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Governor “Shutdown” Dayton Moves Goalposts…Again

Shutdown Gimmicks Extraordinaire
Governor “Shutdown” Dayton Moves Goalposts…Again

Over the last couple weeks Governor “Shutdown” has been all over the board.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any more ridiculous, today Dayton finally agreed to the State Auditor bill he had already signed, and then instantly identified a raft of new top priority impasses to the negotiations. And of course blamed Republicans.

Why? Because he wants a government shutdown.

Now that Governor “Shutdown” has added shutdown specialist Lt. Gov. Tina Smith to the negotiating team, they are executing their shutdown to-do list with even more precision.

Tell the Governor a Deal’s a Deal

In his latest move, Governor “Shutdown” wrote a letter calling for the legislature to focus on several more policy areas during the special session.

Once again he has moved the goalposts.

And because of Governor “Shutdown”, Minnesota farmers affected by the avian flu, steelworkers laid off on the Iron Range, and people affected by flooding have to wait for relief while Dayton continues his shutdown gimmicks…

Minnesotans deserve better!

Tell Governor “Shutdown” that a deal’s a deal, and it’s time to finish this budget.


Fact Check: Gov. Dayton Misleads Minnesotans about his Tax Increases


Fact Check: Gov. Dayton Misleads Minnesotans about his Tax Increases

Governor Dayton insists he cut taxes, 

but after an investigation, the verdict is in and the results are not good.

The Facts:

  • In 2013, Gov. Dayton raised taxes by $2.1 billion. (Star Tribune)
  • According to MPR, Gov. Dayton passed $232 million in sales taxes, just to repeal them a year later. (MPR)
  • Gov. Dayton passed a large financial gift tax, which he then corrected.(MPR)
  • Gov. Dayton even increased taxes on low income Minnesotans. (MPR)
  • After correcting a couple of their mistakes, Gov. Dayton and Minnesota Democrats still increased taxes by $1.7 billion! (MPR)

Not only did Gov Dayton raise taxes on Minnesota families, he mislead the public by saying he cut taxes. 

Tell Gov. Dayton money does not grow on trees. Sign our petition here! 


Democrats’ Favorite Day of the Year

Tax Day
Democrats’ Favorite Day of the Year

This year, you can thank Governor Dayton and Minnesota Democrats for higher taxes.

Democrats raised taxes by $2.1 Billion in 2013, expanding government spending by 11%. In addition Gov. Dayton promised to raise taxes on the top 2%, but the majority of Democrat taxes fell onto low and middle class Minnesotans. 

We need your help to tell Governor Dayton to stop raising taxes. 
Sign our petition here!

Special Session For Governor Quack Quack!!

Governor Quack Quack, Markie Dayton has called a Special Session for today..

Once voted one of the worst Senators evah!!

And then elected by the moon bat liberals here..


…but Governor Dayton says nothing about the other taxes hurting all Minnesotans.

That is…he doesn’t say anything any more!

Follow this tangled chronology of unsteady “leadership”…

   First Gov. Dayton proposed this…   

January 22, 2013
Touting his administration’s year-long effort to gather input on taxes, Governor Dayton proposes massive business to business sales taxes including a new sales tax on farm equipment repair in his original budget proposal.
January 24, 2013
To answer questions about what would and would not be taxed in Dayton’s budget proposal, the Department of Revenue puts out a detailed list of items that would now face a sales tax, including farm equipment repair.
   Then he said that…   March 14, 2013
After two months of sustained criticism, Governor Dayton changes his mind on his business sales tax expansions, including the farm equipment repair tax.April 23, 2013
Minnesota Senate Democrats apparently don’t care about the opposition to Dayton’s plan and release their own tax bill which expands the sales tax to business to business services, including the farm equipment repair tax.
May 17, 2013
The Tax Conference Committee, with Commissioner Myron Frans in attendance, discusses the expansion of the sales tax to farm equipment. Senator Senjem first asks the question at the 1:33 mark of the meeting: 
  • “Madam Chair, and perhaps this has been mentioned, but I look at this electronic and commercial equipment repair, maintenance and so on, non-consumer, and I think it says as much, but that’s a pretty broad menu, I think, of potential things all the way from something used in an iron mine to a combine…” 
Rep. Kim Norton also questions the new business to business tax and asks how the number appeared in the spreadsheet without the detail of what exactly will be taxed. In answer to Sen. Senjem’s and Rep. Norton’s questions, Sen. Ann Rest tells the committee that Dayton’s Department of Revenue will provide the details, because it’s their proposal: 
  • “The question really goes to the Department. They have, I think, a very complex understanding of how they got to that number, they just need to get it in writing. It’s not expanding until you get to that number, it is making sure that the language matches what was the intent. These are ones that we [the Senate] adopted that were from the governor’s budget originally.”
   Gov. Datyon signs the tax bill including the farm equipment repair tax…   

May 19, 2013

During debate of the tax bill in the House chamber (located right down the hall from the governor’s office), Rep. Rod Hamilton asks House Tax Chair Rep. Ann Lenczewski if the sales tax will now apply “to farm equipment repair.” She answers “that’s correct.”  Pressed later, Rep. Lenczewski remained adamant that members of the conference committee insisted on its inclusion. 

May 20, 2013
The press writes about the tax conference committee including the farm equipment tax over the weekend.  Politics in Minnesota, a publication covering the state capitol read by everyone, except perhaps Governor Dayton and his staff, had this to say: “The tax bill also proved a source of headaches in the 11th hour, particularly a provision that would apply the sales tax to farm machinery repairs, which would raise $28 million in the next biennium.” 
   Gov. Dayton blames others…   July – August, 2013
Once the public notices the new tax on farmers, Dayton first blames Legislative staff for a drafting error for its inclusion.  Then he blamed House and Senate Democrat leaders, saying the provision was “snuck” into the bill and that most legislators did not know about it.  Finally Dayton blamed an “imperfect process”, even though the legislature had four months to write the tax bill and he had three days before signing it to read it.  
August 6, 2013
Dayton criticizes Republicans for trying to expand the scope of the special session as “grandstanding” and says the special session will be limited to storm relief.
   Then he flip flops…   August 8, 2013
Dayton panders to farmers at Farmfest and reverses himself, saying he will now consider repealing the farm equipment repair tax during a special session.
   Then he flip flops…again!   
August 21, 2013
Dayton and Democrat leaders break their days-old promise to farmers and will not repeal the farm equipment tax in the special session. Dayton feels really bad about the farmers: “I’m personally disappointed that the repeal of the farm equipment repair tax is not a part of the agreement,” he said.

   Republican Solutions…   

This tax and so many others are a huge mistake, and everyone knows it. Three times Republican leaders offered Democrats the opportunity to use the Special Session to reverse their mistakes made in the last session and three times the Democrats refused. 
Minnesotans deserve better leadership. The previous Republican budget held the line on taxes and spending.  It created budget surpluses and supported a slowly recovering economy. Republicans will continue to look out for all hardworking taxpayers and work to undo the mistakes Democrats made in the last session.

Why are 150 jobs leaving Minnesota?

The DFL Way. Raise taxes, drive businesses away…


Gov. Dayton Needs to Focus on Why Jobs Are Leaving

We understand Governor Mark Dayton was to celebrate the grand opening of the business Endeavor Air today, but a health problem kept him away. On a personal level we wish him well, but when he is back on his feet we encourage him to also concern himself with the loss of another Minnesota business.

Navarre Corp announced it is pulling up their Minnesota roots and moving to tax-friendly Texas. The move means 150 Minnesota families will be scrambling for employment in an already tough job market.

Today’s announcement brings back painful memories of another Minnesota company that chose to expand in Texas – 3M. We like to brag about our high ranking in Fortune 500 companies, but when is the last time a Fortune 500 company started here or relocated here?

After his ribbon cutting duties are finished, Gov. Dayton should immediately track down a Navarre executive and conduct an exit interview to find out exactly why they are moving.

  • Did their accountants run the numbers on the impending tax increases due to kick in next week and decide the Texas business climate was more favorable?
  • Do they have warehousing costs that will soon be subject to a new tax that does not exist in Texas?
  • Are they concerned about the increasing energy costs that will hit every home and business because of the new costly mandates passed by the 2013 Democratic legislature?
  • Do they simply no longer feel welcome to grow their business in Minnesota after listening to the drumbeat of negativity toward business coming from Dayton’s office?

Whatever the reasons, Mark Dayton himself needs to find out why this important Minnesota company is heading to Texas with 150 good paying Minnesota jobs.

Minnesota. Screwed By the Democraps!!

Of course we were.

DFL Dumb Fucking Liberals!!


Rep. Kelby Woodard (20A) – Legislative Update

Over the last two years, we can see that the policies Republicans and Gov. Dayton put in place worked. We allowed Minnesota’s economy to grow and create jobs. That $5 billion budget deficit we faced in 2011 took a dramatic turnaround and grew into a more-than $3 billion budget surplus. What was once a 7.5-percent unemployment rate is now at 5.3 percent. Just last year, 55,000 new jobs were created and 60,000 Minnesotans took a risk and worked hard to start their own business. And the best news is, Minnesota’s economy continues to improve and revenues continue to come in higher than projected.

The Democrats have chosen a dramatically different approach. This session will be remembered as the year Democrats used their one-party control at the Capitol to pass historic tax increases, raise state spending to never-before-seen levels and focus on divisive social issues. As a result, the final tax bill for Minnesotans includes $2.1 billion in new tax burdens. With these increases, Minnesota will become the fourth-most taxed state in the union. Included in these new taxes is a business services tax and…

Mom & Pop Shop Tax, New 4th tier tax: $1.12 billion by increasing income tax on top bracket by 25 percent, including small businesses. This makes Minnesota’s income tax rate the second-highest in the nation for comparative income.

Cigarette Tax: $408 million from increase of $1.60/pack (from $1.23 to $2.83).

Sales and Gift Tax: $137 million by expanding sales tax to services like warehousing and storage, IT services and telecommunications and gift tax.

Everyone pays more for necessities: Groceries like bread, milk, gas, and medical products due to warehousing tax, electric bills due to additional mandates on utility companies, health insurance due to new Insurance Exchange, new drivers’ licenses, vehicle registration, and vehicle title fees, farm equipment repairs due to new electronic and commercial repair services sales tax, and new internet purchases due to sales tax expansion.

These new taxes will be imposed on Minnesotans at a time when we are projected to enjoy an $856 million surplus in 2016-17 (before any tax increases). These taxes were imposed to increase spending by an unsustainable 8 percent.

This unprecedented growth in the budget will result in 1,300 new full-time state government jobs. Even before these new jobs are added, the Minnesota state government weighs in as the state’s largest employer with over 40,000 employees. I believe these new tax dollars would be better left in the private sector where they can be leveraged to create long term sustainable job growth for our state.

Perhaps the most heated floor discussion this session centered on a bill that leads to unionized child care providers and personal care assistants. I strongly opposed this legislation, along with the vast majority of providers themselves, newspaper editorial boards throughout Minnesota, and parents everywhere. Special interest groups, Gov. Dayton, and fellow Democrats in the Legislature were the primary drivers behind this push to treat private small business owners as state employees.

#34, No Gun! Stumbles? Mischief? Extremist! Assasination! Atheists! Die! UN Supporters! Cash!

We’re #34!

Minnesota is, in Freedom…ND is #1 and SD #2..

The state’s taxes are higher than average

Minnesota scores poorly on health insurance and labor market freedoms

On both firearms and marijuana policies, Minnesota is quite a bit more regulated than the average state. The state is ripe for change in both areas.


No gun needed…Ban cars..

Man rams car into Calif. Wal-Mart, injuring, attacking 4


Markie Dayton stumbles? Hell I am surprised he is still standing!

Dayton’s Stumbles

The cruelest April Fools joke Minnesotans have experienced is the disastrous month Gov. Dayton just finished. It’s a month marked by incompetence (see e-tab revenue projections), overreaching (see Gov. Dayton’s ‘tax reform proposal’) and outright foolishness (see his taxing kids who babysit, mow lawns and shovel snow.)


Mischief? What about assault and what would happen if the victims shot back? Oh, my mistake THAT would be illegal in Chitcago!!

In Chicago, mobs of teenagers beating people up is considered “mischief”

Is why we need high cap self defense weapons. The police are proving their pointlessness.
So be it…Am as accused and will not deny it…

If You Support The Constitution or Veterans You Are An Extremist!


And who won’t control the borders? And who has armed the cartels? Buck Ofama thats who!!!!

Assassinating Public Officials: Mexican Cartels Getting Strong and Violent Foothold in the United States


If they do not ‘Believe’ then why do they so aggressively attack and waste time, effort and energy on Religion? One would think that attempting, and failing, to teach their beliefs would work better. But know they just like bringing attention to themselves with antics such as this..and losing yet again..

Atheists Lose Battle to Remove Christian Cross From Sept. 11 Museum — But Vow to Fight on


UN Supporters and what one expects from the 2 Minnesota Leftists and Clown Klobuchar and Franken.

Here Are the 46 Senators Who Voted to Turn Your Gun Rights Over to UN


This is the damn truth!!

Liberals Don’t Mind Children Dying – Just Not With Assault Rifles

Read one report that this was a ‘Mass’ killing….Does not appear so…Well unless it had been during ‘Mass’…Sorry…Had too..