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Five easy ways to support gun rights TODAY

No I cannot make this today.
I know both Bly and Dahle are big government worshipping anti gun legislators. Both have spent the careers sucking off the public tit.
And they know where I stand!!!
Are you sure you can’t make it to the Minnesota Gun Owners Lobby Day today at noon? Don’t worry! You can still make a difference, and it only takes a minute:
Here are five easy ways to have an impact TODAY:
1. Call Senator Kevin Dahle and Representative David Bly, TODAY! (Their info is at the end of this email!)
Tell them that you are calling because it’s Minnesota Gun Owners Lobby Day. Tell them that #MNGOLD‘s hundreds of attendees represent the hundreds of thousands of law-abiding, voting gun owners in the state.
2. Send them an email!
Same message, electronic delivery!
3. Spread the word!
Take a minute to like GOCRA and MNGOPAC on Facebook, follow @MNGOPAC and @MN_GOCRA on Twitter, and invite a few friends!
Tweet about today’s rally on with the hashtag #MNGOLD. Write about MNGOLD on Facebook.
4. Support the organizations that support your rights
Fighting for our rights isn’t free. If you can spare $10 or $20 to help fund today’s event, we’d appreciate it.
5. Make an appointment to see your elected officials another day
Can you imagine if your senator and representative had a gun-rights constituent visit every day of the session? They would begin to understand the strength of the millions of law-abiding gun owners in Minnesota. So call their offices today, and arrange to visit in a week or three.

Make Sure You Vote Tomorrow!

Make Sure You Vote Tomorrow!

ACTION:  Please get to the polls by the end of tomorrow night.  There are a multitude of pro-gun candidates on the ballot this Election Day.  So please make sure you check out GOA’s 2014 Election Guide and share it with all your pro-gun friends and family.

Prospects Look Good on this Election Eve

It’s no understatement that tomorrow is a big election.

Anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg has committed to spend $50 million to help advance gun control nationwide.  And he’s already made good on his threat, spending millions of dollars on anti-gun candidates and ballot initiatives around the country.

Not surprisingly, there are reports of voter fraud surfacing in certain localities — given that many state laws make it difficult to prevent illegal aliens from voting, and the current White House has sued states which have tried to put up barriers to such illegalities.

But all of that will not matter if America’s pro-gun majority gets out and votes tomorrow.

Opinion polls indicate that Americans are disgusted with the direction our country is going, and so by Tuesday’s end, we expect that there will be a huge change in the Senate.

Even the liberal Washington Post estimates there is a 96% chance that Harry Reid will be dethroned from his position of power.  But again, this won’t happen unless pro-gun voters around the country get to the polls and change the make-up of the U.S. Senate.

The opinion polls are encouraging to be sure, but NO CHANGE will occur if good people don’t actually get out and vote.

So please utilize and circulate GOA’s 2014 Election Guide — and encourage your pro-gun family and friends to get to the polls.

Have a Happy Election Day

Minnesota State Constitution Void…

Although Minnesota has a history of guns and hunting…

It’s Constitution does not guarantee the Right to keep and bear arms…

Minnesota:  Minnesota gun law could be far worse.  Its gun laws are above the bottom 20%.  The state has a well organized state level of second amendment supporters.   Minnesota is ranked 39 by G&A and C on the Brady score card.

Will this change?

Probably not as long as we have the LIEberal Twin Cities and *DFL controlling the State Houses and Governor’s office.

The metro has a history of ‘dictating’ what happens in Minnesota..

And it is really frustrating dealing with them. Because so many are clueless about what happens outside their little ‘utopia’ ‘shithole’ world of concrete, clay and glass.

Time to change that, or at least start…

This coming Tuesday, November 4th.

Vote….Vote for those whom will protect our Right..

And then hold their damn feet to the flame..

Don’t vote for progressive’s and big government loving politicians like David Bly or Patti Fritz.

Unfortunately we do not have a choice in 20B, Bly’s district as the GOP nominee dropped out..Still on the ballot though..

So the rest you? Vote to fill the House and Senate with those whom will make Bly irrelevant.

How socialist is Bly?

Government spends money so that the economy can be stimulated and money can
be made. You have to spend money at the macro level to make it work. This
is different at the household level. The private sector creates money by
pulling it out of thin air.~David Bly

Enough said….


If the States Were Chicks

 If the States Were Chicks.


Sarcasm aside, in the end, Minnesota (and her upper midwest socialist sisters) need to realize something:

They’re like fat women.

What socialist, liberal, and leftist politicians of the Arctic States of America have to realize is that they already have an uphill battle to keep productive people in their states.  Their weather sucks, snow sucks, and 8 hours a day of sunlight during winter also sucks.  So what do they do to sweeten the pot?

Foist some of the highest taxes on its population.

This is like a fat wife having the audacity to be overbearing and nagging on top of physically repugnant.  Not only is the place unattractive, but it’s abusive and intolerable as well.

Minnesota Property Taxes To Rise..

But of course…With a DFL controlled House and Senate along with the Governor’s Office one expects this.

Tax and spend and when they run out of Taxpayers money..Tax some more..

This from my former Rep whom unseated the Socialist in office. But with redistricting, leaning towards getting more DFL office holders…He unfortunately is not my rep anymore…Have the Socialist once again..

A recently released non-partisan report shows property taxes are rising in Minnesota, even as Gov. Mark Dayton and fellow Democrats try to convince citizens otherwise.


The property tax simulation from non-partisan House research staff indicates taxes on existing properties will rise by $13 million under the budget Dayton and the Democrat majorities passed this year. Democrats in St. Paul continue to tout the fact they spent $400 million to reduce property taxes but, in actuality, they are still projected to rise.


What’s worse is there is a projected 6.5-percent increase on agricultural properties. This burden is on top of new taxes on farm equipment repairs, higher energy rates due to new solar power mandates and a warehousing/storage services tax Dayton and the Democrats passed this year. Agriculture is a key component in our economy and our farmers deserve far better.


A key point is this: State government does not directly control property taxes. Local officials do. The state can provide local governments with $400 more in revenue, but there is no guarantee this will be used to buy down property taxes. We trust our local officials to make smart decisions and be good stewards of our tax dollars, but they make the final call on property taxes.


Dayton and Democrats will try to take credit for reducing taxes, but a report from the Dept. of Revenue shows Minnesotans in every income bracket will pay more. Their new budget for 2014-15 increases state spending by $3 billion, while raising taxes and fees on all of us by around $2.5 billion.

Dayton’s Shell Game

Dayton’s Shell Game Sends Mixed Signals On Middle Class Taxes

Minnesotans beware.

Governor Mark Dayton has been very clear on where he stands with raising taxes on businesses and “the rich” – yes you.

It’s much harder to figure out where Governor Dayton and the Democrats are coming from on the issue of taxes and the middle class.

They held a press conference this week touting new projections that property taxes would actually decrease in 2014. Keep your eye on those projections, by the way – they come from the same agency that predicted e-pull tabs would finance the new Vikings stadium.

So the Governor says low property taxes are a good thing for hard-working Minnesotans. We agree. But he had to raise over $2 billion in new taxes and fees, much of them on the middle class and even poor Minnesotans, to pay for lots of things including his supposed $121 million property tax reduction.

So which is it? Are higher taxes good or bad for the middle class?

Perhaps Minnesota families can use their projected property tax savings, if it ever materializes, to pay for all of the other cost increases they will experience because of the Dayton/DFL 2013 budget:

  • Higher energy bills.
  • Fewer choices and higher costs for childcare under forced unionization of childcare.
  • Higher premiums, higher co-pays, higher prescription drug prices and even fewer hours at work because of the healthcare exchange legislation.
  • New tobacco taxes.
  • Higher costs to download music and other files from the Internet.
  • Higher costs for car rentals.

Each day it becomes more apparent – Republicans stood against wasteful government spending and for an economic recovery that would continue producing middle class jobs, and what Mark Dayton and the Democrats really wanted was bigger government and more spending.

Yes Minnesotans, beware. Despite their spin, the Democrat’s all-tax-increases budget taxes everyone. And raising taxes in one area to supposedly reduce taxes in another is more than a gimmick, it’s a shell game. Make sure you are watching their other hand.

DFL prepares massive smear campaign

DFL prepares massive smear campaign

Is how they roll. They cannot win based on successes. They win based on false hopes and promises.

That is how Obama did it…

That is how Minnesota’s D(umb)F(ucking)L(IEberals) will do it.

The DFL knows they’ll get trounced if they run a traditional, on-the-issues campaign. They know this because the DFL legislature didn’t listen to the people. They passed their special interest supporters’ wish list, including child care unionization, repealing the Basic Skills Test for teachers and massive tax increases.

Tax the rich was the DFL’s mantra but soak the middle class is the reality. The DFL repeated the Obama campaign’s mantra about the war on women and working families. Working families is code for union households.