Ridiculous and Some Gun Bits ….

You really believe that if this corrupt, demented old man is going to stay in office as President for long?

DEMENTED JOE BIDEN SAVED BY THE STAFF: Biden Struggles to Answer Questions, Trails Off as Campaign Ushers Him Away

Nope. Think KamalHo…

Joe Biden calls himself “Kamala’s running mate” at Georgia campaign stop

What the hell is it with Demo Rat Governors????


Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Wolf Calls Mass Rioting and Looting “Peaceful Protests” — 30 Stores Looted, Reporters and Police Attacked on Night #2

Looks peaceful….

OMG: PHOTOS Of The Aftermath Of Widespread Looting In Philadelphia By Pro-Biden/BLM/Antifa

And will Cuomo be exposed? Or will the Swamp save his ass?

Justice Department Zeroes In On Cuomo’s COVID Cover-Up

And another Demo Rat …

Dem Governor Fines County For Allowing Trump Rally, County Residents Strike Back, Pay Fine Via GoFundMe


Morning Mask Humor

HT: Disturbed..

If your still undecided between Socialism (Biden) and Freedom (Trump)..There is no hope for you..

Undecided? Five Reasons…

When will it end??? The violence?

It’s Not Over Yet

This is so true…Education, Government run, has failed the American students and their families…

Problematic Women: Left’s Woke Education and Social Policies Are Scary

Those of us that work in prehospital realize the need for self defense, we have seen how the mundane can turn to shit in a heartbeat…

Healthcare Workers Embrace 2A During Pandemic


Looking at the full wording of the American second amendment of the constitution, can it be argued that the original intent was for the national guardsmen to carry weapons and not all individuals?

How do you spell hypocrite? Twitter of course….

Twitter CEO defends censoring Trump while permitting Holocaust denial, Iranian ayatollah’s calls for violence


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Sooo…Knives BAD!!

FBI Statistics: At Least 4 Times More People Were Killed With Knives Than “Assault Rifles” Last Year

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Politics…Hysterical Demo Rat style..

Antis Alarmed That ACB Confirmation Could Be ‘Huge Setback for Gun Safety’

What does one expect of a Free society??? That values life and self reliance? Cops are not going to protect you!

New Paper Shows that Increased Rioting Causes Second Amendment Support to Grow

Really Gates? Eff you Virus Boy ..

Bill Gates Says World Won’t Return to Normal Until “A Lot of People” Take a Second COVID Vaccine

Wait! What??

CNN SLAMS Joe Biden?!? I Can’t Believe It, But CNN Did Their Job For Once…AMAZING

Change the laws, turn the law abiding into outlaws…

ATF Reversal Immediately Puts Millions of Gun Owners in Danger of Prison Time

Bought and paid for by the Chinese Communists???

Joe Biden Quotes Chinese Communist Leader Mao Zedong — Again

Bullshit…It’s all political…

Are COVID Case Surges More Fake News?

Good read…

Read this and Consider It


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

More mail in voting shenanigans…

60,000 Mail-In Ballots ‘Go Missing’ in Westmoreland County, Virginia

Ohio’s Franklin County sees nearly 50K voters getting wrong absentee ballots, elections officials say

L.A. County: Thousands of mail-in ballots sent without the option to vote for president

O’blabbermann returns. I thought he had disappeared into the dust bin of worthless journalists..

Keith Olbermann: Trump, Pence, Hannity, & Barrett Must Be ‘Removed From Our Society’

And of course he continues to be that voice of reason and tolerance…



BLM Rioters Take Violence To the Suburbs, Attack Family Homes In Milwaukee

Biden is an insult to society..

Joe Biden has insulted Black Lives Matter and the Police

None to bright either… Biden’s Face Mask Is Useless Because He Doesn’t Understand How It Works

Education fail…

Survey Finds Students Afraid To Speak For Gun Rights, Other Issues

More Education fail…

Student blocked in attempts to challenge professor’s outrageous comparison of GOP, Trump to Hitler

A professor at the University of Massachusetts-Boston shut down a conservative student who attempted to challenge her as she compared President Donald Trump to Hitler.
The professor claimed that “Republican militias with armbands” are preparing to suppress the vote in the upcoming election.

Living in a secular academic world rots your mind..

Historic Failures Week in Higher Education

It goes on and on..


Quick Bits …

Collusion?? Nothing But Crap…

Report: NBC News misled viewers, presented Joe Biden supporters as ‘undecided’ voters

Is okay when it’s for the Demo Rats…


Fact Check: Kamala Caught Red-Handed Lying to Americans During VP Debate About Banning Fracking

New Ad Cinematically Ties Biden-Harris to Non-Peaceful Protesters

INEXCUSABLE: VP Debate Moderator COLLUDES With Harris, Avoids Court Packing

Fact Check: No, Kamala, Abe Lincoln Did Not Refuse To Nominate a Supreme Court Justice in an Election Year

Sum Bitch…

‘The Lord Hath Spoken’: Bill Gates Says World Will Return To Normal At This Time 

Because with them we can stand against tyranny…Or perish in a hot pile of brass..

Given that “assault rifles” account for at most a few hundred homicides per year, why are Democrats so obsessed with banning them?

And they think we give a shit what they do??

‘How Fake Is It Now?’ 10 Hollywood Ghouls Mock Trump Having COVID

They re becoming irrelevant. They are having hysterics..

And the last time she was in a Church? Other than for a publicity stunt?

Hillary Clinton says young people are leaving the church because it is “so judgmental, so alienating”

Someone throw some Holy Water on her and see what happens!!



Quick Bits ….

Kyle Rittenhouse’s Lawyer Will Sue Biden for Libel Over False Accusations in New Ad

“In the latter role, I am getting ready to teach @JoeBiden a lesson he will never forget. He falsely accused a 17-year old boy & prejudiced Kyle’s legal rights.”

What was expected?? Wallace is slanted..

Here Are The 11 Dumbest, Most Slanted Questions Asked By Chris Wallace

The Debate Moment that Sent Chills Up My Spine

Of many..


Wait!! What’s that wire for???



About Those Chinese …

Researcher and attorney Michael P. Senger suggests that the Chinese government launched an aggressive propaganda campaign to exaggerate the severity of coronavirus in order to force the rest of the world into a draconian lockdown that would serve to benefit Beijing. Share this one.

Draconian new coronavirus rules to enforce social distancing in the UK ban people from singing or dancing in pubs. No fun allowed!

Chinese state media outlet Xinhua has thrown its support behind Black Lives Matter with a cartoon that depicts police officers armed with pitchforks and torches hunting down a black man. Yes, really.

Quick Bits and Stupid..


Black Lives Matter activist berates CVS manager for calling cops on men caught shoplifting, but it backfires big time


Man reportedly burns pro-Trump sign, punches elderly woman, pulls pocketknife during rally. Then a retired cop jumps into action.


Ariz. LEO shot at in ambush attack, 1 suspect arrested

Manhunt underway after barrage of bullets fired into home of 2 N.J. cops

Back the Blue!!!

Minneapolis…Stay away ..

Burn Loot Murder Declares “George Floyd Autonomous Zone” in Minneapolis and Begins Beating the Shit Out of Law-Abiding Citizens Trapped Within It

HT: ZendoDeb

COVID Scam ..

I think I found why Arizona had a spike

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A new study by Princeton University’s US Crisis Monitor shows that the U.S. experienced 637 riots between May 26 and Sept. 12, and 91% of those riots were linked to the Black Lives Matter movement.

Gun Bits, Ridiculous and China ..

And why would Twitter do this?

Twitter Suspends Account Of Chinese Scientist Who Published Paper Alleging Covid Was Created In Wuhan Lab

But thanks to Tucker..

“I Am The Target”: Silenced Chinese Virologist Tells Tucker COVID-19 Intentionally Released, CCP Trying To ‘Disappear’ Her

Now watch the Left do their damnedest to silence her…

Because China is such a bastion of Freedom and Tolerance!!!

China’s Dark Turn

People caught accessing banned sites are punished. Police may barge into your home, threaten your family, or just restrict your choices.

About a million Uighurs are locked up in “reeducation” camps, “sometimes for years,” says Chen. “Their family never hears back from them.”

In short, today’s China is, once again, a vicious communist dictatorship.

This BLM Co-Founder and Pro-Communist China Group Are Partnering Up. Here’s Why.

Cozying up to Commies…

And one wonders what these thugs and hucksters are doing with all these Millions?

BLM Raking in Millions from Corporate Donations

Using it to help the poor downtrodden or funding riots?

Maybe spending it on Bling for themselves???

Oh Joe!!!

Footage of Biden Touching Young Girls on C-Span Flagged as ‘Child Sexual Exploitation’ by Twitter


Joe Biden Calls His White House Bid The ‘Harris-Biden Administration’

Has Billionaire Bloomberg ‘Bought’ Biden with $100M Florida Effort?

Truth. And they want your guns also…And your Freedom.

Think about that…

Democrats have re-invented Willie Horton America with No Bail laws, revolving door system of justice and Biden and Harris are all for it

Because we can MAKE MONEY off of mandating masks!!!


Hastings restaurant fined $7,000 because one employee was wearing ‘non-compliant’ mask


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

The Red Menace

Ignoring 244 years of constitutional law

War, Civil War and the American Temperament

As it should be..

How Detroit’s Police Chief Saved His City from Black Lives Matter

What did they expect??

NFL? The “No Fans League?”

This is unacceptable…

Wounded female L.A. deputy, shot through jaw and both arms, gave partner emergency medical treatment after ambush

And these assholes should be held responsible, along with numerous politicians stoking the flames…

Athletes, coaches, and sports media should be held responsible for the war they’ve stoked

Tucker Makes Case Dems Are Complicit in Targeted Shootings of Cops

Words fail me….

High school indefinitely suspends football players for carrying Thin Blue, Red Line flags in 9/11 tribute

How it should be done, when LEOs are not there…

NOT CLIMATE CHANGE: Oregon Woman Catches Arsonist on her Property with Matches — Holds Him at Gunpoint Until Police Arrive….