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Varsity Lacrosse…

For my sports fanatic son, has played Baseball for a long time…started with Lacrosse last summer…Is playing varsity this spring..

Went to his game tonight…looks like a cross between hockey, broomball(which I played for about 10 years, long ago) and baseball, or something like that..

He is a midfielder, was 1st line until he dinged his knee in a scrimmage last week.

So tonight he was 3rd line but was out there a bunch…Says the knee did not bother him, but he was gimping a bit. He said I did a pretty good tape job on it for him.

I have no clue what is going on…other then they are trying to put a hard baseball sized rubber ball in a net..

Maroon and Gold, he is the one with the black sleeve on his leg, nothing like giving the other team a target to shoot at.

He ran pretty good.

I am happy for him, he loves sports and this opportunity to play for his “Raiders” is something he has always wanted..