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Rich Gun Hater! Bite the Hand! Idiots! Protects!

Another Billionaire using his money to come after our Rights!!

I would dearly love to see these assOs come asking for my guns. With out their hired thugs and armed bodyguards!! But you know they would never have the balls to do so!!

Know Your Billionaire Bullies: Ken Lerer


Bite the hand or business that provides tax dollars and employment and watch what happens!!

They move to Freedom!

Rick Perry woos gun manufacturers in N.Y., Conn.


Idiots does not cover it…Complete morons does..

Village Idiots

Ya think? “I’m a little concerned that things have gotten a little — a little out of whack. I think we can do a better job than we have. We can reform those regulations, reform those guidelines to better reflect that balance.” –Attorney General Eric Holder

No doubt: “I’m proud of the work that I’ve done.” –Eric Holder

Non Compos Mentis: “I’m a Christian. But Muslims are misunderstood. Intentionally misunderstood. We should all be more like them. They make sense, especially with their children. There is no other group like the Black Muslims, who put so much effort into teaching children the right things, they don’t smoke, they don’t drink or overindulge in alcohol, they protect their women, they command respect. And what do these other people do? They complain about them, they criticize them. We’d be a better world if we emulated them.” –Bill Cosby

Government investing for the win: “We’re going to have a few more bankruptcies. Sometimes it’ll be like Solyndra where you get 3 cents on the dollar. Others, it’ll be 80 cents, or something like that. If you look at what got started and what became bankable, was it successful? Yes. We were more successful than Wall Street. So come on, guys.” –former Secretary of Energy Steven Chu

Obama’s America: “That fundamental American promise that so many of us grew up with — that no matter where you start out, with hard work, you can build a decent life for yourself and an even better life for your kids — that promise unfortunately is no longer within reach for too many families in our country.” —Michelle Obama


The 2nd protects the rest..

In a time of spies, why the 2nd Amendment is more important than ever


Buck Ofama follow the Law? Like that is going to happen!!

Putin Tells U.S. to Follow Law as Liberals Urge Killing NSA Leaker


We owe? We owe them nothing! They broke into our house…


Demoralizers Of The Christian Faith In America

The self-made civil rights leaders of today, such as Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, have left off their Bibles and their morals, as they debase themselves and reap nothing but mockery and reproach. Let me contrast the original pledge with the modern version of the pledge, as demonstrated by their actions:

  1. Meditate on the media and anything but the teachings of Jesus.
  2. Civil disobedience to just laws, through force, in hopes of an unjust victory.
  3. Walk and talk in the manner of thuggery/pride!
  4. Play the race card as you are enslaved through deception by a godless administration daily.
  5. Sacrifice the needs of others, gain is the goal.
  6. Send threats to those who disagree with you.
  7. Seek to have it your way at all costs, lie if necessary.
  8. Use fear and force.
  9. Strive to take from others because you deserve what you take!
  10. Follow the directions of an un-Constitutional and unlawful administration.


Obama: ‘We Owe’ Young Illegals a Path to Citizenship – See more at: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/obama-we-owe-young-illegals-path-citizenship#sthash.MFEDzNlM.dpuf
Obama: ‘We Owe’ Young Illegals a Path to Citizenship – See more at: http://cnsnews.com/news/article/obama-we-owe-young-illegals-path-citizenship#sthash.MFEDzNlM.dpuf

Sunshine Today!!


Because this!


My little commuter car. That gets me 36 plus, up to 39 miles per gallon.

Is going to stay with me!!

MBWITW and I hoped to use the buy back option and after the news I received from the repair shop. We can!!

Insurance Company totaled it.

Was going to give me more then what I paid for it. But not really enough to replace with another vehicle comparable and I really could not afford to pay any more being as we had just purchased a truck.

But going out to where I take my vehicles for routine maintenance and repair. And where I have purchased a couple of vehicles.  I found they can repair it, they were somewhat surprised that insurance company had totaled it, for a lot less then the Claims Adjuster had quoted me. In fact I will still come out ahead on the whole thing when it is over..

So after a stressful past week, with the accident, graduation party and graduation, often rainy, wet and miserable…We have sunshine….In more ways then just the Sun shining and no rain…Coming later, but..

A fun read …for my MN friends

Jeff Foxworthy on Minnesota:

If you consider it a sport to gather your food by drilling through18 inches of ice and sitting there all day hoping that the food will swim by,

You might live in Minnesota

If you’re proud that your state makes the national news 96 nights each year because International Falls is the coldest spot in the nation,

You might live in Minnesota

If you have ever refused to buy something because it’s “too spendy”,

You might live in Minnesota

If your local Dairy Queen is closed from November through March,

You might live in Minnesota

If someone in a store offers you assistance, and they don’t work there,

You might live in Minnesota

If your dad’s suntan stops at a line curving around the middle of his forehead,

You might live in Minnesota

If you have worn shorts and a parka at the same time,

You might live in Minnesota

If your town has an equal number of bars and churches,

You might live in Minnesota

If you know how to say….Wayzata. ..Mahtomedi. Cloquet. Edina ..and Shakopee,

You might live in Minnesota

If you think that ketchup is a little too spicy,

You might live in Minnesota

If vacation means going “up north” for the weekend,

You might live in Minnesota

If you measure distance in hours,

You might live in Minnesota

If you know several people, who have hit deer more than once,

You might live in Minnesota

If you often switch from “Heat” to “A/C” in the same day and back again,

You might live in Minnesota

If you can drive 65 mph through 2 feet of snow during a raging blizzard without flinching,

You might live in Minnesota

If you see people wearing hunting clothes at social events,

You might live in Minnesota

If you install security lights on your house and garage and leave both unlocked,

You might live in Minnesota

If you think of the major food groups as lutefisk, lefsa, and Venison,

You might live in Minnesota

If you carry jumper cables in your car,and your girlfriend knows how to use them,

You might live in Minnesota

If there are 7 empty cars running in the parking lot at Mill’s Fleet Farm at any given time,

You might live in Minnesota

If you design your kid’s Halloween costume to fit over a snowsuit,

You might live in Minnesota

If driving is better in the winter because the potholes are filled with snow,

You might live in Minnesota

If you know all 4 seasons: almost winter, winter, still winter,and of course, road construction,

You might live in Minnesota

If you can identify a southern or eastern accent,

You might live in Minnesota

If your idea of creative landscaping is a plastic deer next to your blue spruce,

You might live in Minnesota

If “Down South” to you means Iowa,

You might live in Minnesota

If you know “a brat” is something you eat,

You might live in Minnesota

If you find -10 degrees “a little chilly”,

You might live in Minnesota

If you actually understand these jokes, and you forward them to all your Minnesota friends,
You might live in Minnesota

Absurd? Emergency #’s! Cranky! Coffee! Golf!!

Why is this absurd? An a ‘gazillion’ guns? Not quite..Apparently those eveel guns scare someone..I’d be afraid of one of the monitors toppling over on top of me..

Totally awesome is what it is!!

The Most Absurd Home Office Setup On The Planet

Absurd…Must be a hoplophobe afraid of inanimate objects..Non tool user..


Emergency Bible Numbers

Click to see all but here are a few for ya!

– When you are sad, call on John 14

– When you don’t feel loved, call on Romans 8:38-39

– When you have sinned, call on 1 John 1:8-9

– When you are facing danger, call on Psalm 91

– When people have failed you, call on Psalm 27

– When God feel far from you, call on Psalm 139


Cranky. Hell when I am 90 I want to ‘kick’ some butt! I hope I remember how to punch!!

90-year-old man jailed for four days after ‘punching a state trooper’ who came to check on his wife

Coffee anyone?

Coffee billed as world’s strongest

A New York company is marketing its Death Wish brand coffee as “the strongest coffee in the world.”


Golf..Is dangerous!! BAN IT!!


Gun Stuff and Stuff That Interests Me!!!

Because that is why!!

Ted Nugent:
Obama’s gun-control plans ‘psychotic’

Wal Mart just lost any future business if true..

BREAKING & CONFIRMED: Wal Mart Is NOT Going To Order Any More Ammo.

An open letter to all “freedom fighters”

Troops in Africa? Are they invading us now also? Oh wait..already done that..

 Missteps and setbacks impacting gun ban momentum as gun owners start to advance

Is ‘Hi. We are the American Taxpayers whom fund you and elect you…And we are pissed..!”

What did they expect? Payroll taxes increased….because you need to pay for Buck Ofama‘s spending problem!!

This is liberal tolerance. This is an assO!!

Talk-radio host calls for ‘birthers’ to be killed

SO is the one ‘gunning’ for them? That should go well….

And really. Tell me. Why should I give rip? Why?

Oscars 2013: The Complete Academy Awards Nominations List and Northfield’s Connection

Lets think about this..Last movie I went to and paid for Admission…Hmm..Oh yeah…Courageous!!! Twice!! Once with the MBWITW and once with Boyz!!

This is Islam...


IRAN: This woman was raped and became pregnant. When she told the authorities she was asked to provide 4 witnesses.

End result? They executed her while she was 2 months pregnant.

This photo was taken before a crane was used to lift her neck up and suffocate her to death.

This is Islam.
This is Islamic Justice.
This is the teaching of Allah and his sidekick Mohommed.

Share this story in remembrance of this innocent women and invite people to join our page.

If All the Other States Are Doing It..

Why not Minnesota????

Remember that little thing called the Constitution?


Well neither does our government and if you don’t remember it..

Your part of the problem…

Facebook Thursday…

All right I am getting tired of feeling ornery and leaderless.

Since Minnesota is completely blue and we can expect all kinds of entitlement crap and education funding and taxing of anything or anyone that shows or makes a dollar..

No job creation, nope, cannot let them capitalists have any leeway or freedom cause only Government can do that..and we have seen how well that works..


This just sucks and is depressing..

Facebook Thursday, enjoy…well try to..