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Guns, Black. Assault Hammer! WOLVES! Kalifornistan. Guns Save.

Black Gun Clubs and The Right To Bear Arms


Stop the carnage!! Ban assault hammers!! Universal registration of phone cords!! Think of the children!! Err Old men!!!

Burnsville woman, 71, accused of assaulting husband with hammer, telephone cord


And not a single damn one of them probably has a clue what it is like to hunt up north or live there.

All metro dipwads legislating because they are clueless and somebody whined…SOP for politicians..

Minnesota wolf hunting moratorium sought by group of senators

The chief sponsor is Majority Whip Chris Eaton, DFLBrooklyn Center. The co-sponsors include Minority Leader David Hann, R-Eden Prairie, Senate President Sandra Pappas, DFL-St. Paul, and Sens. David Senjem, R-Rochester, and Terri Bonoff, D-Minnetonka, according to a news release Thursday from Howling for Wolves.

My dislike for politicians in this State grows stronger every day and my down right disgust with those living in the Metro and legislating on those out-state?

They can all go piss up a rope..


Own guns in California? To bad…Time to relocate. Hell time to start using them…

The hell with burying them. Is to late then..


What the media, at least the bought and paid for Buck Ofama media does not tell you.

Guns and Self Defense