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Who the hell shops there????

I sure as hell don’t…Never have. Never will..


I Have Been Bad..

In not thanking those of you whom have reblogged my posts.

Thank You!!!

I will strive to do better…

In other news…Was at Cabela’s today…Yes they had guns, lots and ammo…plus all kinds of stuff and we found gifts for the MBWITW..

Now Fed Ex best come through for me tomorrow or else I will have to get angry with them…


Call volume shuts down FBI’s firearm background

 checks, stops Maine sales on Black Friday

Overheard the salesmen at Dick’s Sporting Goods talking about the problems they were having getting through on Friday..And the customers grumbling about it.

So even more guns out there.

Legitimately bought mind you.

And they intend to do what?

Ban what?

Enforce it how?

Good luck with that!!