Gun Bits and Ridiculous …


Yale epidemiologist: What ‘the science’ says about hydroxychloroquine

De Blasio and Shea target
“Gun Violence” as NYC Crime Skyrockets

Expand murder will he?

NARAL Endorses Biden, Says He’ll ‘Expand Access to Abortion,’ Allow Taxpayer Funding of it

Shocking…A Demo rat??

FBI busts Tennessee Democrat on 48 counts of theft, embezzlement of taxpayer money

Buck Ofama, race baiter…

Alveda King slams Obama’s political speech at Lewis funeral as ‘wordplay’ that takes nation back to segregated 60s

Nobody plays stupid as well as AOC…

AOC blasts missionary who sacrificed life to help lepers in Hawaii

Oh this will turn out well!!

Insane: Seattle Moves to Abolish Entire Police Force

They do not care about Rights…They only care about control. Total control..

Democrat Campaign Platform Turns 2A Rights Into A Privilege

The DNC Platform Goal is to End the Firearm Industry


Florida Alert! No Police, No Second Amendment, No guns, No Protection, No Freedom

Fail. It’s about control people!! Wake up!!

Florida couple ARRESTED for walking dog, apparently “violating COVID-19 quarantine order”

D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser Tells Retailers To Call the Cops on Customers Who Don’t Wear Masks

H/T: Disturbed.

Sssshhh! It’s A Secret

The ‘Rona has a 99.7% or better survival rate.  Better than the yearly flu that we face without masks or lockdowns.  But the ‘Rona fearmongering allows the Marxists in our government and medical profession to make an unprecedented power grab.  With lies and illegitimate  usurpation of power, the people of the Republic are being systematically brought under subjugation and brainwashed to think those in power are looking out for their interests.  Hardly!  Those in power are looking after no ones’ interest but their own.  Forcing Marxism on the true masters of the Republic; the people. 

Not if we stand up and fight. Will we though?

Pass the ammo please…

Violent Antifa Protester On Camera: It’s Time to ‘End the American Experiment’

Oh look! Another stupid little punk!! Another fine example of failed parenting!!

BREAKING: Antifa Terrorist Who Threw Bomb at Federal Agents in Portland Arrested


Quick Bits …

Why does CNN have any viewers? Anyone with at least a room temperature IQ realizes the stupidity within CNN..

CNN Blames Parties For COVID Upswing, Ignores Riots

Remember the ’70’s? I do. It appears to be repeating itself 50 years later..

America’s “Days of Rage”: The Extensive Left-Wing Bombings & Domestic Terrorism of the 1970s

When your woke..And it does not work out as you planned…

Woman angry at Trump 2020 flag outside pizzeria tells owner she’ll put him out of business. But her plan backfires bigly.

Trader Joe’s refuses to change packaging critics say is “racist”


HCQ-touting doctor says she has been fired after appearing in viral video touting the drug as a COVID-19 treatment

Well this may be snark, but…I can see this mouthpiece for Bill Gates saying this..

Dr. Fauci Recommends Encasing Your Entire Body In Bubble Wrap To Protect Against Coronavirus

No their not. But when you are a Democrat, you’ll never accept responsibility or be accountable for your actions or lack thereof…

Right Beetlejuice?

Chicago Mayor: It’s a ‘Gun Problem’

What will become of this??

Alan Dershowitz, Prince Andrew, Bill Richardson and … Bill Clinton: All Named in Epstein Court Documents as Involved With Underage Girls

Probably nothing. The Swamp protects it’s own..

And where else will you see this?

Video: Hero bystander pulls unconscious man out of burning car, saving his life


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Blind, incoherent or stupid?

Violent Riots In Portland Are Just ‘A Myth’ — According to Democrat Jerry Nadler

How about ..Idiot!!

Jerry Nadler Says “Antifa Violence” Isn’t Real, Suggests It’s Just a Rumor Trump Started

Just saying …


Offends you?


You offend me..

Now loving on Jesus IN YOUR OWN HOME could be a ‘hate crime’

Retreat hell!!

Know When to Stand Your Ground and When You Have a Duty to Retreat (Part II – Duty to Retreat)

Media and experts do not belong in the same sentence…This is no such thing..

Media, “Experts” Act Like Only Gun People Kill Themselves

If you point a gun at somebody…

Armed “Protestor” Killed During Austin Protest

Cops confirm shots were fired at Austin motorist who killed BLM protester armed with AK-47

Full of shit media…

Associated Press, ABC News On Violent Oakland Riot: ‘Peaceful Demonstration Intensified’

Three killed and at least 56 others wounded in Chicago over weekend

Gun control…

Red Star and Tribune..Supporting violence and destruction..

Leaf-blower wars: How Portland protesters are fighting back against tear gas and forming ‘walls’ of veterans, lawyers, nurses

Agree …

The Morning Briefing: It Might Be Time To Let the Liberal Riot Hellholes Burn

Fauci’s Lies and the Political Cowardice of Mask Mandates

But the sheep buy it..

Sneaky Congress Hides Red Flag in National Defense Authorization Act

They never give up…

But the media and anti gun clowns claim this never happens!!

Shooting At Dallas Bar Stopped By Armed Patrons

Truth …

Don’t Count On American Compliance With Gun Confiscation


Gun Bits and Ridiculous …

Really? It’s the cops that are running around shooting one another? Looting? Destroying property and lives?

Head of Moms Demand Action: “Police Violence is Gun Violence”

In another Democrat run defund the police city…

One Dead, Eight Wounded In DC ‘Targeted Shooting’: Police


‘A Matter Of Utmost Urgency’: Democratic Lawmakers Seek Investigation Into The Use Of Federal Force During Protests

Did what correctly? Kill off 32,000 people??

‘Did it correctly’: Fauci lauds New York COVID response after enduring more than 32,000 deaths

Corrupt bastards…

Nancy Pelosi, Other Lawmakers Tied to Businesses That Profited from Virus Relief Aid They Passed

Whats next for gun grabbers???

Laying the Anti-Gun Groundwork for 2021

Those Czechs…Getting it right..

Czech Government Endorses Human Right to Armed Self-Defense Constitutional Amendment

Believe It or Not, Gun Laws Change Nothing

Sounds like a threat. Secret Service needs to investigate this drunk old hag…



Ridiculous ….

And Democrats love it. Seeing America destroyed because …Orange Man Bad!!!

Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx Used Imperial College Model, NOW CONFIRMED FRAUDULENT — To Persuade Lockdown 

** The fraudulent model predicted 2.2 million American deaths from the coronavirus pandemic ** The authors of the Imperial College Model shared their findings with the White House Coronavirus task force in early March ** Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx then met with President Trump privately and urged him to shut down the US economy and destroy the record Trump economy ** A new critique of the Imperial College Model finds the study is “completely unusable for scientific purposes” — The study is a sham ** Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx pushed a garbage model on the White House and the American public and destroyed the US economy


Has been washed up rocker…

Axl Rose insults Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin on Twitter — and he just responded

What has Rose done to help???



Biden Said He Had 3 Degrees & Was Top of His Class, But It’s Not True – ‘His Memory Had Failed Him’


Freedom of Worship is a Right fatboy…

Illinois Governor Puts SEVERE Restrictions On Churches Saying That They May Not Open Up For A Year Or More

Ever read the Constitution??



The Shutdown Is The Largest Infringement Of Rights In A Century

And people are getting more then a bit angry..



200+ actors, academics call for radical transformation away from capitalism




Ridiculous ….

Sleepy Joe…

Joe Biden: Coronavirus an ‘Incredible Opportunity’ to ‘Fundamentally Transform’ America


No…Micheal is a dude…And as far as I am concerned dumb as a rock…

Deranged CNN anchor Don Lemon says Obama ‘better looking,’ ‘smarter’ and has ‘more accomplished’ wife than Trump


I do not and have not trusted this guy since the beginning..

SMELLY: Dr. Fauci, who FUNDED Wuhan Lab, dismisses coronavirus lab theory, despite 17 US spy agencies belief it originated in Wuhan lab

Tony Fauci and the Trojan horse of tyranny


Surprised he didn’t ‘suicide’ himself..

So Hillary was not involved..

Researcher ‘On the Verge’ of Coronavirus Breakthrough Found Shot Dead In His Home.


Damn! They are that stupid!!

In Canada..Led by that Beta Male Pussy Trudeau…

‘Star Wars’ Themed Promotion Goes HORRIBLY Wrong As Cops Arrest Employee In Stormtrooper Costume.



Our Ancestors Would Be Amazed At Our Cowardly Coronavirus Hysteria


Gov. Tim Walz fails again..

Barber Who Attempted To Reopen During Walz Shutdown Faces Up To $25,000 In Fines


Whenever there is a Clinton involved…It can’t be a good thing..

Clinton Foundation Wants To Use AmeriCorps To Create A ‘National Contact Tracing Corps’


What next???

Mid-Week in Pictures: Giant Murder Hornets Edition