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Best States.

For gun owners from Guns and Ammo ..

Never ever in this cesspool. Don’t even want to visit!! Much to the MBWITW chagrin!! With Buck Ofama there, well sometimes, when not campaigning on vacation or off golfing somewhere..No effing way!!

51. Washinton, D.C.

CCW/Open Carry: 0
MSRs: 0
Class 3/NFA: 0
Castle Doctrine: 0
Miscellaneous: 0

Apparently since it’s not a state, the Bill of Rights doesn’t apply to the District of Columbia. Until the recent Heller Supreme Court decision, residents weren’t even allowed to own guns. A permit to purchase is required, and all assault weapons and .50-caliber rifles are banned. No magazines are allowed which hold more than 10 rounds, there is no concealed or open carry, and there is no Castle Doctrine law.

Ummm nope…Not with Bloomberg running NYC and the gun banning leftists they have there!!

50. New York

CCW/Open Carry: 3
MSRs: 1
Class 3/NFA: 0
Castle Doctrine: 3
Miscellaneous: 0

With its new state law, New York has become the most restrictive state in the nation on magazine capacity. Possession of MSRs is prohibited except for those grandfathered in. New York is a May-Issue CCW state; generally speaking, the closer you are to New York City, the less chance you have of getting one. Also, New York now has a weapons seizure law, just in case the cops think you might be up to something. 18 percent of New Yorkers are gun owners, ranking the state 45th in the nation.

HA!! Fat toad RINO as Gov. Isn’t this place just one big effing city? Way to many people there!!

49. New Jersey

CCW/Open Carry: 2
MSRs: 1
Class 3/NFA: 2
Castle Doctrine: 2
Miscellaneous: 0

Don’t move to New Jersey if you like guns, or want to own/buy one. The state requires a Firearms Purchasers Identification Card for any firearm purchase, with a separate permit required for handguns. Magazines are limited to under 15 rounds, with only one handgun purchase allowed per permit. New Jersey is a May-Issue CCW state, but rarely issues them. MSRs could be grandfathered in, provided they were purchased before May 1, 1990, and registered before May 1 1991. Any MSR not owned before May 1, 1990, must be registered in the same manner as machine guns, and similar semi-auto rifles are not available today. Residents need a permit to buy ammo. NFA guns require a state license—good luck with that. For self-defense, retreat is required in many situations. For everybody who loves Repbulican Gov. Chris Christie, he has not even mentioned relaxing any of New Jersey’s gun laws. The state has the second lowest percentage of gun owners—12 percent—in the Union.

Where I call home … today..

39. Minnesota

CCW/Open Carry: 6
MSRs: 7
Class 3/NFA: 3
Castle Doctrine: 8

Minnesota is a Shall-Issue CCW state, and a permit is required for carry. A permit is also required to purchase handguns or MSRs, but there are no magazine capacity restrictions. According to the NRA-ILA, “A person owning or possessing a machine gun or short-barreled shotgun shall, within ten (10) days after acquiring ownership or possession, file a written report with the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension showing his name, address, official title and position, if any, a full description of the arm, the purpose for which it is owned or possessed, and such further information as the Bureau may reasonably require.”

The state has a Castle Doctrine with no listed duty to retreat, though certain court rulings have said otherwise. Statewide, 41.7 percent of the population owns guns, ranking Minnesota 21st in gun ownership.

Montana? Yep. Would work for me…Western part at least… Mountains..I want mountains!!

11. Montana

CCW/Open Carry: 8
MSRs: 10
Class 3/NFA: 10
Castle Doctrine: 10
Miscellaneous: 8

Montana is a Shall-Issue CCW state and recognizes CCWs from most other states. Open carry is legal. Montana has a Stand Your Ground law. In 2009, Montana lawmakers signed the Montana Firearms Freedom Act, which says that certain firearms and accessories made and sold within Montana are exempt from federal regulations, as they cannot be called interstate commerce. Montana has the third highest percentage of gun owners—57 percent—of any state in the Union. The Democratic governor just vetoed a bill that would have allowed for permit-less carry, similar to Arizona and Vermont.

Could live in Wyoming. Fewer people, Mountains, etc…Yep..

6. Wyoming

CCW/Open Carry: 10
MSRs: 10
Class 3/NFA: 10
Castle Doctrine: 7
Miscellaneous: 10

Wyoming residents can carry concealed or open, and Wyoming recognizes CCWs from 33 states. The state has Castle Doctrine and Stand Your Ground laws for inside the home, but the law does not excuse you from a duty to retreat outside the home. Wyoming has the highest percentage of gun owners per capita—60 percent—of any state.

Having spent a bit of time in Alaska…Could easily live there..Although the family may say ‘Bye’!

3. Alaska

CCW/Open Carry: 10
MSRs: 10
Class 3/NFA: 10
Castle Doctrine: 8
Miscellaneous: 10

Alaska is one of only a handful of states that do not require a permit to carry a handgun concealed. It has the second highest percentage of gun owners per capita—58 percent—of any state in the Union, and has no other restrictions on gun owners or ownership. Alaska has no specific Castle Doctrine law, which is the only reason it didn’t score a perfect 50.

To bad Vermont is to close to places like New York, Massachusetts, and such leftist leaning States…

2. Vermont

CCW/Open Carry: 10
MSRs: 10
Class 3/NFA: 10
Castle Doctrine: 9
Miscellaneous: 10

Residents or visitors may carry open or concealed without a permit—the Vermont Constitution predates the U.S. Bill of Rights. There are no restrictions on MSRs or magazine capacity. Vermont has no specific laws about Castle Doctrine, which is the only reason Vermont didn’t score a perfect 50.

To hot, gritty, but…

1. Arizona

CCW/Open Carry: 9
MSRs: 10
Class 3/NFA: 10
Castle Doctrine: 10
Miscellaneous: 10

Arizona is the most recent “Constitutional Carry” state where no permit is required to carry a pistol openly or concealed. Anyone carrying concealed must inform law enforcement—the only reason for a less than perfect score—and has no restrictions on MSRs or Class 3/NFA weapon ownership beyond the federal laws. Arizona has a Stand Your Ground law.


Stand. Gun Ban. Free AR! Broomsticks? Play. NASCAR.

Stand our ground affirmed by task force in Florida, the place Martin assaulted Zimmerman and ended up losing, because he only brought fists to a gun fight.

The 44-page report released by Republican Gov. Rick Scott’s office said people have a right to feel safe and secure

Damn that makes so much common sense it must make the gun grabbers, politicians and leftist heads hurt like hell.
Since none of them have a damn clue about common sense and taking care of ones self.

Gun ban won’t work.

And the Government knows it. NRA is using their own study against their dastardly plans to disarm Americans.

The memo says the ban would have little impact – especially if the many people who already have assault weapons and high-capacity magazines are allowed to keep them – because assault weapons account for a small number of gun deaths. And it says the usefulness of background checks would depend in part on “requiring gun registration,” something the president has shied away from in the face of bitter opposition from gun-rights advocates.

Says it all about the blameless pResident Buck Ofama..
Free rape whistle!!!


Called an AR 15!!
Works much better then any of this shit.
Biden’s shotgun or

Second on my list of “What did you just say?” is this is advice the University of Colorado gives to women to repel attackers. Check it out:

1. Be realistic about your ability to protect yourself.

2. Your instinct may be to scream, go ahead! It may startle your attacker and give you an opportunity to run away.

3. Kick off your shoes if you have time and can’t run in them.

4. Don’t take time to look back; just get away.

5. If your life is in danger, passive resistance may be your best defense.

6. Tell your attacker that you have a disease or are menstruating.

7. Vomiting or urinating may also convince the attacker to leave you alone.

8. Yelling, hitting or biting may give you a chance to escape, do it!

9. Understand that some actions on your part might lead to more harm.

10. Remember, every emergency situation is different. Only you can decide which action is most appropriate.


Does This Broomstick Go With My Prison Stripes?

Really? Wiccans have Chaplains, let alone need one for those in prisons? Like that is a growing segment of Kalifornistan’s prison population?

A 2007 Corrections survey found 183 Wiccan inmates — compared with 42,666 Protestant, 28,884 Muslim, 23,160 Catholic, 8,296 Native American and 2,678 Jewish inmates.

Okay then!!


Another hearing? Why?

Because you think another will change people’s minds? Because you have kicked the bee hive(Freedom) and suddenly realize all those peaceful HoneyBbees making ‘honey’ for the Government(Taxes.) Have turned into ‘African Bees’ and they are pissed off?

You should have thought of that before your knee jerk reactions.

Dianne Feinstein Is Scheduling Another Senate Gun-Confiscation Hearing… And This Time Around, She’s Not Going To Allow Pesky Pro-Second Amendment People, Like You, Spoil Her Party.
The Washington Times reported that Senator Feinstein was apparently “unhappy with the list of witnesses” who testified at the last hearing and “says she plans to hold a separate hearing with witnesses more inclined to back gun control.”

Why hold another hearing…? The answer is simple. The American people are winning the battle to stop Feinstein and Barack Obama from eradicating the Second Amendment, but they believe that they can win if they simply change the national dialogue by stifling any and all voices of dissent.

Oh yes… she’ll hold her new hearing… she’ll stifle any voice of opposition… and she believes her lackeys in the media will give her the political cover she needs to trample on your God-given Constitutional rights.

But we’re going to prove Feinstein and Obama wrong… right here and right now.


MAN STUFF: What MEN played with until golf, pedicures, spray tans and conditioners came along.

Not in my church…
Our Pastors are wimps.
And surround themselves with wimps.
I have been ostracized and ignored. Because I tend to say what I mean and mean what I say.
I do not like to be told what, when or where. Faith, Family, Freedom, Friends, Firearms. That is what I believe.
My Pastor’s want us to be silent, pray, not speak out.
My Pastor has chastised me for speaking out.
He is leaving soon.
Not that I expect much from our Search team…

Maims and injures.

Dangerous debris flying mindlessly around.

Ban it.

Make It So!!!

NRA-ILA | Minnesota: House Concurrence Vote on Self-Defense Reform Bill Tomorrow.

Vetoing this legislation, after its passage in both chambers by a wide majority, would again confirm that Governor Dayton does not support our Second Amendment rights.  At this time, contact the Governor TODAY and urge him to respect the wishes of the state legislature, respect your Second Amendment rights and sign HB 1467 into law.

Governor Mark Dayton
Telephone: 651-201-3400
Toll-Free: 800-657-3717
Contact the Governor

This NRA-priority legislation expands the rights of gun owners in the following three ways:

Stand Your Ground:
HF 1467 would remove a person’s “duty to retreat” from an attacker, allowing law-abiding citizens to stand their ground and protect themselves or their family anywhere they are lawfully present.  It would create a presumption that an individual who forcefully or stealthily enters or attempts to enter your home or vehicle is there to cause substantial or great bodily injury or death, so the occupant may use force, including deadly force, against that individual.  It would also expressly allow an individual to use force, including deadly force, to prevent a forcible felony, and it provides protections against criminal prosecution when justifiable force is used.

NRA-ILA | Minnesota: House Concurrence Vote on Self-Defense Reform Bill Tomorrow

MN Castle Doctrine

Stand Your Ground.

You should not be intimidated or threatened or subjugated to unreasonable force, threats against your person, property nor should your family..

It is written so in so archaic piece of literature, some really smart folks, much unlike those we elected to lead us today. Shit, so unlike those we have purportedly leading us today, they would probably be carrying their muskets around again.

Yet we have elected officials that say crap like this…

“…Dayton said when lawmakers were debating the bill last year, he was “concerned because law enforcement in Minnesota was mostly opposed to it, felt that it gave citizens more freedoms and rights than they had.”…”

That would be our liberal, union loving,rich boy Governor Markie Dayton.

Then when Public Union type officials spout off like this..

“…Dennis Flaherty, executive director of the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association, said the bill could result in dangerous situations for police officers, who regularly enter homes without permission…”  (Full story here:   http://www.crookstontimes.com/news/x962225289/Deadly-force-gun-bill-heads-to-full-Minn-Senate )

Without permission? What ever happened to “illegal search and entry?”

With people like this in positions of authority and doing their damnedest to increase their power and control over us..

Wake up people, call your Politicos, tell them you are their bosses, you elected them and will do what you can to keep them employed or make them “unemployed”.

Just saying…What Country do we live in?

Illustrating the Differences

Here! At BobS’s place.

Now try to imagine Markie Dayton doing that!!
The recent Stand Your Ground bill that the House of Representative’s passed and was pulled before the Senate got it by it’s sponsor due to some wording(as opposed to the rumor the Senate leadership sat on it.)

Dayton’s office stated he would not sign it as the opponents of the bill, which they dubbed the “Shoot First Bill”, were advocting for.

Which continues the anti’s “Better to be a beaten, knifed, raped, shot, murdered victim” campaign then a whole and healthy person whom defended themselves  from becoming some POS’s victim.

Would not want to violate some thug’s rights to maim you and make a living now would we?






Minnesota Castle Doctrine vs Nannies or is it Ninnies?

Found this.
Unfortunately our “so called” GOP Leadership and majority in the Senate choose NOT to do anything about it!


And of course the “hysterics” from the politically motivated Mpls PooPOo Chief Tom Dolan are in the news.

I personally would rather be on equal footing with the bad guys and able to protect my family instead of wistfully hoping bad guys have had their share of Dolan’s Unicorn Farts and are feeling “compassionate” as they assault, rape, beat, murder, myself or my family.

What? He thinks calling 911 and “STOP” are going to fucking work?

He needs to look at more data , what is fed him by the Hoplophobes and Anti Freedom crowd.