Comcast. Doctors. DIY. Colorado. Gorebull Warmening. Under Who?? 900 more?

Comcast Pulls All Gun Ads

I would not be a subscriber…

Oh wait..I don’t watch TeeWee…


IT’S STARTING: Florida ‘Doesn’t Have Enough Doctors’…

See! Obamacare is cutting costs!

You won’ have anyone to see to spend your money on!!


Make war. Make weapons..

DIY in Syria..

Think about it…


Battlground Colorado: The Frontier of Gun Rights


Go Texas..

Moving to keep the Feds in place…

I’m thinking walling in Washington and putting a lid on the whole damn mess..


Who needs a gun to kill when you have..

Man convicted in Minneapolis sword, bayonet, hammer slaying

Messy I bet. But apparently it worked!!


Another sharp pointy death..



That darn Gorebull Warmening..

Over 650 snow records set in USA this week – another wonky surface station located

Oh wait….


America: Under God or Under Surveillance


Over 900 yearly??

I wish!! I drive 100 miles a day to get to and from work!!

900 more because of Buck Ofama??

Shit I wish!!