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Doing better last I heard…Will check in with him later…

My sister whom is a writer of some sorts posted this about Dad and his Korean War experiences of which he has related to me more often especially when while we are Deer Hunting.

I remember this one, story is he also received a battle field promotion and a commendation of some sort for manning the machine gun. Was either Heartbreak or Bloody Ridge..

The next day or the day after, I had taken over a machine gun, nobody was on it, I took it over on top of the ridge. We did not go into attack that day. In the afternoon, I looked over to my left and I saw Rex Blow laying there. I called to him. No answer. So I crawled over there to where he was and kept calling to him and no answer. I go next to Rex and said, “Rex, what’s up.” his eyes are wide open, he looks like he’s just lying there.
Then I see it, a bullet hole right there (Dad indicates the middle of his forehead between his eyes). I closed his eyes for him. I’m sure he was doing what he was supposed to be doing and a sniper just got him.
I called to the medic and said, we’re got a dead man here, you’d better come and get him.” I crawled back to my position. Then I saw two men coming to get him.
The last I saw of Rex, he was being carried down the hill.

My Dad always was and is one tough cookie..

Another Day…

Spent spent sitting in the woods.

No deer for me. Son saw one but it was headed away from him through the brush and we have taught him we hunt to shoot, not shoot to hunt.

Did see the eagle again and it was screaming, kind of neat to hear…

So a good day once again..

The one of the trees and brush? The orange dot is the kid..The old dude? Ummm some layabout..

Another One?

For the bucket list?

My first hand gun was a Ruger Single Action Six .22 I purchased a while back at a Gun Show in Wells, Mn. In the Public School nonetheless!!

I shot the heck out of that gun..and then in a moment of…complete mind numbing stupidity traded it for a Winchester Model 12  1300 Shotgun…as I needed one for Deer season as we were going to be hunting in shotgun country..

They say hindsight is 20/20 and I really should have never done that becasue I find myself most often using my Ruger GP100 as my primary tool and my Model 1300 sits there in my blind…Could has just as well used my old single shot 20 gauge Ithaca!!

So it goes and now I see this! 9 shot Single Six…Arrrgggh….

The Nuge, a Liberal, Deer Hunting..

Here @ Conservative Libertarian Outpost.

The Liberal asks the Nuge  a Question about deer hunting and what a deer thinks…

The Nuge Replies…

Nugent replied, ‘Deer aren’t capable of that kind of thinking. All they care about is, what am I going to eat next, who am I going to screw next, and can I run fast enough to get away. They are very much like the Democrats in Congress.’

Gotta love it…Go read it all…


The LawDog Files: Hoo-AH!

The LawDog Files: Hoo-AH!.

Wow…just Wow..

That dude can shoot!!

My Dad can shoot also, grew up hunting in Northern Minnesota.

Combat vet, Korea, Squad leader. Got shot at, was shot and shot back.

His idea was to take a couple of shots and hit what he was aiming at and call it good.

We used to hunt in rifle country and he was deadly with his Remington 760 pump in .35 Remington

He now likes to stay closer to home and we live in shotgun country Bleh..

Last fall at age 80 he, my youngest and I went to the range to shoot our shotguns in prep for deer hunting.

He uses an old Springfield pump with a front bead sight. Some generic slugs he picked up.

100 yard ranges he sits down and puts 3 shots inside the circle.

He was better with his rifle.

He used to make me run about 150-200 years out onto the ridge we hunted and put out a couple of water filled milk jugs. Then with open sights he would pop both, one shot each and proclaim himself good.

He never missed a deer and never shot more then once.

I hope to have a few more hunts with him.

Hmmm still waiting for big buck!

Have seen nada except for the one by the road on the way here! Kid and Grandpa have seen numerous and now Grandpa is 2nd guessing as to if he should have taken a shot at one this morning!! Everytime I make the rounds to thier stands, Thye claim to have seen a couple! They are picking corn about a 1/4 to a 1/2 mile away and I do beleive they are moving from there. But a rifle would be nice and Dad has a 30 year old slug thrower and the Kid a .410…My 12 has a slug barrel and Re Dot and do you think I am seeing anything? Nope but the Kid and Dad are and they are both excited so that makes it a good, no GREAT day!

Son just reported  that he saw three, with one being a “Really Big Buck!!”.

Oh well sun is seting and it has been a good day!!

Yeah I know this one shows clouds….but it was sunny late this afternoon!!