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1.5 Seconds.Media.Skeet.Cops. Rock Heads.Welfare.

Gone in 1.5 seconds..

Unprecedented Demand: Americans Purchase a Gun Every 1.5 Seconds

Wow. Now what the hell does that say to the oppressors of Buck Ofama?


Why do we hate the media?

Why Americans Hate the Media

Numerous reasons.


A collection of ‘skeeters’.


To protect and serve..

Not so much I guess..

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Yeah lets keep smacking the hand that protects us!! That always turns out well!!

Panetta To Recommend Troops Have Their Pay Cut – Update: Set To Pay For Benefits Of Military Members Gay Partners…


The hell Buck Ofama is my ‘Daddy” what an ASS Chris Rock is…Not turned into . Always has been. Getting worse it appears..

Chris Rock on Gun Control: “Do What Obama, the ‘dad’ of America Says” Celebrities never cease to amaze me with their desire to get involved in areas of government that they clearly do not have the mental capacity to comprehend. Why is it that most celebrities live life in a clueless bubble? How … READ MORE


Welfare baby!!

Oh yeah…Is all free…


Snake oil salesman at it again…Buck Ofama’s Traveling Anti Gun, no Freedom for you show!!


Oh they are probably just upset the Peckers errr Packers did not make it to the big show and some rookie QB ran them silly…

And showed up Aaron Rogers..



Guess that is another reason to cling..


Closing murder clinics one by one…




Via email..From a follower of this silly blog..

To all,
It was brought to my attention, thank you Ken, that there is no recoil in the photo showing our illustrious leader pulling the trigger on a shotgun. I’m amazed that he somehow escaped one of the basic laws of physics. It has something to do with “equal and opposite reactions”…

Enclosed is a non-photoshopped photo I took showing what happens when firearms have their triggers pulled. In this time exposure of about 2 seconds, note the distance he is moved backwards.
BO is just not moving backwards…amazing.

Another thing………….who goes skeet shooting next to a paved road?????????????