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Politicians. Utopia! War on Women. Smite?

“No country can be called free which is governed by an absolute power; and it matters not whether it be an absolute royal power or an absolute legislative power, as the consequences will be the same to the people.”

Thomas Paine, Four Letters on Interesting Subjects, 1776


Okay. Now this should not surprise anyone.

Crooks, criminals, layabouts….pretty much explains many Politicians..

Cashing in: Lawmakers Politicians subsidize businesses, then work for them


Nanny Bloomberg and New York’s gun control works….err wait….maybe not!!! About as well as


Another gun control utopia!

Mayhem in the city: 25 people shot in 48 hours 

 War on Women? Leftists in America do it well. Almost as good as the Sheet Heads in the Middle East and elsewhere!!

Republican Congressman Says Democrats Calling His Office Are Upset Women Can Use Guns Against Rapists


Shall We Smite With the Sword?



Why Governments are So Stupid?

Richard Maybury is without a doubt one of the most articulate spokesmen for individual liberty and personal responsibility. If you want to understand why our government seems be determined to make all of the wrong decisions. He has produced a series of videos that I think you will thoroughly please watch “Why Governments are So Stupid”, “Why Power Corrupts” and “How to Win a Revolution Peacefully”. The only way we can restore peace, prosperity and freedom is to change our way of thinking. If we keeping doing what we have been doing, we are going to continue getting what we have been getting. We need a paradigm shift like the one that took place in 1776 when Thomas Paine wrote his pamphlet “Common Sense“.Watch Richard Mabury Videos
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