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Facebook Sunday..

Late night. #2 Son had a Lacrosse match/meet/game/ not really sure what to call it.  Wish it had been around when I was his age. A stick, a ball, shoulder pads,, helmets, running, hitting, shooting etc? Looks fun and he likes it. I enjoyed the heck out of my 10 years or so playing Broomball…Until the powers that be decided to take the ‘checking’ aspect out…Sissified it..

But the game was at 11pm last night so it was a bit late when we got home as the Irish Sports Dome is 20 miles away.


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Varsity Lacrosse…

For my sports fanatic son, has played Baseball for a long time…started with Lacrosse last summer…Is playing varsity this spring..

Went to his game tonight…looks like a cross between hockey, broomball(which I played for about 10 years, long ago) and baseball, or something like that..

He is a midfielder, was 1st line until he dinged his knee in a scrimmage last week.

So tonight he was 3rd line but was out there a bunch…Says the knee did not bother him, but he was gimping a bit. He said I did a pretty good tape job on it for him.

I have no clue what is going on…other then they are trying to put a hard baseball sized rubber ball in a net..

Maroon and Gold, he is the one with the black sleeve on his leg, nothing like giving the other team a target to shoot at.

He ran pretty good.

I am happy for him, he loves sports and this opportunity to play for his “Raiders” is something he has always wanted..