Not just no but HELL NO!!

Pfizer CEO says FOURTH shot will be ‘NECESSARY’ and you can BET they’ll change definition of FULLY vaccinated

You better believe the Covid regime, which will continue to be resurgent in the face of variants, will update their definition of “fully vaccinated” to include both the fourth shot and the annual shot.

Take your vaccine and shove it!!!


Quick Bits …

Found this at 90 Miles

Thinking it would be a great theme song for Politicians…Esp those in Washington DC..


In my own tribe there is a lot of controversy over the vaccine..A few in the tribe work in healthcare…

Some staunchly for it, some (Yours truly) saying HELL NO!

And unfortunately there are some heated moments..

But I stand my ground..

CDC Issues New Guidelines, Launches Probe After 1000s Negatively-Affected Following COVID-19 Vaccination

A vaccine that has not been fully tested..Released on the public..


Amazon Hires Lobbying Firm Connected To Biden’s Top White House Adviser


World’s Second Largest Hydroxychloroquine Plant in Taiwan Blows Up

One wonders …

What Will the World Look Like on January 22nd 2021?

Made up, fake holiday…

Why Kamala Harris Is Being Accused of Lying Over Kwanzaa Post

And she lies about it..

Georgia ..

Loeffler Slams Warnock As “Most Radical Anti-Gun Candidate In America”

Bad people are always ‘in season’…

‘Tis The Season For Armed Self-Defense

Effing idiots and spineless are today’s Repuplikans ..


s refusal to back $2,000 Covid payments to citizens and not cutting foreign aid will haunt them for years

Biden’s Bureaucrats And The Assault On The Second Amendment


Quick Bits…


Hey Ritz!! Shut up and make crackers!!

Ritz Crackers Wants To “Redefine Family”….What Does This Have To Do With Selling Crackers?


New York Socialite Pays For Toy Gun “Buyback”

And as Californistan goes ..

The Sovietization of California

Have you commented yet?

20K+ Comments (So Far) On ATF’s Proposed Pistol Brace Rules

I have…..

ATF Brace ‘Factors’ Feign ‘Understanding’ Backed Up by Future Threat


Because laws work!! Look at the laws against murder…oh wait..

If UK Gun Laws Are So Effective, What Are These Charges, Then?

Democrats are watching closely…

New Law in Nicaragua Guarantees Ortega Elections Without Opponents

Like Biden, the Chinese own him, but that’s okay apparently..

The Democrats’ Eric Swalwell Problem

Fascist Book with JP..

Coming for you…

‘Blueprint for Positive Change’ Exposes the Left’s Plans for Conservatives

The Deplorables Are Waiting for a Sign

More JP…

And the bitch claims to be ‘Catholic’.

Dan Calabrese: Pelosi Just Showed the World How She Really Feels About People Who Trust the Bible

They did what??

Sob Story Used in COVID-19 Sting Operation

You will comply!! By force!!

IT BEGINS: Ohio Authorizes Military To Begin Mass Injections Of Citizens With COVID-19 Vaccine By The National Guard

Pathetic: Only 6 Senators Voted ‘No’ on ‘COVID Relief’ Bill ‘Monstrosity’

So glad that the Pakistani youth will get $10,000,000 of American money for gender help. But sure, COVID!

*cue maniacal laughter*

Yep. My sentiments exactly…

Situation Update – The Misdirection Ploy – How to seize everything without using the military


Quick Bits …

Works for me!!

Gun grab sparks ‘Defund ATF’ movement


Formerly skeptical Kamala Harris says pic of Joe Biden getting Covid vaccine is ‘what leadership looks like’

Waste…But happens everytime  politicians try to ‘Help’…

‘Pork is heavy’! Covid stimulus bill wheeled around Congress (because it ‘cannot actually be physically carried’)


What?? Is this ‘stimulating’

‘They hate you’: Coronavirus stimulus bill includes no less than $10 million for ‘gender programs’ in Pakistan

And then there’s the pork we’ve been looking for, and it’s just as ridiculous as we’d suspected.

How the COVID relief bill turned into a climate change bill

Even AOC disagrees…


Didn’t Shillary try this??

California Girl Kamala Harris Adopts Bizarre Southern Accent While Stumping For Georgia Dems

Pandering bitch..

Chuckie…Term Limits Now!!

Gutless Chuck Schumer Supports Anti-Semites And Israel Haters

This started long ago…

The Birth of Cancel Culture and the Death of Education


2020 exposed the teachers unions for the frauds they are

What an ass wipe…

I’m Smart and I Want Respect! Cuomo’s Most ‘Fredo’ Moments of 2020

You earn respect!! You have not!!

About time..

Angry anti-lockdown protesters storm Portland’s capitol

Of course it was an ‘Unlawful Assembly’

No pillaging and looting, unlike other groups that have tearing Portland apart..

I think the answer is Yes!!!

The Morning Briefing: Will Gestapo Joe Make a Hard Run at Gun Owners Right Away?

Everytown Wants to Use Executive Actions to Gut the Second Amendment

More stimulus …. Are you stimulated??

Here’s A Breakdown Of Everything Inside The $900BN Stimulus Bill, And What It Means For The US Economy

Or oppressed? Depressed??


Quick Bits …

Lengthy, but worth reading ..

From Borepatch

The end of the American Empire

The looting of the Middle Class

Troublesome…But take the damn vaccine, or else..

Shocking report on COVID vaccine adverse effects: the roll-out continues anyway

Like hell I will!!

But wait!!

S.M.Stirling? I’ve read and enjoyed many of his books…

But now??

Well, here’s an author I’ll not put another penny into the pocket of

So sick of Gates…

Bill Gates: Bars & Restaurants Should Be Closed For 4-6 Months

When push comes to shove..Time to push back..

“Resist” Gets Real: And So It Begins

Over 150 Minnesota Bars and Restaurants Set to Defy COVID-19 Restrictions

One hopes so…

Are the Democrats waking the sleeping giant?

Being played are we??

A New Warning That International Pandemic Responses Are Eroding Freedom

Authoritarian-minded officials have found opportunity in public health fears.

Push back against the Tyranny ..

Polymer80 Refuses California’s Subpoena To Turn Over Customer Information ~ VIDEO

Prove it wrong…

Now we know for sure that our judges and justices are abject cowards

We the people the road to freedom?

And finally..

Pretty much covers the GOP…Grand Old Pissants..