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Facebook Monday…

Monday, apparently the Great Blizzard of ’13 here is a fizzle…We’ll have to wait and see what today brings…

Today March 18th is my Sister’s Birthday..

She would have been 53 today…Except Cancer claimed her in May of 2003..

It has been 10 years since she left us??

Not a day goes by I do not think of you and remember Sis…


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Robin Gibbs R.I.P.

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First, Donna Summer. Now, this:

The founder of the Bee Gees succumbed to cancer today. R.I.P.

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Friday….Doctors, MRIs and Wadena….

Sitting at the Humphrey Cancer Center waiting for Darlink Wife while she goes through her annual MRI.

Had her Bone Scan last week and saw surgeon this morning about lump on her left forearm. They will take it off next Thursday. Nothing to be concerned about. So don’t worry, move along…

I have an appointment later today, followup on leg surgeries I had earlier this year. Has been the year of Doctors for us, all of us. Good thing we are getting it done now, or I should say all this shit is happening before Ofuckyoucare comes along, we’ll all be screwed.

Our out of pocket is maxed so we should not see to many more bills once the ones we have are paid off, but they are still hefty….

Have been following the news about tornadoes which struck Minnesota last night. Mainly about Wadena. As that is wherer the family is from and I was born and lived for the first few years I was here. I have many found memories of my Grandparents and the Farm. Staying at one Grandma’s house, deciding I did not like what was cooking and heading down the block to check out other one! This was after they sold the farm and moved to town! Same street as my Dad’s Mom and about 3 blocks apart! Played much baseball and hung out with the many cousins I have, that lived there. Now they are all scattered and live all over the place. But I think a majority are still up North, those that did not venture down to the Twin Cities.

Anyhow looking at the pictures and videos they sure got slammed. My folks were supposed to head up there for an all school reunion. Trying to contact them and see whats up.