A Chinese government scientist who worked closely with researchers at the Wuhan lab filed a patent for a COVID-19 vaccine well before the disease was declared a global pandemic. He was found dead three months later.

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Commentary: The Slow Boat to China Accelerates

Bitch…Pointless Bitch..

Ilhan Omar Has Become So Unhinged, She Is Blaming President Trump For A Capital Crime


Escobar: When Deplorables Become Ungovernables

What cheating???

RED ALERT: “Vote Democrat, Get $1,200” Vans Spotted All Over Georgia

Why should Biden be briefed? He is compromised, China owns him.

FDR’s ‘Second Bill of Rights’ and UN Declaration Show How ‘Progressives’ View You


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From Summit News…The weird and ridiculous…



Freedom is lost and the idiots are loose…

China Biden, also known as “Beijing Biden,” likes the communist Chinese. He does their bidding—for profit, of course.

It’s not about ‘Rights” it’s about getting their agenda pushed through and they cannot allow any independent thought outside the proscribed norm…..

Human Rights Campaign Wants Christian Schools to Abandon Beliefs or Lose Accreditation

Leftist are hypocritical whiny little bitches…

Leftists Are Upset With the Ongoing Presidential Transition. Let’s Look Back at How They Behaved in 2016.

Georgia is lost….The Democrats blatantly cheat and the courts allow it..

Stop The Steal: Stacy Abrams Is Boasting About Having 1.2 Million Absentee Ballots ‘At The Ready’

WikiLeaks file dump..

For those who, have time to dig through this…

Fitting. What did she expect…

Seattle councilwoman calls cops after defunding them

Too Much Freedom? Trouble Brews When Government Rations Rights

For the love of God and Country, I hope and pray this is the narrative that is followed.

Why? SOB is a False Prophet…

Joel Osteen’s church received $4.4 million in PPP funding

About Those Chinese …

Researcher and attorney Michael P. Senger suggests that the Chinese government launched an aggressive propaganda campaign to exaggerate the severity of coronavirus in order to force the rest of the world into a draconian lockdown that would serve to benefit Beijing. Share this one.

Draconian new coronavirus rules to enforce social distancing in the UK ban people from singing or dancing in pubs. No fun allowed!

Chinese state media outlet Xinhua has thrown its support behind Black Lives Matter with a cartoon that depicts police officers armed with pitchforks and torches hunting down a black man. Yes, really.

Gun Bits, Ridiculous and China ..

And why would Twitter do this?

Twitter Suspends Account Of Chinese Scientist Who Published Paper Alleging Covid Was Created In Wuhan Lab

But thanks to Tucker..

“I Am The Target”: Silenced Chinese Virologist Tells Tucker COVID-19 Intentionally Released, CCP Trying To ‘Disappear’ Her

Now watch the Left do their damnedest to silence her…

Because China is such a bastion of Freedom and Tolerance!!!

China’s Dark Turn

People caught accessing banned sites are punished. Police may barge into your home, threaten your family, or just restrict your choices.

About a million Uighurs are locked up in “reeducation” camps, “sometimes for years,” says Chen. “Their family never hears back from them.”

In short, today’s China is, once again, a vicious communist dictatorship.

This BLM Co-Founder and Pro-Communist China Group Are Partnering Up. Here’s Why.

Cozying up to Commies…

And one wonders what these thugs and hucksters are doing with all these Millions?

BLM Raking in Millions from Corporate Donations

Using it to help the poor downtrodden or funding riots?

Maybe spending it on Bling for themselves???

Oh Joe!!!

Footage of Biden Touching Young Girls on C-Span Flagged as ‘Child Sexual Exploitation’ by Twitter


Joe Biden Calls His White House Bid The ‘Harris-Biden Administration’

Has Billionaire Bloomberg ‘Bought’ Biden with $100M Florida Effort?

Truth. And they want your guns also…And your Freedom.

Think about that…

Democrats have re-invented Willie Horton America with No Bail laws, revolving door system of justice and Biden and Harris are all for it

Because we can MAKE MONEY off of mandating masks!!!


Hastings restaurant fined $7,000 because one employee was wearing ‘non-compliant’ mask


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Show me where I can buy military grade weapons..

I keep looking in my local Gun Shops for such, but can never find any ‘military’ grade weapons…Other then the occasional Curio and Relic’s like Mosins, Enfields, etc..

Democrats ignore…They want fraud..

Original Research: Why do most countries ban mail-in ballots?: They have seen massive vote fraud problems

Only way they can win..

At Real Clear Politics: Myths the Media Perpetuate About Gun Control

Because they are part of the problem, Progressive Pastors or spineless ones..


Buy bullets…

Police Tell Minnesota Citizens to ‘Be Prepared’ as Two Prisons Close

Thank your so-called ‘Lawmakers’ in St Paul…They continue to fail Minnesotans and don’t seem to give a ratz ass…

I’m trying to find sympathy for them, but they voted the idiots into office that have brought this on…So screw them..

Commentary: The Quality of Life for Citizens in the Democratic-Run City of Minneapolis Is Diminishing

Wonder how much they are paying her??

Dianne Feinstein Says China, Which Is Putting Muslims in Camps, Is ‘Growing into a Respectable Nation’

An Open Letter of Thanks from a Deplorable to Antifa and BLM

H/T: Disturbed

Twitter. An expert on everything!!!

Twitter Locks Out Emergency Room Doctor Simone Gold for Posting Non-Approved COVID-19 Information on Their Platform