Quick Bits ….

Stupid…No one left who had anything to do with slavery…

Asheville, N.C., City Council Unanimously Approves Reparations for Black People 

How many other lies out there???

Health Officials In Florida Admit That Man Who Died In Motorcycle Crash Listed As COVID Death

Because profanity always gets your point across…

Profane Pundit Proves Progressives Just Murdered Their Precious Gun Control Movement


College Student Disciplined Over Photo With Rifle

Choices …


Gun Bits and Ridiculous Pieces..

Yeah..Seems that way..

Above the law: Blacks now have total immunity to commit violent crime across America… even when their violent crimes are caught on video

Wally World..Have not been in one for years..Another reason why..(Besides the fact that most of the crap is made in China and junk)…

Walmart To Stop Displaying Mississippi State Flag In Stores, Will Investigate ‘All Lives Matter’ Online Product

Everything is…BAD!!!

Garage Door Pulls and Food Label Mascots – The End of Institutional Racism

When you ignore or destroy history..It will repeat itself..

First statues, next…

In Past Eras, What’s Happened When Statues Are Toppled

But it won’t happen and the Democrats will protect them…Need the votes of criminals to win..

Criminals Tearing Down DC Statues Should Be Prosecuted. Here Are the Laws They’re Violating.

Bet they are all Democrat prosecutors..Protecting the Democrat voters..

Prosecutors dismiss looting, rioting charges against hundreds of protesters across U.S.

Reverse racism…

County in Oregon issues face mask order that exempts non-white people

The stupid is strong with this ass..

Andrew Cuomo: Destroying monuments is “a healthy expression”



Ridiculous ..

This has to stop. We need some leaders, which we don’t have, to step it up and put an end to this….Someone with the fortitude to make the hard decisions.


Incredible list of businesses damaged, looted in Minneapolis riots

Minnesota Gov Is About to Eat His Words on Who Is Really Causing Chaos in the Minneapolis Riots

Soy boy, beta male Frey…

Minneapolis Is Giving Out Face Masks To Rioters

As Minneapolis burns…He gives out masks…What an idiot..

America Aflame: Violent Protests Erupt In Cities Across U.S.

Supporting criminals. Is the Leftist way…

Biden Campaign Staff Donates to Organization That Bails Out Rioters Arrested in Minneapolis

Campaign staff for Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden are bragging about their recent donations to a far-left organization that bails out rioters arrested in Minneapolis.

Animals. Mob justice….

WATCH: Rioters Drag Chicago Police Officers

More animals and  why you need to be armed….

GRAPHIC WARNING: Man Reportedly Trying to Defend a Local Business Savagely Beaten By Rioters in Dallas

And have friends whom are armed..


Nashville Mayor Urges People to Join Him at Black Lives Matter Protest — Then Leftist Mob Torches City Hall And the Nashville Courthouse (Video) 

When you fear for your safety and live and have family to go home to.

You do what you have to..

And another failure in leadership…Democrat…De Bloviate…

WATCH: NYC Burns, NYPD Vehicles Set Ablaze, Crazed Protesters, Violent Riots, Mayor de Blasio Says “I See My Own Privilege And Understand So Much”


Beyond Ridiculous ….

Coronavirus, riots, no I won’t call them protests, looting, pillaging and burning are not protesting!!!

And the Government continues to show their ineptitude on both..

Protests, riots spread to dozens of U.S. cities overnight

Protests and riots which started in Minneapolis have spread nationwide to at least 33 cities — some of them appearing to be peaceful demonstrations and some violent protests with looting and widespread destruction.


Michael Moore cheers “good citizens burning down the evil police precinct in MN”

“Good citizens burning down the evil police precinct in [Minnesota] after all police were out [and] safe. All police should go home. No violence please. Police HQ must be demolished by the city tomorrow as a show of contrition to black America. Rebuild PD with decent kind [people], aka [people] of color,” Moore tweeted.


The looters don’t want justice, they want free stuff—and many of them are white. Violent protesters aren’t honoring George Floyd’s memory. They are adding pain and grief—especially to the family George Floyd left behind.


America’s worst mayor on Democrat riots: “Understandable” and “Right”

The mayor of Minneapolis, Mayor Jacob Frey, is provably the worst mayor in the nation. He told the ‘protesters’ their anger is “understandable” and “right” because none of this is their fault. They were driven to crime and violence. But he does know what is important. He told them to wear masks and social distance so they are protected during the “demonstrations.”

America Aflame: Violent Protests Erupt In Cities Across U.S.




Gun Bits …

Works for me…

Social Distancing Made Understandable

But of course…

Yet Another TV Show Maligns the NRA and Gun Owners


Bloomberg’s Gun Ban Group Releases List Of Endorsed Candidates

Includes this worthless critters…

Dan Feehan (Minnesota), Rep. Angie Craig (D-Minn.)

Whatever works…

Active Shooter Opens Fire From Bridge, Nearby Soldier Takes Him Out

Similar to claiming it’s for the children, while aborting them…

Stop Equating Opposition To Gun Control With Being Pro-Murder

Not enough….

How Many Individuals and Households in the United States Own Guns?

Because…Guns Bad!!!

Moms Demand Action Push Anti-Gun Agenda Through Food Banks

Truth….One politicians and socialists/communists/Democrats hate..

Brazil’s President Bolsonaro: “An armed people will never be enslaved!”


Ridiculous…PM Version…

I try to stay away from this. It’s your choice how you live…I don’t care. May not agree, but that’s my choice.

LGBTQ community infuriated someone else is using rainbow symbol

But dammit, quit effing having hissy fits all the time!

The UN is not qualified to be anybody’s moral compass, in fact the UN is pretty much worthless..

U.N.: Dump ‘husbands’ and ‘wives,’ ‘boyfriends’ and ‘girlfriends’

Nets Have a Meltdown After Trump Says He Takes Hydroxychloroquine

So what?? Bet he takes Vitamin C daily also!!

Oh no!!!

But!! You go girl!!!

Kayleigh McEnany Pokes Fun Of ‘Apoplectic Analyses’ Of Hydroxychloroquine After Trump Reveals He’s Taking It

Because they have nothing better to do?

House Democrats just informed the Supreme Court that they may impeach President Trump again by the end of this year



Ridiculous ….PM Version…


Google Erases the Existence of Those Who Speak Unwelcome Truths



America’s March to Socialism: The NeverTrump Right

Might as well be Liberals…



Despite 36M unemployed citizens, Dems’ new ‘HEROES Act’ protects illegals’ jobs


Is stupidity a requirement to for California politicians???

CA City Can’t Ban the American Flag, But They Did Just Ban Protesters Having Flagpoles


We’re just terrible, awful folks we are….

Those Damn Freedom-loving Americans


Why apologize?

Alaska State Lawmaker Issues Apology After Making Comparison Between Coronavirus Safety Measures And Jews Forced To Wear Star Of David

Seems to be a few similarities…



Ridiculous ….

If we had a Repuplikan party with any spine, he should have been panicking years ago…

Why is Obama Panicking Now? – The Importance of Understanding Political Surveillance In The Era of President Obama…

Scandal free……Bullshit…


Simply the Worst Types of People

We’ve known all along that his henchmen were, but it turns out Barack Obama, the “scandal-free president,” was also neck-deep in the Russia hoax and the framing of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. There’s a bitter irony in a man who spent his life serving our country being smeared by one who spent theirs attempting to break it down.


The tyranny of the Democrats has enable the hate groups, of which there are many on the left, to unleash the attack dogs and media..

Bull’s-eye put on expressions of faith during coronavirus pandemic

Go to church, pray unceasingly, worship.

And stay armed…


And you can pretty much guess how this will turn out….

Ballot Harvesting Heaven: Gov. Newsom orders mail-in ballots for all California voters

Conservatives will be screwed..


Lying dirtbag…

Jimmy Kimmel offers “apology” after misleading clip of Pence carrying “empty” PPE boxes gets exposed

Talk show hosts….For sheep and moron viewing only…



Ridiculous …..

Freedom? Not much…

In That Place Where Great Britain Used to Be


The ‘Squad’?

The “Coven’ is more apt.

‘The Squad’ Proposes Bill Allowing Feds To Literally Cancel Property Rights During Pandemic



STATE TYRANNY: Maine Yanks Licenses From Restaurateur Who Defied Lockdown, Went On Tucker To Castigate Governor Featured



Five facts that suggest lockdown is a mistake



Pritzker and Lightfoot — Illinois’s Hypocritical Tyrants

Chicago mayor will find your party, arrest you & your little party goers too


A Wizard of Oz Virus: The COVID-19 Hoax


Gates…Sp reading viruses since 1975..

How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health


Barbecue bad!!

Must be stopped!!!

NYPD Dispatches 1,000 Cops To Stop New Yorkers From Barbecuing On Saturday


Freedom lost will not be regained….

Without a fight…

Land of the treed, home of the craven


Is it??

Coronavirus hype biggest political hoax in history