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Ammo. Disgusted. IRS. Death Panels. Stupid. Another?

Ammo…Where? If you hit Fleet Farm just right you can find it. But 22 lr is still missing..

Rumor Control: Ammo Shortages Revisited!


If I wasn’t so damned tired I would find my shocked face…Bit my disgusted will have to do.

Evidence Suggests Obama Directly Involved In IRS Scandal


See disgusted…

IRS Scandal Shows You Can’t Trust Government, says Gun Law Expert

You think not? Your not really thinking then…

Death Panels? Of course …


I would be very unhappy..And an unhappy me is a bad thing…Ask some of the teachers and administrators at the Public Schools my kids attended…The stupid is so very strong today..

5-year-old Interrogated by School Until He Wets His Pants… Because of Cap Gun


Keep them coming Buck Ofama. Keep them coming..

Obama’s Next Scandal Could Come From The EPA

With the continued Benghazi investigation, IRS political targeting and DOJ press surveillance, could a scandal at the EPA be the next shoe to drop for the Obama administration? Last night, Andrew Wilkow‘s show featured a segment about practices at the EPA that might be illegal and that could cause some serious problems for the former EPA Chief and her replacement. Watch the video 

Death Panels..Privacy..Ted..Ofama..

You first Krugman..Your old…



Let us hope so!!


Ted vs Pisshead Morgan…I’ll pick Ted on this one..

Ted Nugent to Piers Morgan: ” Perfect poster boy to stand up for things that make no sense”


Buck Ofama…Killing Americans…

He needs to go away..

  • The U.S. government can order the killing of American citizens if they are believed to be ‘senior operational leaders’ of Al Qaeda or ‘an associated force,’ the memo states
  • The U.S. government can do so even if there is no clear evidence that the American targeted is engaged in an active plot to attack the U.S.
  • NBC reported the news after obtaining and releasing the memo
  • The Justice Department told MailOnline that it would not comment on the news
And remember he wants our guns…


Buck Ofama..murdering Americans any which way he can…

Supporting NARAL..

Remember…he wants our guns..


Background checks down by 10% in January…well it could be..

“You can’t do a background check if a guy doesn’t have a gun to buy,” said Mike Fotia, manager at Duke’s Sport Shop in New Castle, Pa. “There’s nothing to buy.”

Or maybe with the threat of having to register guns…folks are buying them through other means….Just saying now..


Economy bad? If you only knew…


Drones..Some States are stepping up and doing something about Drones…