Ridiculous …..


A crooked Democrat???

Truth comes out about Whitmer and coronavirus contract to Dem firms

Confused old man…

Watch: Biden Thinks D-Day Occurred On December 7th, Confuses With Pearl Harbor

Playing politics and killing people…

Cuomo Allegedly Gave Protection to Nursing Homes After They Donated to His Campaign

The killing part..

Gov. Cuomo issued order forcing nursing homes to take COVID patients. He continues to blame Trump.

Because nothing says protest like a riot…

Looters Steal ‘TV’s & Groceries, Clothes’ After the Death of George Floyd In Minnesota (Watch)


1996 – U.S. President Bill Clinton’s former business partners in the Whitewater land deal, James McDougal and Susan McDougal, and Arkansas Governor Jim Guy Tucker, are convicted of fraud. Bill and Hillary, however, are as pure as the driven snow (or some other four-letter word beginning with “s”)


Tracking You …

Is what Government and Big Tech Wants….


  • Apple and Google have released mobile contact tracing technology that can notify people if they’ve been exposed to the coronavirus – both companies stated: “Today, this technology is in the hands of public health agencies across the world who will take the lead and we will continue to support their efforts.”

And they’ll know…When you don’t comply….


From Ammo.com




And the #Fakenews or #LiesoftheLeft continues unabated…

NBC admits Chuck Todd’s ‘Meet the Press’ deceptively edited Barr remarks on Flynn

NBC-Nothing But Crap.


Outrageous, stupid, asinine…

These Are The Most Outrageous Coronavirus Restrictions


But of course she does!! She is a Democrat whom will not be held accountable!!

Atlanta Mayor Lays Blame On White House For Ahmaud Arbery Shooting





Morning Joe says if Trump resigns, virus patients will be safe


Wrong…Despise the media because they lie…Constantly..

“People hate the media because Trump tells them to” is the cry;


More media bullshit…

LA Times Caught Inventing Fake Link Between Climate, Drought, Wildfires



Ridiculous ….

And Democrats love it. Seeing America destroyed because …Orange Man Bad!!!

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Used Imperial College Model, NOW CONFIRMED FRAUDULENT — To Persuade Lockdown 

** The fraudulent model predicted 2.2 million American deaths from the coronavirus pandemic ** The authors of the Imperial College Model shared their findings with the White House Coronavirus task force in early March ** Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx then met with President Trump privately and urged him to shut down the US economy and destroy the record Trump economy ** A new critique of the Imperial College Model finds the study is “completely unusable for scientific purposes” — The study is a sham ** Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx pushed a garbage model on the White House and the American public and destroyed the US economy


Has been washed up rocker…

Axl Rose insults Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on Twitter — and he just responded

What has Rose done to help???



Biden Said He Had 3 Degrees & Was Top of His Class, But It’s Not True – ‘His Memory Had Failed Him’


Freedom of Worship is a Right fatboy…

Illinois Governor Puts SEVERE Restrictions On Churches Saying That They May Not Open Up For A Year Or More

Ever read the Constitution??



The Shutdown Is The Largest Infringement Of Rights In A Century

And people are getting more then a bit angry..



200+ actors, academics call for radical transformation away from capitalism




Ridiculous ….

Sleepy Joe…

Joe Biden: Coronavirus an ‘Incredible Opportunity’ to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America


No…Micheal is a dude…And as far as I am concerned dumb as a rock…

Deranged CNN anchor Don Lemon says Obama ‘better looking,’ ‘smarter’ and has ‘more accomplished’ wife than Trump


I do not and have not trusted this guy since the beginning..

SMELLY: Dr. Fauci, who FUNDED Wuhan Lab, dismisses coronavirus lab theory, despite 17 US spy agencies belief it originated in Wuhan lab

Tony Fauci and the Trojan horse of tyranny


Surprised he didn’t ‘suicide’ himself..

So Hillary was not involved..

Researcher ‘On the Verge’ of Coronavirus Breakthrough Found Shot Dead In His Home.


Damn! They are that stupid!!

In Canada..Led by that Beta Male Pussy Trudeau…

‘Star Wars’ Themed Promotion Goes HORRIBLY Wrong As Cops Arrest Employee In Stormtrooper Costume.



Our Ancestors Would Be Amazed At Our Cowardly Coronavirus Hysteria


Gov. Tim Walz fails again..

Barber Who Attempted To Reopen During Walz Shutdown Faces Up To $25,000 In Fines


Whenever there is a Clinton involved…It can’t be a good thing..

Clinton Foundation Wants To Use AmeriCorps To Create A ‘National Contact Tracing Corps’


What next???

Mid-Week in Pictures: Giant Murder Hornets Edition


Ridiculous …

Your a weather man. You ‘forecast’ the weather and have a 50-50 chance of getting it right. And get paid for it.

KARE11 Meteorologist: Protestors Are “Nazi Sympathizer Gun Fetishist Miscreants”

Shut up..


Still pushing his false narrative..

Here’s a shock; Al Gore blasts Trump, blames pandemic on climate change““


Clowns is accurate…

GOP declares ‘impeachment 2.0’ as Pelosi names Dem clowns to coronavirus oversight panel 


TDS? Orange Man Bad?

Or just another leftist idiot displaying tolerance?

Rutgers University professor blames Trump voters for COVID-19 deaths: ‘F*** each and every Trump supporter’



Pelosi: My Chinatown Visit Didn’t Downplay Coronavirus. It Helped Prevent It


Another DemocRAT expert…

Jerry Nadler: Thousands More People Will Die If Trump Reopens the Economy to Help Win Re-election


But he won’t. Because Democrats!!

Bill De Blasio Should Resign Over His Anti-Semitic Tweet

The morons will reelect the asshole..


South Dakota….


Over 2 weeks ago, South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem was criticized for not issuing a stay-at-home order. Let’s check in on the state, shall we?

Damn Deplorable’s in flyover country…

As opposed to another Democrat Dictator…

Governor Set to Close All Beaches and State Parks in California

Because you know, fresh air and sunshine is BAD for you…

Like this!!

A video of law enforcement officers telling a 93-year-old couple that they can’t sit in chairs on a beach in Oxnard, California, is currently going viral on social media.

Damn hooligans….



Chief Public Health Officer of Canada Appeared in 2010 Documentary to Advocate ‘Tracking Bracelets’ For Vaccine Refusniks

You will comply or into the cattle car for you!!


Fakenews…Lying Media..