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Justified? Leaving! Avoiding It! Hypocrites! NBC Sucks!

Well of course all FBI’s shootings are ‘justified!’ they are one of the many Federal Government enforcement agencies and we all know how well the government investigates itself..

FBI Says Agents Justified in 150 Shootings

A 2002 case showed a man was shot in the head in Maryland after agents mistook him for a suspected bank robber. Agents surrounded 20-year-old Joseph Schultz’s car because he was wearing a white baseball cap. Schultz was shot in the jaw. The FBI paid $1.3 million to reconstruct Schultz’s face in 2007.

The internal review deemed Schultz’s shooting a “good shoot.” Only five of the cases were labeled as “bad shoots” when a weapon is discharged not in compliance with policy.

Christopher Braga, the agent who shot Shultz, said he believed that Schultz was reaching for a gun. Agents are permitted to use deadly force if they believe their lives of the lives of their colleagues are in danger.

Yep..Sure sounds ‘justified!!


What happens when you pass onerous stupid laws that restrict businesses and employers…

They leave…

Wonder if the vehicles will say ‘Eff U’ on the back when they leave!

Firearms Maker PTR Industries Plans Move to South Carolina


So what does this say about Obamacare and tell me again why we have it?

State and Local Governments Avoid ObamaCare Like It’s the Plague

Hypocrites, Democrats, Liberals, Progressives…all the same damn thing!!

Democrat Contradiction: Gun Control Fine But Pro-Life Bill Unconstitutional

Excuses, excuses, excuses..Buck Ofama sucked in Germany as he sucks in America…Lame excuses from a parrot on NBC!! a non news corporation!!!

Holder. Atheists! Scared! Spine. Empty! Benghazi!

Threats from a Gun runner….

Eric Holder Threatens Kansas in Letter on Gun Control Nullification Law

End the Feds reign of terror!!! Nullify the Fed!!


If atheists believe there is no ‘Higher Being’ then why do they waste so much energy attacking those that do? I tend to ignore most, unless they attack me….Then? Eff em! Atheists are all hell bound anyhow..

Atheist accuses Christians of treason over beliefs


Scared Lefty writers of Bull Shit…Cannot for myself to say ‘journalists’, that is something they are not!!

Liberal Columnist Whines About Scary Republicans Envisioning Revolution, Thomas Jefferson Posthumously Reminds Him Not To Wet His Pants.


Spine? The current GOP has none and the Left never has had one.

Rush Limbaugh and the Need for Spine

The Politico is reporting (read: let’s wait for a second source to confirm it) that the RNC, well, “[t]he Republican National Committee has chosen a Karl Rove-linked voter data project called Liberty Works to help it compete with Democrats in the digital arena. Liberty Works will team up with Data Trust, whose chairman of the board is former RNC Chairman Mike Duncan, committee spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski confirmed to Politico.”

This is deeply troubling, if accurate, because I maintain the GOP must distance itself from the Bush administration players to start being successful again. Further, for all of Karl Rove’s fine attributes, he is also largely a direct mail guy who learned at the foot of Lee Atwater and never really learned anything after Atwater passed. I’m just not sure, after the 2012 race, that this is a wise investment. Direct mail guys believe the data is the value and what Team Obama discovered is that the tools to analyze the data are the value.

This concerns me. As a friend said on twitter yesterday, the GOP motto for fixing itself seems to be “incest is best.”

And this whole thing, excepting the incest crack, gets me to Rush Limbaugh.

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Leadership? There is none! Solving problems and offering reasonable, workable solutions? Not with Obama’s Administration! Or lack there of!!

President Obama May Have Won, But The Chair is Still Empty

President Obama lacks a positive vision for his second term and the political will or ability to push his agenda. Leadership is solving problems.


May Day….So peaceful the leftist union loving collectivists are!!….Or not!

SWAT Teams Clash With Seattle May Day Protestors, Damage To Business Is Heavy

Seattle May Day protestors got rowdy and out of hand resulting in several arrests made by the Seattle Police Department.

Seattle May Day Protests Turn Violent

Seattle May Day protests took place today, and it seems like the day started out well. But apparently, that wouldn’t last long.


And the assos led by Buck Ofama are hoping we forget??

Carney On Benghazi Attack: “Benghazi Happened A Long Time Ago”

The Benghazi attack is old news. At least to the administration it is. They can’t be bothered answering questions about intimidating whistleblowers.


MRC’s Notable Quotables: Let’s Blame “Right Wing” and Hope Bombers Are “White Americans”

So much stupid here, so very, very much..It is pathetic…And they call themselves ‘journalists’? Damn…pathetic..

Media Research CenterApril 29, 2013
Vol. 26, No. 9
First Impulse: Blame “Right Wing” for Boston Bombings

View the Video Here
“The list of potential suspects could be long because investigators know this stretch of April is one with a dark history. This Friday, April 19th, is also the anniversary of two of the most traumatic days in the country’s recent history. In 1993, a 51-day standoff between federal law enforcement and Branch Davidian leader David Koresh ended with 80 dead, including 25 children, when Koresh refused to surrender peacefully. On the same day two years later, Timothy McVeigh bombed the Alfred Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City killing 168, including 19 children in the building’s day-care center.”
— ABC’s Pierre Thomas on Good Morning America, April 16. [MP3 audio (1:23)]“The thinking, as we’ve been reporting, is that this is a domestic extremist attack. And officials are leaning that way largely because of the timing of the attack. April is a big month for anti-government and right-wing individuals. There’s the Columbine anniversary. There’s Hitler’s birthday. There’s the Oklahoma City bombing. There’s the assault on the Branch Davidian compound in Waco.”
— NPR correspondent Dina Temple-Raston on All Things Considered, April 16.

“Normally, domestic terrorists, people, tend to be on the far right — well, that’s not a good category, just extremists, let’s call them that. Do they advertise after they do something like this? Do they try to get credit as a group, or do they just hate America so much or its politics or its government that they just want to do the damage?…Would you as an expert be thinking domestic at this point? I don’t think Tax Day means a whole lot to the Arab world, or Islamic world, or the — certainly not to al Qaeda, in terms of their world. It doesn’t have any iconic significance.”
Hardball host Chris Matthews on April 15, asking terrorism expert Michael Leiter about potential suspects in the Boston marathon bombings.

“Obviously, nobody knows anything yet, but I would caution folks jumping to conclusions about foreign terrorism to remember that this is the official Patriots Day holiday in Massachusetts, celebrating the battles at Lexington and Concord, and that the actual date (April 19) was of some significance to, among other people, Tim McVeigh, because he fancied himself a waterer of the tree of liberty and the like.”
— Former Boston Globe reporter Charles Pierce writing on Esquire’s politics blog at 3:22pm April 15, barely half an hour after the bombings occurred.

Hoping the Bombers Were White Americans
“Let’s Hope the Boston Marathon Bomber Is a White American

— Headline over an April 16 Salon.com article by writer David Sirota.
Exploiting Bombing to Take Partisan Shot
“explosion is a reminder that ATF needs a director. Shame on Senate Republicans for blocking apptment.”
New York Times columnist Nicholas Kristof in an April 15 Twitter posting about an hour after the bombing. About 30 minutes later, Kristof apologized: “ok, that was low blow. i take it back.” (All punctuation as in the original.)

Aren’t Air Force Pilots Bigger Terrorists, Anyway?
“I send my deepest condolence to the victims and families in Boston. But President Obama said that what happened in Boston was an act of terrorism. I would like to ask: Do you consider the U.S. bombing on civilians in Afghanistan earlier this month that left 11 children and a woman killed a form of terrorism? Why or why not?”
— McClatchy reporter Amina Ismail to White House press secretary Jay Carney at the April 17 briefing.

“Shame” and “Outrage” Over Gun Control Defeat
“Defeated. The post-Newtown gun control legislation goes down in the Senate. There are cries of ‘shame’ from victims of gun violence watching from the Senate gallery, and the President reacts with anger.”
— Anchor Brian Williams opening the April 17 NBC Nightly News.

Anchor Diane Sawyer: “Voted down. A huge defeat for the big gun bill. Tonight, outrage from the families of the victims of gun violence.”
Newtown parent Mark Barden: “Our hearts are broken; our spirit is not.”
— Tease at the start of ABC’s World News, April 17.

Hitting Obama for Not Pushing Gun Control Earlier
“We began with the gun legislation before Congress that many say is now hanging by a thread…. [to Obama] You are asking Democrats in conservative states to take a tough vote politically, something you, yourself, did not do. You didn’t run on this in 2008 or 2012, not after Tucson, not after Aurora.”
— NBC Today co-host Savannah Guthrie setting up her taped interview with President Obama, April 16.

NBC Trots Out SNL Skit to Claim “Problem” Is Lack of Action on Gun Control

View the Video Here

Moderator David Gregory: “We’re also talking about the gun debate this weekend. Saturday Night Live had a pretty pointed, with a laugh, criticism at what is being debated about these background checks. Here’s a portion of their open last night:”
Actor playing President Obama: “Good evening, my fellow Americans. As you know, over the past few months, I have made gun control legislation a top priority for my administration. Which is why I am so excited to announce that this week the Senate voted 68 to 31 to begin debating the idea of discussing gun control. Let me say that again: They’ve agreed to think about talking about gun control. Amazing.”
Gregory: “Senator [Kirsten] Gillibrand, isn’t that really the problem? Despite all the emotion, despite the push, despite the public opinion polls, not a lot is about to be accomplished here.”
— NBC’s Meet the Press, April 14. [MP3 audio (0:55)]

Hopes “SOB” McConnell Gets “Stung Hard” on Guns
“I don’t know why it is — because I’m not always partisan — but I really do have a problem with Mitch McConnell. I would like to see him get stung hard on this one [the gun control vote]. So, why do I think like that? Because he tends to be an SOB generally? Does anybody like that guy?”
— Chris Matthews on MSNBC’s Hardball, April 24. A few minutes earlier, Matthews had recited new Gallup poll figures showing McConnell with the lowest “unfavorable” rating among top congressional leaders.

PBS Host Wants to “Throw Up” Over Gun Bill Failure

View the Video Here

“You’re telling me on April 15, 2013, a few months after Newtown, it is possible, it is conceivable that this year might end without an assault weapons ban and without legislation that guarantees background checks?…That makes me want to throw up, but I can’t do that on national television, so I’ll keep it in until I get off camera in three minutes.”
— Host Tavis Smiley to socialist Senator Bernie Sanders on PBS’s Tavis Smiley, April 15. [MP3 audio (1:08)]

Yearning for “Un-Freaking-Bearable” Delays to Force End to Sequester

View the Video Here

“You know what? It’s gonna get worse and worse and worse and worse, and at some point Americans are gonna be down on their knees saying, ‘Please get rid of this sequester!’ It’s gotta happen; you cannot do these across the board mindless cuts without having impacts like we started to see yesterday. And you know what, I hope they continue. I mean, I’ve got a flight coming up to Las Vegas and a few other places, one out to the West Coast. I don’t want to have two- or three-hour delays, but I hope it becomes un-freaking-bearable in every way, and then let them cry uncle.”
— Left-wing radio host Bill Press on his Full Court Press radio program, April 23. [MP3 audio (1:07)]

Denying Bias as Reason for Censoring Abortionists’ Trial

View the Video Here

Anchor Anderson Cooper: “There’s been a lot of criticism of mainstream media, Jeff, for not covering this in the same way they covered the Jodi Arias trial or, you know, it’s not front-page news in a lot of places. This is the first night we are covering it. Why do you think that is, that it hasn’t received the kind of front-page coverage of it?”
CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin: “Well, the people making those criticisms by and large are conservatives, who are saying the liberal media is trying to protect abortion rights by not showing this horror show. I don’t buy that at all….We are not operating with a political agenda here. We pick stories, by and large, for reasons that we think people will be interested. I don’t think we’re covering this up. So, I just think that’s a way of trying to — of ginning up their supporters.”
— CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, April 12. [MP3 audio (0:45)]

“Martin Baron, the Post’s editor, offers a more mundane rationale for the newspaper’s lack of coverage: He wasn’t aware of the story until last Thursday night, when readers began e-mailing him about it. ‘I wish I could be conscious of all stories everywhere, but I can’t be,’ he said. ‘Nor can any of us.’…Added Baron, ‘We never decide what to cover for ideological reasons, no matter what critics might claim. Accusations of ideological motives are easy to make, even if they’re not supported by the facts.’”
— Quoted by reporter Paul Farhi in the Washington Post, April 15.

Boston Bombing = Perfect Reason to Start a Carbon Tax
“Until we fully understand what turned two brothers who allegedly perpetrated the Boston Marathon bombings into murderers, it is hard to make any policy recommendation other than this: We need to redouble our efforts to make America stronger and healthier so it remains a vibrant counterexample to whatever bigoted ideology may have gripped these young men….And the best place to start is with a carbon tax.”
New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, April 21.

“Necessary to Report” on Tacky Anti-Thatcher Stunt

View the Video Here

Anchor Brian Williams: “The music news this week actually has to do with Maggie Thatcher. This is sad but necessary to report….Tonight, the number one song on iTunes in Great Britain is The Wizard of Oz classic, in this case celebrating the death of the Iron Lady.”
Clip from The Wizard of Oz: “Ding, dong, the Wicked Witch is dead.”
Williams: “For the woman who once said feminism was poison, the reaction to her death has been every bit as tough as she was.”
— NBC’s Rock Center, April 12. [MP3 audio (1:02)]

Obama Doing “Wonderful Job” Despite Bothersome Media

View the Video Here

Host David Gregory: “I know you’re politically conscious, politically active. What is your view of the state of things, and the state of the President’s performance?”…
Actor Harrison Ford: “Well, you know, it’s — I think the President is doing, you know, all things considered, a wonderful job. I wish that the country were not so fractious as it is at the moment. I blame a lot of that on the press and the news business. And I wish it wasn’t so. And I think it makes things very difficult, and I think we’re at a moment of real political malaise and it needs to be changed.”
— NBC’s Meet the Press online “Press Pass” segment, April 14. [MP3 audio (1:16)]

PUBLISHER: L. Brent Bozell III
EDITORS: Brent H. Baker, Rich Noyes, Tim Graham
NEWS ANALYSTS: Scott Whitlock, Brad Wilmouth, Matthew Balan, Kyle Drennen and Matt Hadro
INTERNS: Jeffrey Meyer, Matt Vespa and Paul Bremmer

Stop the Censorship!

Hitler/Obama Youth. Outlaws. Planned Murder! Alarmed! Boys!

Two things could have saved us from Obama. A condom or a call to Dr. Gosnell…~Me.


Wild Bill..


A warning….


Back Door Import Ban

Because they want all your guns and to stop you they must first stop the ‘legal’ supply of them…Make them all illegal and there you have it!! Millions of Outlaws, formerly honest, law-abiding taxpaying citizens! Now felons created by their own ‘elected’ government…

To bad we can no longer have honest elections….

Ballot box-failed

Soap Box- failing

One box left…


Truth? From the pResident? With the lying bullshit media backing him?

Not happening anymore..

Krauthammer on Syria: ‘What’s At Stake Here Is Whether Anything This President Now Says Is Believable’

Not only does Planned Parenthood (No planning involved) murder babies, it causes harm to those seeking to murder their babies….Maybe that is ‘justice’ for what they are doing? Just saying..

911 recordings show 3 emergency calls on same day at California Planned Parenthood

“She’s not responsive,” an employee of Planned Parenthood in Orange, California, told the dispatcher.

Full Story


But is Buck Ofama alarmed? Or pleased?

One wonders..

Russians now alarmed by Boston bombing


Any tool to  be used to grab our guns. Does the Federal Goons lead by the feckless one Buck Ofama really think when it some s to grabbing we will roll over? Will you?

Marijuana laws new tool to ban gun ownership


Will the Amnesty Bill Lead to Gun Confiscation in 2035?

We must make sure that we do not take bad gun law and turn it into bad employment law…


Boys with toys..

The 70 year old widow said, “They need to get rid of those men, boys with toys.” She also told the men, “Y’all have got the wrong person, you’ve got the wrong place. What are you looking for?”


Like What? Unholy!! Bad Bat! Invalidates! Exempt? Sad. Vultures. Congress. Fears!

University Official: Rape Is Like Football, You Have To Step Back and See What You Would Have Done Differently

Oh really?



How about Holy Impeach Buck Ofama!!!

Unholy Crap Alert: Did Saudi Bombing Suspect Visit The White House Several Times?

Wait a minute??? Why not just charge the bat? Guns get charged all the time!! Why not bats!!

Missouri Mom Sherrie Gavan Beats Son’s Drug Dealer With Bat, Faces Jail Time


How it should be. Won’t happen with the current crop of Buck Ofama DFLers we have running the Senate and House in Minnesota, along with Markie Dayton will never do something as ballsy as this..

Missouri Legislators Overwhelmingly Pass Bill that Invalidates All Federal Gun Control Laws

Bunch of Statists and Givernment loving ass-wipes is what we have…


This is bullshit! If it is good enough for the masses it is good enough for the assholes passing this crap!!

Lawmakers, aides may get Obamacare exemption


Rather pathetic. Wonder what they expected?

Five sad pictures from today’s anti-NRA March

Possibly, maybe 100 marchers? Get a clue.


Vultures of Capitol Hill

Sometimes we really should let a crisis go to waste.

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Congress Exploits Our Fears to Take Our Liberty

This week, as Americans were horrified by the attacks in Boston, both houses of Congress considered legislation undermining our liberty in the name of ìsafety.î Gun control continued to be the focus of the Senate, where an amendment expanding federal ìbackground checksî to gun show sales and other private transfers dominated the debate. While the background check amendment failed to pass, proponents of gun control have made it clear they will continue their efforts to enact new restrictions on gun ownership into law.

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America: #1 In Fear, Stress, Anger, Divorce, Obesity, Anti-Depressants, Etc.

The United States is a deeply unhappy place. We are a nation that is absolutely consumed by fear, stress, anger and depression. It isnít just our economy that is falling apart ñ the very fabric of society is starting to come apart at the seams and it is because of what is happening to us on the inside.

Read More…

Snapping! Voluntary? Immigration. Warning. Elusive!

I’ve wondered about this…

Americans ‘snapping’ by the millions


Voluntary? Looks like breaking and entering with assault!!

No Warrant, No Entry


If Sandy Hook was about gun control the Boston Marathon bombing should be about immigration reform


Really? Shocker!

ABC Poll: Americans Believe Guns Make Homes Safer

By a margin of 51 to 29, Americans believe having a gun in the house makes the house safer.When the question was asked to those with guns in their houses, the affirmative response jumped to 75.



Believe what you want. I know what I believe!!

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” – Genesis 1:1

The Fool Says, ‘There is no God’


Well I know I do!!!

Americans Want More Guns!


I find this entertaining since the recent mass shootings in America are done by…Democrats…and the lameass media says..chirp…chirp…..chirp…

Hunt for the elusive Tea Party murderer continues

Liberal hopes were dashed with the revelation that the Boston Marathon bombers were a couple of Chechen Muslim immigrants.  The Left was so sure they had finally bagged the elusive Tea Party murderer!  The bombings occurred in Boston on Tax Day.  Surely, at long last, the opportunity to smear libertarians, small-government conservatives, anti-tax crusaders, and the whole hellish tri-corner hat crowd was at hand!  ”Two plus two equals…?” Michael Moore burbled happily, retreating back into his copious shell of sub-human idiocy when the answer turned out to be “Islam.”

That’s how the junior member of the bombing team, Dzhokar Tsarnaev, explained his “outlook” on an Internet profile.  Family and friends talk of the brothers growing more intensely involved in the stricter aspects of their religion over the past few years.  The older brother, Tamerlan – named after a brutal Islamic conqueror from centuries past – seems to have led the way, with Dzhokar trotting after him like a “puppy.”  Somewhere along the way, they became radicalized – a process that will be of great interest to investigators in the weeks ahead.

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White! Tough? Won’t? Bias! Blame Who? Lies! Boston. N. Korea!

What a tard..Or is it ‘turd’?

Would a suitable white American bomber please stand up and make this Salon scribe a happy guy?


Tough week? Hell it been tough for everyone paying taxes and working since Buck Ofama was elected!! Tough week? What did his miss a golf outing? Vacation? maybe Mooch gave him hell for missing a vacation..

Unreal: AP’s Kuhnhenn Writes of ‘Tough Week for Presidency’

Oh really Joe?
Then how about the American People?
You coming to take my guns?
I doubt that!!
You are to busy hiding behind others…

Joe Biden: We Won’t Allow Congress To Get In Our Way On Guns


Politico Admits Mainstream Media Bias On Guns

I guess the liberal media get annoyed when Senators listen to their constituents and think for themselves, rather than doing the media’s bidding…


Chechen President: America to Blame for Actions of Bombers

Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov says the Tsarnaev brothers’ “American upbringing” is to blame for their actions…


Gun Control Lies Files: – ’90 Percent Support for Background Checks’

The 90 percent support for Expanded Background Checks is a myth, nothing more, a creation; like every other one of the talking points and so called “facts” of the Anti Gun left…


Thoughts On Boston!

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.


N. Korea? Hello!! Remember us!!

North Korea: Pay Attention To Us, Please!