Liberals ..

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Liberal s obviously have no clue or are just plain ignorant when it comes to our basic Rights and the Constitution the protects those Rights..

Know Your Enemies: Liberal Hate on Parade

And I bet the same Liberals have no problem whatsoever with this!

Modern Crime: 80 Looters in Ski-Mask Commit Flash Mob Robbery in California Mall

But that is quite obvious since the rise of BLM and Antifa. how many lives and businesses have they destroyed in the name of ‘justice’?

And our ‘Democratic’ politicians support this shit!

These clowns are completely deranged and sick.



BLM Nominated For New Nobel ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Prize ….

STOCKHOLM—The Nobel Committee has announced they have nominated Black Lives Matter for the brand new Nobel “Mostly Peaceful” Prize for its hard work bringing attention to racism by burning down cities around the world. “No one has done more to contribute to the cause of ‘mostly peace’ than Black Lives Matter,” said Norwegian MP Petter… BLM […]

BLM Nominated For New Nobel ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Prize — Latest Articles

So loot a few stores, burn some down, attack a few folks, etc…But do it peacefully, you can also win a worthless peace prize. Like Obama did!!