

Oh wait!!

Apparently he did, through Twitter, after the fact !!


#FJB’s Gas Prices!!

Biden on record gas prices: It’s an “incredible transition” to my vision for a green future
And you have the infrastructure to support your EV’s?

Going to get them to a reasonable price and give us trade in value on our reliable gas powered vehicles?

If your really sure solar and wind will provide enough energy, you are as dumb as the dirt your standing on!

This Administration is the biggest Charlie Foxtrot ever!!



#FJB. You Will Buy An Electric Car!!

Because #FJB and his puppet masters will make gas to damn expensive to buy!!

What a screw job Americans are getting from their corrupt politicians and those that own them!

I am including those worthless Repuplikans as they are doing not one damn thing to fix this!!

Biden Administration Stops Oil And Gas Lease Sales