Day 7!!

Of experiencing the deep freeze..

Have seen single digits above 0 a couple of days.

Subzero this morning -15.

Supposed to get ‘better’ next week..

Forecast calls for +10 next Tuesday!!!

Steadily increasing temps into the 20’s and 30’s by the weekend!!

Unfortunately until then, Lows in the negative teens and possible 20 below.

Highs may zero if lucky..

To damn cold to do much but hide in the house only going out to buy needed items and such and work.

Well keeps things quiet as most folks are hibernating..

Damn that climate change!!




Nothing To See Here….They’re Green!!!

So all is good…

‘Environmental disaster’: Electric cars have a dirty little recycling problem — batteries

But electric cars have their own dirty little secret: Every electric vehicle, and most hybrid vehicles, rely on large lithium-ion batteries weighing hundreds of pounds. One of the largest, the battery for the Mercedes-Benz EQC, comes in at 1,400 pounds. Typically made with cobalt, nickel, and manganese, among other components, these batteries cost thousands of dollars and come with an environmental burden: They require ingredients sourced from polluting mines and smelters around the world, and they can ultimately contaminate soil and water supplies if improperly disposed.