Just A Thought..

And I am probably all wrong..

But it seems when things are really getting crappy for Buck Ofama and the DemocRATs…

There is an outbreak of ‘shootings’..


Washington State…

So now all attention will be turned back to the ‘guns are bad’ debate…

Not about the actual people whom used the guns..

But the guns themselves..

Makes me wanna kick something..


Like anyone whom agrees with Buck Ofama…




Morning Miscellany ………

Planned Parenthood…

Funded by tax dollars…


Muslim Brotherhood

Funded by tax dollars..

Both murder innocents..

So the difference between them?

Both funded by politicians giving away our money..


Meat lovers REJOICE!!!

Take that Mooch Obama!!

Whose side is Buck Ofama on?

Christians? Nope..

Israel? Nope..

Muslim Terrorists, yes!!


Choke hold!

For grilling?

In front of ones house?


‘Mild’ pedophilia?


Tracking you..



Morning Miscellany ……………………………..

Well this makes complete sense!!

Why the hell are American taxpayers subsidizing fossil fuels

At the same time, the administration pressed for reauthorization this fall of the U.S. Export-Import Bank, a federal agency that offers billions of taxpayer dollars for development of fossil fuels in Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Mexico and other countries.

While we get screwed in America?


Lets see now..

The Left vilified Bush..Palin…and numerous other Conservatives..

And nothing was ever done like …


Because Buck Ofama is…..What?



Global Warming?

Nope…Looks like cooling to me..

As does this…


Gun Violence?

How does a ‘gun’ cause violence?

It doesn’t.

But try telling the idiots that..


Star Wars…

In Israel…

Laser beams…


The Alphabet of Racism…

A is for ….

Air is racist, according to a Think Progress article published in April. “[N]on-white people breathe air that is substantially more polluted than the air that white people breathe,” the breathless piece explains. “Altogether, people of color in the U.S. breath [sic] air with 38 percent more nitrogen dioxide in it than their white counterparts, particularly due to power plants and exhaust from vehicles.”


Muslim in our Military..

Sponsored by Buck Ofama..

And you know this will turn out well..


And on that note!!

Muslims..In the military

A little guide for protection..

Survival arsenal…..






Morning Miscellany …………………


I hope he understands what this means.

I pray it does not happen.

But I will fight for my Freedoms and Rights.


Tolerance from our Intellectuals, College professors…

Not so much..


Obama. Pandering to the youth once again.

Using his self proclaimed dictatorial powers.

You know. Pen. Phone. Executive Orders.

Punishing the successful in doing so.

He just sucks..


Our Tax Dollars…

Given to Moslems, by our Moslem pResident…

To celebrate a Moslem Holiday..

Yeah we should all realize whose side Buck Ofama is on..


The Witch whom would be President…

Says being a traitor does not matter.

To be expected since the current Regime is filed with traitors…


Whom supplied the Taliban with Stinger missiles?


The CIA? Same difference..



Buck Ofama’s staff knew about the ‘traitor for terrorists swap’ and not Congress..?


Morons Spouting Nothing But Crap (MSNBC).

Spewing propaganda and misinformation once again!!

Tolerance not so much..

Hate, plenty..

When your a friggin baby killing pro choice asshole..

You hate pretty much everything and one whom disagrees with you..


Miscellany ……………..


A traitor has been threatened and our Obama Regime will protect said traitor…

Did you expect anything different from our current Regime?


When we got distracted and quit paying attention..

Used to our ‘easy’ lifestyle..

Became obsessed with’things’ and ‘stuff’ and cheap entertainment..

Watched the morons on TeeVee spout endless drivel and propaganda.

Carefree amongst the land of plenty..

And quit paying attention to politicians and those whom hunger for power and money..

And elected an unqualified community organizer was the final nail..

That’s when we failed..

At least that is my opinion!


Hey Buck Ofama!

Only tyranny will result from individuals surrendering their right to an Dictator!!

Not happening here..

Not without ammo expenditure!!


Shannon Watts says a good guy with a gun has never stopped a bad guy…

Showing her complete irrelevancy with that statement!!


Stop thinking!!

Otherwise Buck Ofama’s head thug will label you a terrorist!!

Buck Ofama..

Proclaims his DICKtatorship!!

I think this would turn out badly for pervert Dan Savage!!

But I’d like to see him try!!

Miscellany ……………….

As it should be…

But in Kalifornistan???


No Ma’am.

Your son’s life was not worth losing over Bergdahl…

Bergdahl is scum and attracted the attention of scumbag Obama.


Bad enough we have Buck Ofama lecturing at us over how he thinks we should live our lives..

Gets worse when his bitch Mooch starts in on us..

Damn they me angry..


More excuses and crap from Shillary on Benghazi…


Underhanded, conniving, deceitful, illegal…

That is how Obama and Holder intend to take your guns..

Not mine…


Obama. Stands with terrorists..

Attacks Americans..


Deserter or terrorist?




The Constitution.




Miscellany …….

Apparently Americans support Trey Gowdy in his quest for the truth on Benghazi..

Meanwhile the Administration is busy finding new and unique ways to screw Americans!!


Harry Reid wants to control your speech..

When they take away the soap box as they have the ballet box..

Leaves us but one box left to use..

The ammo box..


Hmmmm Buck Ofama has hired a defense attorney..

Why is that?


A chainsaw. Another deadly inanimate object with a mind of it’s own..

Ban them!!

Before they assault someone!


Gun owners have a responsibility..

To vote….If not don’t whine!


Pee on them…

That will stop them..


Dangerous 9 year old girls..

Running through sprinklers…

Need to be arrested apparently..


Shock FedGov Court Ruling: Police Can Kick In Your Door and Seize Guns Without Warrant or Charges


Obamanation’s Private Army




Miscellany …………………..

Speak for yourselves LIEberal wimps!!

But you do suck!!


Apparently the North Koreans like Buck Ofama as much as thinking Americans do..

But this is a bit over the top!!

With friends like these…

Representative Glenn Gruenhagen started out the year with a letter of support for a group BASED IN IOWA that claims to fight for your Second Amendment rights at the capitol.


How anyone can live in a State such as Nanny York is beyond me..


Obama smackdown..

By one whom has served and given way more then Obama has…

Way more..




Morning Miscellany ……

Getting worried are they?

They should be…


Oppression of women?

Feminists do it best….


Brain dead….Like this…


Senate reverses pension cut

The only senators to vote against the bill were Tom Carper (D-Del.), Dan Coats (R-Ind.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.).


Well it is the party of Death for a reason…

More Proof


And these Humanists are doing what? To help starving kids…what?

Not much except whining about others trying to help them..

Ever notice how that seems to be the leftists way?


Oh no!!

They are not registering their legally bought guns!!
Even though we made it illegal by passing knee jerk, dumb ass laws!!

I hope they continue to refuse to submit to tyranny..