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SAF SUPPORTS ‘I LOVE GUNS AND COFFEE’I Love Guns & Coffee started in 2010 in response to the Brady Campaign’s efforts to pressure businesses into banning firearms from their stores.

After they began attacking a local coffee company with chants of “we want espresso shots, not gun shots”, I Love Guns & Coffee was launched in an effort to combat the Brady Campaign’s efforts to stifle the rule of law.

David Anderson, the man behind the iconic parody, got his start at gun shows organized by the Washington Arms Collectors, selling t-shirts, patches and stickers while supporting the local Washington Chapter of OpenCarry.org.

“I started I Love Guns & Coffee as a tongue-in-cheek way of telling The Brady Campaign that we, as firearm owners, appreciate these companies who follow the laws of the land” said David. “But never in a million years would I have thought this fun brand would have grown to this level. It is such a blessing.”

I Love Guns & Coffee has dedicated itself to supporting the 2nd Amendment through its sponsorship of SAF and other charitable organizations. They have over 30 retail partners in the US, have been featured on Discovery Channel’s hit show Sons of Guns and they continue to support the Second Amendment Foundation as a Silver Sponsor. For more information visit www.ilovegunsandcoffee.com

All of us at the Second Amendment Foundation urge you to support I Love Guns And Coffee with the same vigor they support the Second Amendment Foundation and your rights.

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Gun Control Pinocchios: There Is No “Gun Show Loophole” (via http://www.thebrennerbrief.com)

The ATF states “A licensed importer, manufacturer, or dealer may not transfer a firearm to a non-licensee at a gun show without first complying with the requirements of the Brady law. ” Since the shootings at Newtown, the gun control debate has been intensely reignited in America. Many have…



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If I have seemed a bit pissed off lately…I am…A lot…and getting more so. And I do believe I becoming annoying to my duly (haha) elected National and State Politicritters. Soon to my local..Yeah I am perturbed…Buck Ofama!! You are effing with my Freedoms and I have had enough!


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Gun bans won’t stop gun violence .. So says Joe Biden…He finally says something worthwhile!!!


Another Celeb whim has made a fortune off of violent, gun filled, shoot em up movies…Speaks out..against guns...Damn not only are they losing viewers, can honestly say he is not one I made a point of seeing his moves…But they are biting the hand that fed them!!


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Hopeless Change with Buck Ofama shrinking the private sector…Lots of shrinkage..