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How the D-Day Invasion Would Have Been Reported By Today’s  Media

I’m thinking DemocRATs would have blocked it with Obama blaming the US and sending cash and Kerry or Hillary to appease Hitler..


Top Minnesota Democrat Staffer Calls USS Minneapolis-St. Paul “Murder Boat”

Another DemocRAT hating on the Military and US….


Deranged Liberals Call For Terrorist-Inspired Attacks, ‘Throw Acid On Trump Supporters!’

Hate and violence from the ‘tolerance’ party..


WATCH: Students Left Speechless When They Discover ‘Trump’s’ Racist Quotes Are Actually BIDEN’S!

Indoctrinated by the Left morons..


New Jersey High School Bans, Confiscates Military Sashes At Graduation

Government school bullshit..


Claiming Racism, Illinois Democrat Cancels Local Civil War Re-Enactment

When you ignore and ban History you don’t like…

You tend to repeat it.

Wait for it..





House Moves to Blame Gun Owners for Terrorism ….

Gun Owners of America

House Moves to Blame Gun Owners for Terrorism
by Michael Hammond

Words have significance.

This is why Hitler engaged Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels to pound out hate-filled language to stir up their facile minions.

Well, the Bloomberg/Giffords/Brady operation has the same thing. And their latest Goebbels-like creation is the concept of “ghost guns.”

No, “ghost guns” are not guns wielded by scary ghosts. Rather, they are firearms — or firearms parts or perhaps even firearms programs — which are made or conveyed for personal use and which do not therefore have a serial number.

This is currently legal.

But Bloomberg/Giffords/Brady want to make it illegal.

So they are trying to get personal guns defined as “ghost guns” in federal law. And then they are trying to commission a federal study to demonstrate that these personal guns are responsible for terrorism.

All of this would be contained in H.R. 2621, which was recently ordered to be reported to the full U.S. House by a committee voice vote.

Now, what about the particulars of the proposed new statutory definition of “ghost gun”?

We talked with an attorney who had litigated in this field, and what she told us was alarming.

Paragraph 2(b)(2) defines “ghost gun” to include any “frame or receiver” that “lacks a unique serial number.” It also includes any firearm, frame, or receiver that is “otherwise assembled, molded, machined, or 3D printed without … a unique serial number.”

What about “80% receivers”? Although they are arguably a “frame or receiver” under the 1968 Act, a long history of regulation and interpretation has exempted them from the serial number requirement.

Does the “otherwise” language in the new definition outlaw them? Do we want to risk this possibility?

One more thing: Also reported from committee by voice vote is H.R. 2383 which would prohibit FEMA funds from being used to arm teachers.

At a time when House Democrats are going into a frenzy in order to use horrific incidents of violence to pass irrelevant gun control, it is interesting how resolute they are in opposition to the one measure that has been demonstrated effective in protecting school children.

Anti-gun Left Using Virginia Beach Tragedy to Push Gun Control

Gun Owners of America

GOA Fighting Calls to Shred 2nd Amendment in Aftermath of Virginia Beach

The anti-gun Left is, once again, out to shred the Second Amendment with a vengeance.

In the aftermath of a tragic shooting in Virginia Beach last week, anti-gun zealots are stepping over the dead bodies in their rush to grab the closest microphone.

They are calling for more gun control … more restrictions … more laws that will be ignored by criminals and only affect honest citizens.

In an article I authored for the Daily Caller this week, I noted how gun control actually helped the Virginia shooter commit his crime:

The Virginia Beach shooting effectively occurred in a gun-free zone. City employees are prohibited from carrying firearms, so they were sitting ducks when the killer chose them as the targets. This shooting is not an isolated incident, as almost 98% of the mass shootings that occur in this country occur in gun-free zones.

Fox News radio asked me what gun laws would have made a difference. I said that the Old Dominion needs to pass Constitutional Carry, as armed victims shooting back would have made a tremendous difference. (You can listen to the entire Fox News interview here.)

And then the President stepped into the fray when, speaking to the Brits this week about suppressors, said he “[doesn’t] like them at all” and will “seriously look” at banning them.

GOA responded to several media requests on this subject by articulating our opposition to the National Firearms Act, including its current restrictions on suppressors, and reiterating our commitment to “oppose any effort to further regulate or ban them.”

Deception and Disarmament

As you certainly know, the media is constantly misleading the American people. They have often claimed that Australia eliminated their mass shootings after confiscating guns in 1996-97.

But this has always been a lie. Case in point: Another mass murderer, in “gun free” Australia, just went on a shooting rampage this week.

If you’re wondering why you might not have heard about this in the news, it’s probably because the killer used … a shotgun! Of course, the victims were murdered, nonetheless, and no one was able to fight back because the entire country is a “gun free” zone.

Anyway, Governor Ralph “blackface” Northam is calling the Virginia legislature back into session to pass his gun control proposals. So if you live in Virginia, you will soon receive an action alert to oppose these gun control proposals and to push for Constitutional Carry instead.

More Gun Control in “Pelosi’s House”

At the federal level, various congressmen are using the Virginia tragedy to pursue calls for more gun control.

Two anti-gun bills that were recently sent to the floor of the House of Representatives could come up for a vote at any time:

  • H.R. 2621 would commission a study to investigate “ghost guns” — which would be Nancy Pelosi’s first step to banning or registering any gun that, otherwise, could be legally assembled by a private individual; and,
  • H.R. 2383 would prohibit FEMA funds from being used to arm teachers.

You can read more about these two bills by going here.

SPECIAL SESSION IS OVER: No new gun control!

At around 7:00 AM this morning, nearly 24 hours after it began, the 2019 Special Session ended with NO NEW GUN CONTROL.

The legislature will reconvene in February 2020.


You can watch this brief video from Rob Doar, our political director, recapping the end of the special session.

We had a crew at the special session all day and night until the very end – ensuring that our allies had the resources and information they needed to hold the line against gun control.

Members and Supporters of the Minnesota Gun Owners Caucus put in some serious time working to influence the legislature this year – take a look at these stats from our action center & website:

  • 109,382 emails to legislators in Minnesota
  • 38,079 calls to legislators in Minnesota


In addition, we held more than 36 events across the state during the legislative session – including activist training, lobby day (800+ attendees), a capitol rally (2,000+ attendees), Second Saturdays, gun show tabling, and more!

Not only did your efforts stop all gun control this legislative session – but we were able to get some good provisions added in the Environment & Natural Resources bill with bi-partisan support, including:

  • Blocking a lead ammo ban that was proposed by House DFL
  • Legalizing .410 shotguns for Turkey season
  • Legalizing night vision / thermal use for predator hunting
  • Grants for firearms safety training in K-12 schools
  • Legalizing the use of blood tracking dogs for wounded game

These provisions will take effect in August – some are pending the issuance of rule by the Department of Natural Resources that will contain more specific guidance to hunters.

Our efforts behind the scenes also led to additional school safety funding and other efforts to ensure that schools were safe.


None of this would have been possible without your emails, phone calls, and personal efforts to lobby your Senator and Representative.

Special thanks to our allies in the legislature who have told us all year that they would hold the line – and delivered in the face of significant anti-gun pressure this session.


Unfortuantely, the fight won’t end here.

Anti-gun DFL leaders in the Minnesota House and Senate have already said they will be back next year with even more gun control proposals – and we’re already thinking about the 2020 elections.

Gun Bits ….

Government FOIA Flouting Responsible for One Bump Stock ‘Conspiracy Theory’

“We have conducted a search for ‘any records documenting the use of a bump fire-type stock used during the commission of any crime to date,’ and found no responsive records,” Department of Justice lawyer and Disclosure Division Deputy Director Peter J. Chisolm told attorney Stephen Stamboulieh May 1. He was responding to a Freedom of Information Act request on behalf of firearms designer, frequent expert witness, and president of Historic Arms, LLC, Len Savage. “This is not a denial of information, rather it is to inform you that no records were found based on a search of our Criminal Enforcement System of Records.”

It’s tempting to say the DOJ can’t find records of such devices being used in crimes, and that is unproven at this point, but Chisolm is being cute here rather than responsive. Note his selective use of quotation marks and then look at Stamboulieh’s FOIA request. Chisolm is parroting back word in quotes, meaning, of course, a system search for that exact phrase will come up empty. That’s a deliberate in-your-face and it remains to be seen if a federal judge will be amused.


One Kamala Harris Decision Second Amendment Supporters Should Back..

Well did does own a gun for personal protection..Just does not want the average citizen to own them…


Gun-Phobic Lawyers are a Legal Threat to their Clients

Finding the right lawyer, whom will defends you and your rights is important…


Bait and switch: Vigil for young hero became an anti-gun rally, students walked out..

Good…Anti Gun Politicians using children to push their agenda. Grieving children..