D-Day And Where Was #FJB??

No where to be found for second year in a row!

But then he has never served! (I don’t consider being a politician as ‘serving’ anyone but themselves!!)

Jacqui Heinrich Hits Biden For Snubbing D-Day Two Years in a Row: ‘They Gave a Proclamation on National Ocean Month’ 

Oh wait!!

Apparently he did, through Twitter, after the fact !!


Comparing D-Day Vets to Antifa..???

D-Day vets did not wear masks and went into battle against those whom fought back, with guns.

Antifa attacks wears masks and attacks those whom cannot fight back..

Comparing the two is what an asinine liberal would do…


MN Democrat Education Finance Chair Compares D-Day Veterans to Violent Leftwing ANTIFA

And those 18 and 19 year old kids whom stormed the beaches?

They would kick those Antifa pussies asses so bad, they would never come out of Mom’s basement, ever…