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By Education Minnesota…

Have bought the crap spewed forth by GloBull Warming….

From city halls to the State Capitol, Minnesota youths lead the charge in climate crisis

Across Minnesota, students are springing into action to combat climate change — and pushing their local governments to do the same.


Sure We Are Al ….

Al Gore: ‘We’re Running Out Of Time’ On Global Warming

You’ve been so damn accurate in the past…

When carbon-credit salesman Al Gore joined the climate fray with his “documentary” An Inconvenient Truth in 2006, the climate lies only worsened. Gore’s film predicted a 20-foot sea-level rise in the “near future” owing to ice melt from Greenland and Antarctica. As you can see, it hasn’t happened yet. Gore also predicted the devastation of low-lying Pacific Island nations such as Tuvalu because of sea-level rise. But Tuvalu and some other island nations have actually grown in size since Gore’s pronouncement. A British judge concluded in 2007 that the film contained at least nine factual errors and was, therefore, a political film — not a scientific one.