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I Laughed…..

Found on FacistBook….

A ‘Republican’ is Sitting in a Bar…😅

A union boss walks in from the factory next door and is about to order a beer when he sees a guy at the far end of the bar wearing a TRUMP Make America Great Again cap, with two beers sitting in front of him.

The union boss doesn’t need to be an Einstein to know that this guy is a Republican, so he shouts over to the bartender so loudly that everyone can hear, “Drinks for everyone in here, bartender…. but not for the ‘Republican’.

Soon after the drinks have been passed out, the Republican gives him a big smile, waves at him then says, “Thank you!” in an equally loud voice.

This infuriates the ‘Union Boss’.

After a few minutes, the union boss once again loudly orders drinks for everyone except the Republican. As before, this doesn’t seem to bother the Republican. He nods and smiles, and again yells, “Thank you!”

A few more minutes pass and the union boss orders another round of drinks for everyone except the Republican.

Frustrated that he can’t seem to get the guy angered, the union boss asks the bartender, “What is wrong with that Republican? I’ve ordered three rounds of drinks for everyone in the bar but him, and all the dummy does is smile and thank me. Is he nuts…?”

“Nope,” replies the bartender. “He owns the place.”



Not A Damn Thing …

Is what Democrat controlled House is going to do to help Americans.

Their priorities…

Get Trump!!!

Ban Guns!!

Get Trump!!

Coddle Illegal Aliens!!

Get Trump!!

Support Abortion!!

Get Trump!!

Raise Taxes!!

Get Trump!!!


Get Trump!!

To hell with tax paying, hard working Americans!!
Their going to do all they can to buy votes by giving our tax dollars to those they claim are ‘needy’, lazy leeches whom live off the tax payer..

Somewhat like Politicians do, parasites…Producing not one damn thing..

Okay, yeah, I’m pissed off…




Probably Not…

So far the GOP has down nothing to stop the onslaught of gun control fanatics.

They had the opportunity..But dropped the ball big time.

The GOP has proven themselves to be filled with RINOs or spineless twits..(I know, same difference!)

So with the DemocRATs taking over the House..

I expect things to get worse for us..

Example: 1st Amendment is being gutted by Leftist media and their Social Media cohorts…

What has the GOP done so far to defend the 1st?

Will the GOP Senate Have the Will to Stop the House Democrat’s Gun Control..




Eagan, MN – Jason Lewis for Congress Campaign Manager Becky Alery released the following statement:

“Surprise, two weeks before the election and more talk show tapes appear. Boy, didn’t see that one coming.

“It’s obvious that Democrats have become increasingly alarmed that radical candidate Angie Craig is once again failing in the race for MN-02, so we’re returning to the land of smears by pointing to years-old comments from talk radio that have been litigated over, and over, (and over!) again. In fact, $8 million dollars was spent on old talk radio comments in 2016, but here we go again with bottom feeders who will do anything to help the left-wing cause.

“Let’s see, in 2016, they accused Lewis of promoting slavery and heroin. So now, after doing their dirty work on Judge Brett Kavanaugh, they’re weaponizing the sexual harassment issue for electoral gain. Lewis, of course, was mocking false claims of harassment and precisely the environment that tried to destroy Clarence Thomas and Judge Kavanaugh.

“At some point, you have to ask yourself, is there nothing these people will do for power? This latest deliberate hit job is transparent. How else could anyone explain why it was posted just two weeks before an election when it was in the possession of the blogger for months.

“Meantime, our campaign is focused on weak candidate Craig who has refused to take any principled stance on the issue as she campaigned with resigned State Senator Dan Schoen, Garrison Keillor, Al Franken, and Keith Ellison. Lewis’ critics can go after his right to free speech, but actions (or lack thereof from Craig) speak louder than words.”

About That Freedom Of Expression…

In Minnesota..

Not so much..

We’ll (the State) will dictate what you can express..

NAZI’s they are..

State Demands Christian US Filmmakers Make Same-Sex Films or Face Jail Time…

A Christian couple who owns a media company is suing the state of Minnesota after being threatened with fines and imprisonment if they refuse to make films involving same-sex marriage.

Threatened? Imprisonment??

Minnesota’s Human Rights Act stipulates that if the owners produce films about traditional Christian marriages between one man and one woman, they must also produce films about unions that violate their Christian views, CBN News reported.

Well there you have it….F__king Government..


The Violent Ones …Are Minnesota DemocRATs!!!

LEFT-WING VIOLENCE: Two Republican Candidates Punched in Minnesota..

Sucker punched!! Like everything else DemocRATs do, they cheat!!

Minnesota state representative candidate, Shane Mekeland suffered a concussion after he got sucker-punched at a Benton County restaurant.

Real tough ‘anarchist’…

Minnesota state representative, Sarah Anderson was punched in the arm by a man after she confronted him for destroying Republican campaign signs.