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Dried on spaghettios…


Cop thinks it be meth on a spoon!!

Fact checking..

Diane Feinstein’s crusade against those ‘evil’ assault weapons..

Has no facts to back her up..

Just lies and faulty rhetoric..

Usual DemocRAT talking points..


Planned Murder Parenthood…

Funded by ObamaScare..


More waste..

Federal Government funds…

The National Science Foundation has paid $300,000 for a study on how “humans interact with bicycles,”


Liam Neeson…

Anti gun actor..

Yet uses guns and other weapons to sell movies..


How the Law works..

For the Government..

Not you..


How do they expect to keep their Right to Freedom of speech..

If the People are disarmed?


What does Obama do when and American is beheaded?

In America?

Why he goes fund raising of course!!
Worthless shit that he is!!

9th Court of Appeals bans flags on ..

Stinky Duh Mayo..

Someone remind them this is AMERICA!!

Not Mexico!!!


Like ObamaCare, the Feinstein Gun Ban Will…

Feinstein Gun Control Bill to Exempt Government Officials

Rules for you but not for me!!

Damn…And with results like this…Via email to me..

“The Department of Justice‘s Operation Fast and Furious:  Fueling Cartel Violence”.
I have concluded that we have nothing to worry about from Diane Feinstein, Harry Reid, Eric Holder or the President.
They sold thousands of guns and still can’t find most of them.  They’re pathetic for a variety of reasons.
1.  Our government sold guns to drug dealers resulting in the death of an American.
2.  Our government tried to cover it up.
3.  Our government “lost” such items as AK-47‘s, AR-15‘s, Barett 50’s.  LOTS of them.

It was so pathetic that even after the ATF found out about what was happening, 1,418 weapons were sold.  AFTER the ATF knew…  and 1,048 weapons still remain missing.
If our government sold firearms to drug dealers and murderers, even after it became known what was going, continued to sell and lose them to those people, what do we have to worry about.
Can they find their own shoes?

Furthermore, in the wording of Feinstein’s proposed Assault Weapons Ban of 2013″, it states on page 14, lines 9-12:
“It shall be unlawful for a person to import, sell, manufacture, transfer or possess, in or affecting interstate or foreign commerce, a semiautomatic assault weapon.”
Shouldn’t somebody in the Federal government go to jail???
Just thinking…