Ridiculous ……and Gun Bits …

This sumbitch needs to be taken behind the woodshed…..

Biden coronavirus advisory board member said living past 75 has virtually no value

More like a death panel I am thinking…And Biden is over 75!!!

Arm yourselves….

The Demons Are Waiting To Hear Their Master Say: ‘Release The Dogs’

The Great Equalizer, thank you Samuel Colt…

Increased Gun Sales And How Firearms Are Equalizers

Lies…It’s all they have..

New Study Offers More Lies From The Gun Control Side

How to create outlaws…

Uh Oh: NC County Suspends CCW Applications Over COVID

The UN?? Why do they exist and why on American soil?

United Nations Human Rights Council Condemns America For Police Brutality, Racism

Chiara de Blasio In Verbal Slip Up, Claims Biden “Was Able to Steal” Election

Another FINE example of Higher Education!!

In another apparent attempt to delegitimize the claims of Trump supporters, Boston University professor Ibfram X. Kendi asserted that the term “legal vote” is “racist.”

Gun Bits and Ridiculous…..

Real NAZI …

WATCH NY Nazi Governor Cuomo: “I’m going to close the synagogues.”

Fuhrer Cuomo goes after the Jews

A tough nut to break…

Trump vs The Military Industrial Complex

Crime Prevention Research Center Releases Report, Carry Permits Soar to 19.48mil(.)+

ICYMI: Biden Would Ban and Criminalize AR-15s and MSRs

“Joe Biden’s gun grab isn’t original but is it is shockingly honest that they admit the end game. His campaign promise to confiscate guns rips the mask off the lie told by gun control for decades,” said Lawrence G. Keane, NSSF Senior Vice President, and General Counsel. “Yes, they are coming for your guns. The Biden-Harris campaign literally spelled out how they would do this and would violate their oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, but instead destroy it.”

Leftist Claim Rittenhouse Attacker was “Unarmed Man” Murdered “At Distance”

Swalwell Reminds Us That Democrats Won’t Stop With A Gun Ban

The Do or Die, Join or Die Election

And they are using it to scare the feeble minded left…

New WHO estimate puts coronavirus death rate at only 0.13%

George Soros’ Christian Lackeys

Go ahead Joe, keep insulting people and showing your far left beliefs..Just like your mentor, Buck Ofama..

Biden Threatens Religious Freedom, Suggests Christians With Certain Traditional Views Are ‘Dregs of Society’

Fahrenheit 451 Predicted People Would Demand Tyranny

Spineless, needy, entitled people..

HT: ZendoDeb..

Seed The Narrative Early and Often: How “Journalism” Works, According To CNET

‘Journalism’ and ‘works’ in the same sentence??

Examples please!!

Does Trump not do absolutely anything right for the US? Because all I hear from the media about him are negative things.

But Trump does do right, the media jackals lie and misinform the weak minded…

Plenty of examples of who how he has at link..

And finally…Go over to ZendoDeb’s place and read this…

On the Arrogance of WordPress Developers

Is about the hated new ‘block editor’ WordPress has foisted on us…


Gun Bits and Ridiculous ….

Yep …


Schiff for brains…

‘You’ll get him this time for sure!’ Adam Schiff must have been jealous of others hogging the news cycle, because he’s found ANOTHER whistleblower

Bill Gates the Virus Expert…

Bill Gates Linked Covid-19 Vaccine Trial SUSPENDED Due To ‘Potentially Unexplained Illness’

Yep..One dangerous old lady….


The Michigan Bitch…..

‘Very Distressing’: Michigan Governor Says She Is Concerned About Trump’s Event But Not Biden’s

This is bullshit, the Left is lawless, unConstitutional and needs to be broken..

The mass cancellations of Christian and conservative events


Washington and Lee University offers a course on ‘How to Overthrow the State’, and they are proud of it


CORONA Stupidity…

Summit News ..

A new enforcement team of ‘Coronavirus Marshals’ will be employed by the government to patrol cities in order to police social distancing, the UK government has announced.

A video out of Spain shows citizens preventing police from arresting a woman for not wearing a face mask.

Yet another shock video out of Australia shows police enforcing coronavirus rules by arresting an elderly woman sitting on a park bench for not wearing a mask.



Someone ‘splain This Please..

So they can track China-flu cases back to Sturgis..

Health officials in 3 states have traced new COVID-19 cases to the Sturgis motorcycle rally where hundreds of thousands of bikers gathered

Yet continue to ignore the obvious with all the Protesting/rioting/etc going on?

You know damn well if Sturgis caused spread, these fricking BLM/Antifa gatherings are doing the same damn thing..

They are playing America big time people…

The left, the media, politicians…

All in on it…



Gun Bits …..Ridiculous Pieces…

Their Back…

Western Rifle Shooters Association

No thanks to WordPress….


U.S. Soccer votes to make kneeling great again

Running around, chasing a white ball. As exciting as Golf or watching grass grow..

Sorry if that offends some….But is my view..

Stay armed..

Democratic House candidate Kim Olson: ‘If people loot, so what? Burn it to the ground’

Protect yourselves from DemocRATs..

Daily dose of media playing stupid and winning…

News Anchors Blame Coronavirus Spikes On Reopening While Ignoring Recent Protests

Play stupid games….

Protester Badly Hurt When Toppled Confederate Statue Lands on His Head: ‘His Skull Was Actually Showing’ 

What? Is it idiot day??

VIDEO: Suspected looters confront armed store owners about ‘why they can’t break into the place’

Defund the police….Riiigghhtt….

Coming To A Blue Neighborhood Near You after They Defund Their Police


They both need …never mind…

Some need to get lives….

Cracker Barrel under attack because it ‘feels’ like a racist place, with a racist name

Because gunowners are not the ones creating this mess…

No, Mother Jones, We Gun Owners Won’t Come To Save You

SO your on your own…

And finally….A Public Service Message…

Please distribute to those wishing this…


Ridiculous …..


A crooked Democrat???

Truth comes out about Whitmer and coronavirus contract to Dem firms

Confused old man…

Watch: Biden Thinks D-Day Occurred On December 7th, Confuses With Pearl Harbor

Playing politics and killing people…

Cuomo Allegedly Gave Protection to Nursing Homes After They Donated to His Campaign

The killing part..

Gov. Cuomo issued order forcing nursing homes to take COVID patients. He continues to blame Trump.

Because nothing says protest like a riot…

Looters Steal ‘TV’s & Groceries, Clothes’ After the Death of George Floyd In Minnesota (Watch)


1996 – U.S. President Bill Clinton’s former business partners in the Whitewater land deal, James McDougal and Susan McDougal, and Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker, are convicted of fraud. Bill and Hillary, however, are as pure as the driven snow (or some other four-letter word beginning with “s”)


Tracking You …

Is what Government and Big Tech Wants….


  • Apple and Google have released mobile contact tracing technology that can notify people if they’ve been exposed to the coronavirus – both companies stated: “Today, this technology is in the hands of public health agencies across the world who will take the lead and we will continue to support their efforts.”

And they’ll know…When you don’t comply….


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