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Pisshead Morgan is still here?

BELLEVUE, WA – With his anti-gun attitudes continuing to insult American gun owners, CNN’s Piers Morgan pulled in the fewest viewers last month since he replaced Larry King in January 2011, prompting the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms to suggest once again that it is time for him to pack his bags.

CCRKBA Chairman Alan Gottlieb, remembering that Morgan last year threatened to “deport” himself if the United States didn’t adopt drastic new restrictions on gun owners, said “the numbers speak for themselves.”

“While Piers Morgan’s ratings have hit a new low, gun sales continue to hit new highs,” Gottlieb observed.

If he keeps this up, there’ll be more people watching old reruns of The Rifleman.

According to the latest Nielsen numbers, CNN’s prime time lineup is up 49 percent at 666,000 viewers, despite Morgan’s continuing drag on their ratings.

“Piers Morgan has continued his habit of demonizing and insulting American gun owners,” Gottlieb observed. “His condescending attitude about our Second Amendment rights is out of place, especially on the eve of our Independence Day holiday.

“I would remind him that it was privately-owned firearms in the hands of American citizens that sent his ancestors packing back to England 232 years ago, which is why we have an Independence Day in this country,” Gottlieb continued. “It was American Doughboys who learned to shoot as youngsters who came to England’s rescue in WWI, and it was Americans and their guns who rescued England again in WWII.

“Piers Morgan has forgotten his history and his manners,” Gottlieb stated. “It is bad form to continually insult your host, so if he’s looking to make a strategic exit, now would be a good time. We’ll send him off with a grand fireworks show.”


Trip Hazards!! Shameless. Cooking? Gun Printer! CCRKBA. Ammo. Team 6!

Jeremiah 17:5 (KJV)

Thus saith the LORD; Cursed be the man that trusteth in man, and maketh flesh his arm, and whose heart departeth from the LORD.


Called TSAssO’s!

This could lead to a very bad day and ending for some..

Summer road hazards your government won’t warn you about

With the frenetic summer travel season just around the corner, hereís a little warning about a road hazard you might not expect: a checkpoint staffed by Transportation Security Administration workers.

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4th Amendment? Hello? Are you still there?


Class warfare? Looks like the American Taxpayer and Citizen against the:

The elected class and their media enablers are shameless in their desire to hold onto their reins of power.

A Shameless Bid To Hold The Reins Of Power

Boston Tea Party? Oh Hell no!! How about an all American roast , BBQ Style of our favorite politicians and medal asswipes!


Damn this Buck Ofama AssO is either a bold SOB or looking to create a real war..Minorities, layabouts, welfare parasites, Government workers, media asswipes against Americans, hard working, taxpaying, America Loving Americans…Does he think this will turn out well?

Cooking his bull shit is what it is!

Can You Smell What Barack Is Cooking? President Evangelizes Liberalism To Latent Hispanic Voters On Texas Jobs Visit


Dismantle the State: Q&A With 3D Gun Printer Cody Wilson


CCRKBA: Data Conflicts with Gun Control Rhetoric

Newly-released data from the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) proves that more guns in private hands do not lead to more murders, and a Pew Research study showing widespread ignorance of this fact suggests that the public has been misled, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said this week.

CCRKBA Says Coburn Amendment Made Sense, Blasts Senate

A proposal by Sen. Tom Coburn to expand gun rights made sense, and Senate anti-gunners who opposed the measure should be held accountable by voters, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms said Thursday.


More ammo…Is a good thing!!!

Remington® Expands Ammunition Operations

Remington Arms Company announced Thursday its plan to expand operations at the Remington Ammunition Plant in Lonoke, Arkansas. Work on the $32 million expansion plan, which will include the construction of a new building, is expected to begin second quarter of 2013.


Families of dead SEAL Team Six members level serious charges against Obama administration


How? Morgan! Unleash Hell? DREAM! Executive Action! CISPA. Tantrum. Professor…Revive?

“Every man who loves peace, every man who loves his country, every man who loves liberty ought to have it ever before his eyes that he may cherish in his heart a due attachment to the Union of America and be able to set a due value on the means of preserving it.”

James Madison, Federalist No. 41., 1788


How to Defeat the Armed Citizen

There are two ways to defeat the Armed Citizen; by force or a more sinister and subtle avenue. This week on SOTG Radio, Paul takes a close look at three subtle, but very deliberate, methods that are currently being used to defeat the Armed Citizen. Student of the Gun Radio airs every Monday at Noon Eastern and can be found by going directly to



CCRKBA to Piers Morgan: Your Plane is Waiting”

Late last year, CNN’s Piers Morgan threatened to “deport” himself if the United States did not dramatically change its gun laws, and this morning, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms suggested that he pack his bags.


Really? Need to increase the ‘protection’ of home and family..Since DHS nor Buck Ofama seem capable of doing so!!

Father of Lone Terrorist Threatens To Unleash Hell On USA If Son Is Touched

Yep. Once again ‘good kids’!! Killing Americans, innocent ones is what ‘good’ kids do…As long as they are Mooslim!!

Dzhokhar Tsarnaev & Tamerlan Tsarnaev, Chechen Muslim Terrorists & U.S. Immigrants – DREAM Act “Kids”; Amnesty Candidate


And 2nd Amendment Liberty supporting Freedom supporting Americans will turn the heat up on their elected Politicritters again. Ten fold this time!

Biden Pledges More Executive Action On Guns “Later This Week”


House Passes CISPA, Despite White House Veto Threat

The House of Representatives on Thursday passed the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA) with a vote of 288 to 127.


Obama’s Futile Tantrum over Gun Bill

The American people simply don’t want more anti-Second Amendment regulations

Another Prof in the making for a liberal anti American college?
One wonders..

Will Columbia U Will Make Boston Bomber a Prof Like They Did Weather Underground Scum?


Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid pledges to revive gun bill that was declared dead

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid on Thursday yanked from the Senate floor gun control legislation that suffered a serious setback a day earlier, pledging to revive the bill that many lawmakers…
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Obamas Assault on Guns



EMERGENCY: Our sources in Washington tell us that the White House’s newly formed gun policy council, headed by Joe Biden, is seriously considering using Executive Orders to bypass Congress all together and implement Gun Ban policies stricter and faster than even the upcoming Feinstein bill. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW!

I urgently need your help today:

The Second Amendment is under attack like I have NEVER witnessed before. Every asset we have has been put on the line to save our Second Amendment rights during this all out assault on weapons. But we are in serious trouble and desperately need your help!

CCRKBA is facing severe financial cash shortage and will not be able to continue to respond to anti-gunners without your immediate help.

We MUST pay bills due to several thousand dollars for mailings to twelve key battleground states aimed at defeating anit-gun legislation and regulations.

We MUST raise another $48,360 for postage to target additional mail at 19 undecided Congressman before Congress considers new anti-gun laws.

Select Here To Make A Much Needed Emergency Donation To CCRKBA! Help Continue The Fight To Protect Our 2nd Amendment!

We also need $16,700 more to pay the bill for the National Gun Rights Policy Conference held for gun rights activists.

Financial needs could not have come at a worse time. There is no way we could have budgeted for all of this.

Sarah Brady Group and Gun ban coalition using Norway shooting and Mexican border violence to push for new National Anti-gun laws.

Anti-gun media wants blood. OURS.

Select Here To Make A Much Needed Emergency Donation To CCRKBA! Help Continue The Fight To Protect Our 2nd Amendment!

Gun grabbers think that past gun control efforts have worn us down and hope you and I will quit fighting to protect our individual rights.

We CANNOT quit now…I know we can win this fight and defeat this anti-gun threat under disguise of fighting “crime and terrorism.”

I am counting on you! Please send CCRKBA a special emergency gift of either $38 or $19.

I have always relied on you and now need you more than ever.

Please send emergency gifts immediately because tomorrow is too late. I know I can count on you, thank you and God bless!

Select Here To Make A Much Needed Emergency Donation To CCRKBA! Help Continue The Fight To Protect Our 2nd Amendment!


Alan M. Gottlieb
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

If you prefer to donate by check, please mail to:

Citizens Committee for the Right
to Keep and Bear Arms (CCRKBA)

Dept Code 7295
Liberty Park
12500 NE 10th Place
Bellevue, WA 98005

With more than 650,000 members and supporters nationwide, the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is one of the nation’s premier gun rights organizations. As a non-profit organization, the Citizens Committee is dedicated to preserving firearms freedoms through active lobbying of elected officials and facilitating grass-roots organization of gun rights activists in local communities throughout the United States. Contributions are not tax deductible. The Citizens Committee can be reached by phone at Patriot

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Buried under election news this week, you might have missed the story…two more Border patrol agents were gunned down. One agent is dead, the other critically wounded. But the story and the damning evidence behind the Holder’s border fiasco are being deliberately buried…and believe me “buried” is exactly how Eric Holder wants it.

From the beginning, Holder has run an unbelievable obfuscation campaign, designed to deliberately hide his Justice Department‘s role in increasing the violence on our borders by handing guns to vicious gangsters who have used them to mow down thousands of Mexican citizens and multiple American border agents.

The media continues to play along and hide Holder’s crime.

That is until now. Univision, the Spanish language television station released a stunning full investigative report into Holder’s gun running scheme, complete with interviews and footage from Mexican Federalis and Policia that traces Fast & Furious gun serial numbers to Mexican crimes. The statistics and information revealed in the Univision show is nothing short of stunning. There is only one problem – the Univision report is in Spanish, so average American’s will not be exposed to the TRUTH of Holder’s crimes – unless CCRKBA is able to release OUR video.

That is why it is critically important that YOU take a stand. We need your immediate help with three things:

  1. Sign the Holder Indictment form
  2. Share the form with as many people as possible
  3. Help CCRKBA pay for the commercials that will expose Holder’s crime to every American

We are literally running out of time. Lives are literally on the line. We HAVE to get these commercials on television airways as soon as physically possible if we mean to stop the bloodshed happening at our border. PLEASE HELP CCRKBA TODAY!


Alan M. Gottlieb
Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms