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In 7.62 x 39 please..


Another massive lie?

How many does this make?


What happens when Chuck Norris steps up to the plate?


IRS. Changing the rules to suit the left’s needs..


There is no logic here. 

Common sense has left the building..


And how is that ‘Gun Free Sign’ working out?

Oh. It’s not?



Obama’s Administration…

Filled with Muslim lovers it appears!

Or is the Moslem?

And so it continues..



So There Are A Few…

Celebs that support gun rights..No I did not snoop err snipe err snopes this found on the innerweb..

Other celebs that are pro gun!

1. James Earl Jones: “The world is filled with violence. Because criminals carry guns, we decent law-abiding citizens should also have guns. Otherwise they will win and the decent people will lose.”

2. Robert Heinlein: “An armed society is a polite society.”, “There are no dangerous weapons. There are only dangerous men.”

3. Johnny Depp: “We would just go out and line up a bunch of cans and shoot with rifles, handguns and at times, submachine guns… When I was a kid it was a controlled atmosphere, we weren’t shooting at humans… we were shooting at cans and bottles mostly. I will most certainly take my kids out for target practice.”

4. Dalai Lama: “But if someone has a gun and is trying to kill you … it would be reasonable to shoot back with your own gun.”

5. Larry Elder: “A woman who demands further gun control legislation is like a chicken who roots for Colonel Sanders.”

6. Christian Slater: “It’s better to have a gun and not need it than to need a gun and not have it.”

7. Charlie Daniels: “Now they’re tryin’ to take my guns away. And that would be just fine. If you take ‘em away from the criminals first I’d gladly give you mine”

8. Tom Selleck: NRA board member and lifelong supporter.

9. Ted Nugent: No need for any clarification or proof here.

10. Roger E. Mosley: Friends with Tom Selleck and longtime gun supporter.

11. Bruce Willis: “If you take guns away from legal gun owners then the only people who would have guns would be the bad guys.”

12: Chuck Norris: No need for an clarification here either. If you don’t know who good ole Chuck is, that’s a shame.

13: Gerald McRaney: Lifelong hunter and gun supporter.

14. Brad Pitt: “Like most Americans, I’ve grown up with them. Guns are part of our culture, our way of life. It was my dad who first showed me a gun and how to take aim. He also taught me never to point a gun at anyone.”

15: Angelina Jolie: “If anybody comes into my home and tries to hurt my kids, I’ve no problem shooting them.” “There’s a side to me that people know is humanitarian, and there’s a side to me that’s a mommy. But there’s also the side that likes to get down and dirty and run and jump around and fire guns.”

16: Jonathan Davis from Korn: “I’m a gun-freak and a die-hard Republican.” Need any more proof, there?” Jonathan Davis on Obama. “He’s basically dragged this country down into the worst it’s ever been.” “Like I say about the White House, ‘You’ve built this house of shame.’ Everybody looked up at the White House and America, and now I think it’s like a house of shame. I miss the old days when people were proud to be American.”

It’s great to see some celebreties with some common sense. At least we know who is on our side and who is not.

No matter what, Always armed!

Drones..Townhall..Guns Save..Vodka Tampon?..Commercials..Joe..Sotomayor..

About time someone we elected stepped up questioned Buck Ofama‘s antics…

Senators threaten ‘confrontation’ with Buck Ofama nominees over drone concerns

Because Buck Ofama’s Justice department says..

Justice Department memo reveals legal case for drone strikes on Americans


Smoke On This Alert: 10 Stories That Prove Guns Save Lives

Not something you will ever hear from the former media now reporting to Buck Ofama…

Ammo shortage…Then and now..

Tried to buy ammo lately?  Many people can’t find what they need, or what they find is very expensive.  Standard .223 FMJ is selling for more than a buck a round at some places – and that’s when you can find it.  Welcome to the 2013 ammo shortage.


Obama’s Plan To Reduce Gun Violence Is Worst Idea Since The Vodka Tampon


Obama’s Gun-Control Campaign: First stop Democrat-leaning Minnesota

In a State with rather significant hunting population. Most of the anti bullshit comes from the Metro areas. Those clueless statists that live in a world where they have to work hardly at all to get all they need. Hell don’t have to work the way the rodrammed state operates!!


I have to remember this is the Washington Post…Which worships all things Buck Ofama…So their choices on best and worst Super Bowl ads?

The 5 worst yep…

The 5 best? Nope..

The Taco Bell was okay as was the Budweiser and Clydesdale also..Their other choices? Huh??

This was by far the best of the whole damn lot..


Biden confuses Portugal and Poland in Eurozone speech

Speaking about the European debt crisis in Munich over the weekend, Vice President Joe Biden referred to Portugal as Poland. The White House later corrected the gaffe in its official transcript:…
Read more…


And guess what? I don’t care WTF your opinion is because this current regime is not about America or the Constitution!! But I would be overjoyed to see you and Buck Ofama leading the stack!!

Sotomayor: Gun owners will ‘find out soon enough’ my opinion on gun rights

During an appearance on his show, comedian Stephen Colbert asked Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor if she believed in the Second Amendment and the right for American citizens to own…
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Supreme Court Rules ObamaCare Lives! Roberts Joins Liberal Left! and other Links