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Facebook Thursday….

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Is Thursday already…Temp is 17 above and NOAA says the high for the day will be ‘near’ 15…close enough for Government work!!
Another day in office, tomorrow CPR class off site and Saturday 1st Responder Refresher, out west of metro.

Then next week the grind really starts up. But so far looks like I will have one small EMR Initial class. No complaints as I usually get the biggest and most racially diverse, which makes it interesting..

Doing an EMT class for a college I am an adjunct instructor for that starts this month….Lots of road time and classroom time!! Pay is decent though…




Sometimes All the Effort and Time..

Into teaching a group of students life saving skills comes back with good results..
Tis week one of my students, one of the better ones from my last class called me asking if he could get a new CPR facemask.
I said sure and he appeared the next day.
He told us that they had a Cardiac Arrest, an employee at the business collapsed. he stated they did CPR he shocked him twice with AED and got him back.
He was on his way to Big City Hospital I work for to find out how he was doing…
Was pretty pumped up and thanked me for all my time spent harping at them (students0 during training and skill sessions. He said it went just like we taught…He just did it, although he did remember my saying more then once how chaotic real cardiac arrest scenes were.

Guess sometime sit all pays off…

Facebook Monday….

Back at it..

Classroom full of Law Enforcement this AM..

Not always the most receptive of audiences, especially CPR and 1st Responder refresher stuff.

Be glad when this year is done as it has been CPR year and we have recerted thousands of LEOs, FFs and others…

Well my classes are done until January, am just assisting with others until then.

50 degrees out there this morning a bit unseasonable for us..But better then snow and cold we usually have..





With a bunch of State Troopers..

Is CPR year…and a few skill stations and a scenario..

A bit of MCI training…always good for some…

For others? Ambulance be coming!! (ABC’s)!!

More victims..

No moulage, no time, just placards to describe injuries...Troops had to read!!!

I've managed to control my "urge" to flee when seeing squads...which is a good thing...I guess..
Big controlled burn going on at base. Was dropping plenty of ash on us....





Was a good day.
New (used) car..Which I marval at whenever I look at it…And give thanks because it was what we needed at a price we could afford..
Spent time with both boys just hanging out..
Went for short outing with MBWITW until she realized she was supposed to be at work, which caused some scurrying..

Tried making fish in grill, was okay, have never done that before…Will possibly try again…

Received a phone call I was hoping for….More on that next week, after Tuesday’s conference call…

Back to the office today and teach tonight…Getting ready for next week and the start of State Trooper In Service @ Camp Ripley
Will begin my once a week trek up there and back for 8 weeks……Sigh….Is CPR year…always a fun time..

And I have a Suburban to move…any takers? Cheap! Runs!! Is the ultimate CO producing gas hog!!! Best offer over I pay you to take it!!