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Via email..From a follower of this silly blog..

To all,
It was brought to my attention, thank you Ken, that there is no recoil in the photo showing our illustrious leader pulling the trigger on a shotgun. I’m amazed that he somehow escaped one of the basic laws of physics. It has something to do with “equal and opposite reactions”…

Enclosed is a non-photoshopped photo I took showing what happens when firearms have their triggers pulled. In this time exposure of about 2 seconds, note the distance he is moved backwards.
BO is just not moving backwards…amazing.

Another thing………….who goes skeet shooting next to a paved road?????????????


Shooting Back

When a good man has a gun..

And fights back….

This church massacre would have claimed even more than the 11 lives and 53 injured recorded that day if not for one man. Armed with just a snub-nosed .38 revolver and crouching behind a pew, he dared shoot back—sending the terrorists running away with him in hot pursuit

Bet the anti freedom crowd hate this..

Is free for Kindle…Go grab it!!

Therapy Today..

At my Range!!

What type of therapy were you thinking??

Was .22 rifle day. Took my Winchester 190 with 4x Weaver scope and the Marlin Model 60 with a Baraska (sp?) 3×9 variable scope.

At my nice little range that so far has been quiet whenever I am there, but then Friday mornings are nice to have open.

Use the Shotgun/Smallbore Rifle range today.

And started with the Winchester. Damn that scope is just tough to look down and the eye relief is off..

But I fired of a magazine’s worth (no clip! Magazine!!)

Umm yeah..maybe ‘concentrate’ a little!! (Big holes from Kahr)

Okay. Better, but dang this eye relief is a problem and making it tough to get a good sight picture…Hmmm

Okay again..

Lets try something…I can move the rings back farther and bring the scope back a bit more so I am not stretching my neck and squinting!!!

Okay…now…wait..lets adjust a bit…

Okay. I’m calling that good, in spite of lousy breathe control and trigger control today..

Lets try the Marlin..

What the heck?? Okay..Ahh this screw is a bit loose…

Okay. Better….Should I…hmmm..

Now I am liking that!!

Heh..all in all a good day. Plenty of 22 rounds sent downrange and after I was happy with the sights I started picking up peices of clay pigeons someone had been using for targets, nice orange pieces and stuck them in the treads of tire backstop and proceeded to pick them off.

I did shoot a few clips worth with my Kahr. Did some move and fire drills not much a bit.

Finished the session off with one more round using the Marlin

Calling it adequate. Need to get out more!!

And finished with the Winchester..

I am leaning towards picking up a new scope and replacing the Weaver on this one…Still not to shabby, considering…

Good therapy session!!!
With a gun!!