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How do pro gun lobbyists interpret the statistic for legal gun owners and concealed carry permit holders who use their gun to commit crimes?

CCW and PTC folks don’t commit crimes! Unlike unhinged liberals whom seem to attack folks they disagree with daily!!

Like this liberal!!

FL Man Attacks Trump Supporters With Cane Sword

Or this one…

Deranged Leftist Attacks Retired NYPD Over…Wrong MAGA Hat


How can you sue an inanimate object? This should then open the door to sue most anyone whom produces a product that when misused leads to injury or death..Cars, bats, axes, knives, alcohol etc..

How do you feel about the Democrats introducing a bill to allow shooting victims to sue the gun industry?


And it was peaceful and no one was injured. Unlike Democrat’s and their rabid ‘activists’.

Armed Protesters Picket Bloomberg, Campaign Office


Poor snowflakes…

PA Paper Freaks Out As 2A Sanctuary Movement Hits State


Yep …

Speaking of bail reform, Democrats make it clear they prefer criminals to you


The only ‘religion’ on the left is the State and big government…

Preachy Pete Doubles-Down On Campaigning Using Faith — ‘God Does Not Belong To A Political Party’

And Butt-gig using religion in his politics is a pile of crap..


This is a big fail and the dude is crooked sumbitch…

McCabe Skates as Deep State Lawyers Rally Against Barr


What. The. Hell???

Alabama Lawmaker Proposes New Bill FORCING Men To Get A Vasectomy After Their 50th Birthday Or Third Child


Government in action…Stealing..

DEA Seized A Woman’s Bag Of Cash At An Airport; It Was Her Dad’s Life Savings


Sweet… I likes my lever actions!!

Tested: Henry Big Boy All-Weather Rifle



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That would work well…

Would you put a sign in your yard that says your home is a gun-free home, to support gun control?


Does 11.5 million hunters count???

Since the Second Amendment to the US Constitution was designed as a check on government and specifically mentions militias, why has there been a vast increase in gun ownership but not militias?


Government does not ‘grant’ the Right to self protection and preservation…That is a Human Right!!!

I understood that the 2nd amendment doesn’t literally say a USA citizen has the right to own a weapon. How did it become a constitutional right?


No! As in HELL NO!!

Do you own a gun? Would you be willing to give it up if the law stated you had to?



The Second Amendment was created over 200 years ago. Why is it in any way relevant today?


As much as I can…

How much ammunition does a licensed concealed carry firearm holder usually carry?


Democrats, not having enough to do apparently…

Minnesota Democrats Introduce Bill Mandating What Drinks Restaurants Can Serve with Children’s Meals



Say no to Bloomberg..

As President, Billionaire Mike Bloomberg Vows to Increase Refugee Admissions 694 Percent to 125,000 a Year

And say no to Democrats!!

‘The Most Radical Piece of Immigration Legislation’: Experts, GOP React to Democratic ‘New Way Forward’ Bill


What. The. Hell?

Public education…Fail..

School decides to expel children for what they do and say AT HOME!


Inquiring minds would like to know…

Why Wasn’t Andrew McCabe Charged?


News/Gun Bits …

I dislike this short little shit…

Bloomberg’s Double Standard On A Woman’s Right To Choose

But they should not be able to protect themselves? Yet they should be able to take the life of an innocent? So much is wrong here…


Because if you ban guns..

Yes, 3D Printed Guns Render Gun Control Moot. That’s The Point

We’ll just make our own and you know…eff you..


Elizabeth Warren: I’ll Be Your President and Take Your Last Dollar

And if Elizabeth Warren is talking, she’s likely got her foot in her mouth.


And continue to NOTHING for America…

Democrat Eric Swalwell: We May Impeach Trump Again Soon 

Losers….They have nothing to contribute apparently.


Virginia Democrats Endorse Full-On Gun Confiscation

In spite of large numbers showing their opposition to this crap…


I hope so….Short little shit again.

Bloomberg Campaign Finished. Audio Leaked: ‘Blacks Commit Virtually Every Murder In New York’


Just the Flu or an International Slow Motion Train Wreck?


Who are some of these idiots??

Equal footing with those whom use them for nefarious purposes or attempt to take our Freedoms away!!

I can understand the reasoning for a right to bear arms, but who can sensibly argue a need for ordinary American citizens to own semi-automatic weapons?

Most cops I know have no problem with PTC or CCW holders.

Are police officers more likely to be in favor of gun control?

Because it opens the door to much more..

Why do some people think gun reform is going to take away our right to have guns?

One is to many…But I think the gun grabbers could care less about how many deaths would occur..

If firearm confiscation were to become law, and gun owners fought against it, how many fatalities of either police or civilians would gun control activists be willing to accept before abandoning the effort?


If gun control goes against the 2nd amendment, should we revise the Constitution?

I’m still looking for this so called loophole..Anyone?

How many guns bought using the gun show loophole have actually been used in gun crimes? How do supporters of closing that loophole expect it to be enforced? Isn’t that law a toothless tiger?

I either don’t use said establishment or it’s concealed…Just saying.

If you have a concealed carry permit and you have a gun with you, and you walk into or need to go into a store that doesn’t allow guns, what do you do?



News/Gun Bits..

I’ve been following and posting items on guns and gun control from Quora Digest. As ‘looks Northwest, towards West Fargo’ Kamas716 Points out. Here.

It is a bit of a septic outhouse.

But I find some questions and responses entertaining and baffling. And it’s good to see how some think about the whole ‘guns’ ordeal.


First off, quit with ‘Right-Wingers’! We are taxpaying, hard working citizens. As for supporting gun control? How about criminal control? Quit blaming an inanimate object. A tool.

What would make right-wingers support gun control?


I’m not biased. I like all handguns!! As long as they go ‘bang’ when I pull the bang switch!!

What is the most popular handgun for gun owners in America?


Because it will not solve the problem. Guns are a tool and like any tool can be misused. Need to deal with the real problem. People whom misuse tools!!

Why is there so much opposition to gun control in the United States?


As someone whom has trained hundreds, if not thousands of LEOs in First Aid, EMR, EMT, etc. I find a large percentage of them do not have issues with civilians and Permits to Carry. I have had officers tell me that they would dread having to confiscate weapons. I had an officer with a large police department state if it came to push, most LEOs would side with the gun owners. (Not sold on that, but)

What do police think of concealed carry permit holders?


John Kerry. Why do these has beens keep talking??

John Kerry: No One Needs “AR-16 With A Long Clip” To Hunt


No. We need them to keep politicians and rich white assholes such as Kerry from screwing America.


Yes they do. Progressives hate everything and everyone not of them or for them.

Another Progressive making it clear they hate you, then walking it back when they get called out

Vile creatures that they are…


Holy Sweet Mother of BOOM!!!

Review: Magnum Research ‘Thunder Snub’ BFR in .45-70 Gov’t.


Does this include those in the womb?

Bloomberg Super Bowl: Every Child ‘Has a Right to Live’

If not, shut the hell up!!