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Common Core Textbook Exec: ‘I Hate Kids… It’s All About the Money’ ….

The truth comes out..

On Tuesday, James O’Keefe’s corruption-exposing outfit Project Veritas released its latest undercover sting video that exposes textbook publishers involved in a shameless “money game” to get rich off of selling Common Core educational standards.

Source: Common Core Textbook Exec: ‘I Hate Kids… It’s All About the Money’ | Truth Revolt


Biden! Amateur!! Common Core! Military Says? Fingerprinted? Don’t!

Hey Joe…We have already targeted all anti gun politicians for the next election…

You’ve done pissed us off.

We will vote you out.

All of you damn crooked, anti Constitution, Anti Freedom,  assOs!!

Biden: We’ll Target Congressmen Who Oppose Gun Control Efforts

Episode ??? Of many!
Buck Ofama……Amateur!

Syria is Just another Episode of the Obama Amateur Hour


Along with ruining our children and our future by teaching them the Government way….Which sucks..

Common Core is the Most Dangerous Domestic Spying Program


Military, seems they are not all to excited about Syria…

U.S. Military Doesn’t Want To Fight For Christian-Killing Jihadists In Syria


I don’t think so you Commie…

Cuban “Agent-of-Influence” wants American Gun-Owners Fingerprinted


The POO-lice and the Media do not like it when we are not good little victims and do the POO-lice’s job and do not give the Lamestream, BiASSED media victims..Since it is hard to portray the thugs as victims..Not that the Media won’t try!!

When the local NBC affiliate reported on the incident, one of the hosts asked the reporter if there would be charges filed against the college students for beating up the two robbers. Are you kidding me? What exactly would the charges be? Is self-defense a crime now? Thankfully, there won’t be any charges filed against them. (Yet.) But the media and police are trying to get people to be more afraid to defend themselves. They want people to be completely dependent on police for protection, even though all the police are usually able to do is show up after a crime has been committed. In this case, the two college students had these thugs detained and ready for pick-up.


Common? Provocatively? Ofama. So? Flynn! Mistake.


Looking at today’s Public School failure and having just experienced it with two young men having now graduated, I see only failure in the compliance driven, progressive bullshit taught in today’s ‘misnamed’ public schools.

Now that want to further, they being that worthless Federal Government, their control of our youth by tossing some bullshit called “Common Core” at our youth…

Teach your children well…Don’t use public schools…

The ‘Common Core’ Schooling Straight Jacket


So if  therefore if we see a Mooslim walking or acting suspiciously, like breathing or looking about, we can shoot the sumbitch?

Shoot the sumbitch until dead? Becasue said Mooslim was for sure looking to do something prov0cative?

Washington State: Muslim rapes 12-year-old girl he claims was dressed “provocatively”


Not only why do we let this assO Buck Ofama continue to lead our country, oh yeah the nutless, spineless politicians we elected refuse to do anything..

Now he runs around spouting off how others should run their ‘systems’.

Damn he takes assO to new levels..

Obama Calls for End to Madrassas in Muslim Countries …no, wait


Some celeb dies and I don’t give a shit…

Actor James Gandolfini of ‘The Sopranos’ dies at 51

Now this person I read and enjoyed…This one I am sad to see gone..Loved his Mitch Rapp novels…Is how we should deal with those whom threaten America…
All he does is campaign. He is not nor ever has been a ‘leader’. He talks a lot, spreads a lot of bullshit and sells snake oil to people who don’t or don’t want to think…
And so many today as to damn lazy and want others to take care of them.

Common Core! Good Gun! DNC Lies! Texas! More Gun! Private MD’s?

I have nothing but distrust and lack of respect for the public school system and it’s methodology.  It does not teach. Oh some teachers do, but today is seems more about conformity and indoctrination. I also had my share of battles with the local efftards running our schools and with more then one effftarded teacher.

One of my sons did not ‘fit’ with so they tried to force him too and when that did not work shuffled him off and forgot about him, I have tried to forgive and move on. My son? He will never unfortunately and hates school to this day and refuses to go on to college.

But this new Common Core bullshit has one big problem..The Federal Government is involved and as always they can fubar most anything up!

Join the Fight Against Common Core

This pretty much covers it. A picture worth a thousand words.


What happens when a gun is used properly. And why we should all be armed..At least all whom are willing to take responsibility for being armed and act accordingly.

One suspect dead, another wounded after shooting in downtown Houston


Is what the left and Democraps do best!

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Lies About Tea Party To Raise Funds

They cannot win based on facts and truth. They lie and spread bullcrap around.

And the sheeple are to damn stupid to figure it out!


This is how we keep our kids safe!!

EPIC: Texas Passes Bill to Train Teachers as Armed Marshals

Not putting up stupid signs that say ‘Gun Free Zone‘ how well has that worked so far?


More good gun news..In Illinois of all places. Overwhelmingly..

Illinois House Overwhelmingly Passes Concealed Carry Bill


One wonders. How this will work with the draconian demands Buck Ofama‘s Health Care Plan makes on Citizens and providers.

One hopes it works out.

Because Obamacare is going to eff us all into an early grave.

Doctor Stops Taking Insurance, Cuts Prices in Half


Government Schools are Lap Dog Training Centers

dogobedience.jpgGovernment schools train the students how to be good soldiers and servants. They are taught to be obedient and to do what they are told. The students are taught that it is more important to follow directions than it is to think critically. Anyone with the audacity to think for themselves is considered to be a trouble maker.

The government experts know what is best and the student and teach them to trust the judgement of their leaders while questioning the wisdom of their parents.The children are taught that groups have rights and that individuals have privileges and must give up their rights for the greater good of the greater number. The government schools teach our children that the government is the source of our rights the self evident truths spoken of in the Declaration of Independence are no longer valid.

The children are taught that the government will take care of us and that we are not responsible for our own success of failure. The government schools teach that when an individual takes things that don’t belong to him, he has committed a crime, but when the government takes from the property belonging to Peter and gives it to Paul they call it charity.
When citizens steal they go to jail, but when Congressmen steal they get re-elected.

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Training? Public School Fail. Ban! Magpul

Training in USA cities?

Our military?



Public School fail..

Complete and total..


And Sportsman should be allowed to sue Animal Rights Activists for harassment and racism…Yeah that would work!!

Massachusetts Bill Allows Animal Rights Activists to Sue Sportsmen


Has Colorado become the Kalifornistan II?

Colorado to Ban ALL Pump & Semi-Automatic Shotguns



Does it right..


Gun Bills in the house and Senate..



ATF exposes dealers to pressure and risks to satisfy Obama’s executive action

Illicit Government bureaucrats attempting to turn innocent people into…Criminals…


The stupid…it is strong in the Public School System..

And dammit it should be painful!!

Kids Subdue Gunman On Schoolbus, Receive Suspension For Fighting